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iDJ too

Monday, May 15, 2006

Idj2 Large
Previously on Numark's new Mark, we talked about the iDJ with two iPods replacing regular turntables and CD's. the digital revolution has changed the DJ scene in many ways, but having 2 iPods on your cross fader looks pretty lame. the original white coloring was designed to match the softness of the iPods, but music is not always about being soft and looking posh. the new iDJ 2, on the other hand, makes a giant leap by using on ONE iPod. this makes a lot more sense, and yet, it can be playing 2 songs at the same time, enabling the same mixing power, looping, pitching and cross fades. It also accommodates other mass storage like memory sticks, another iPod, and external USB drives. there's "line in" for turntables, CD players for the older school, and the graphical interface makes everything quite intuitive. the bonus? it can also record to the iPod at the same time. Did i mention that this thing looks a LOT better than the previous model? it's black and mean looking, with knobs that are functional and durable. [equipbug]

Ready for World cup?

The world cup frenzy is abound and anyone who isn't into it must live in a cave. like me. i haven't gotten into the frenzy, but probably because i'm held inside a hospital without a TV. luckily i have the internet, or maybe not so luckily... in any case, Paul Smith seems to be getting into the spirit in a fun way. The designer came out with 4 World Cup soccer balls, my favorite being the traditional looking brown leather ball, with a twist. each piece is different in pattern, but looks like one brown ball from a distance. the others look kind of lame... and expensive. what do you expect when a fashion designer tries to do sports? [equipbug]
A4Xa-Foot-Ball-1-5238 R3Sr-Paul-Flor-1-Copy-5511
photo: www.paulsmith.co.uk