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Powerbook's Whining problem solved..

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Being a diehard Mac fan, i've always trusted their hardware. From the days of Apple IIe to the powerbook G4, i've stuck to Macs. After my last purchase of the 12 inch powerbook G4, i've noticed that the hard drive really whined and buzzed. i wasn't even sure if it was the drive or not, but it was all noisy. of course, i let a month pass, then 6 and finally i had to reinstall the entire operating system... everything was going dead. so i backed things up and reinstalled. the computer started to work wonderfully and everything back to normal, except that buzz. then another 3 months, reinstall... then 2 months... reinstall. it was getting painful. by the time it broke down again last week... i was sick of it and took it into Apple. they said it's the hard disk. i need to pay them 500 USD to replace and install a new HD. obviously, i should have done it BEFORE the apple warranty expired, but i wanted to give them a chance... perhaps it was just a software thing... i thought. (500 USD... that's insane...)

Well, i took it back, wrote into the Macrumors forums and got help. most people told me that it's not Apple's fault, they outsource their drives etc. it was very helpful and i went around to www.ifixit.com and found out how to take apart my 12 inch G4 powerbook. it was a hell of a lot of screws, but eventually i made it to the drive. to my dismay, i found out the reason why my drive broke down and why it buzzed!
Apple had left out 2 vital screws which held down the drive. instead, it was left hanging out loosely in my laptop this whole time. check out the photo HERE: [click to enlarge]


Now, i've replaced the drive and put in new screws. it's as quiet as a sleeping baby and no trouble so far. it's only been a week, but hey, i'm keeping my fingers crossed. Now, when people give the excuse that Apple outsources the parts and it's not their fault when things break... i would be much more suspicious if there's an underlying problem. it doesn't take a genius to know that a loose drive spinning at over 5000 rpm would get damaged if it's not stable.

How about the recent Macbook Pros? people have been complaining about that as well and Apple better do something about buzzes and whines, because it would really suck if people had to go through a year of buzzing just to find out 2 screws would change their lives. [equipbug]

Travel 02: Tumi Raider

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Going to Cambodia? Siem Reap? for some tomb raiding? or to Hawaii for some beaching? maybe i'm going to Africa on a Safari, but perhaps i'm just lost in translation over in Tokyo... whatever the case i carry a lot of goodies with me when i travel. it's the airport time that gets me most worried. the more bags and jackets i carry, the more likely i'll leave it some where in the lounge, terminal or airplane. i might even drop stuff in the security check. recently, i came upon a vest, and jacket, from Tumi, known for their indestructible luggage. This vest has pockets all over the place, front, back outside, inside... where ever. It's got a nicely cushioned neoprene collar, mesh side panels to keep cool, and a headphone port for the iPod. basically, i can imagine wearing this and ditching the bag. passport, books, music, everything in there and get on the plane. everything else in the suitcase.. on arrival, i can use this with the addition of a trusty camera. sure, it looks quite "safari" to take everywhere, but in places like Siem Reap, i would have loved to ditch an additional pack. Since i'm a fly fisher, i know what a handy vest can do... now i'm just taking the concept to traveling! think MIssion Impossible not James Bond [equipbug]
Cost: 150 USD:
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Yet another D-Snap!

Monday, May 01, 2006

D Audio 800 600
Previously mentioned, the Panasonic D-Snap is not going away. in fact, several new models have popped up, despite the dominance of the iPod. Perhaps the iPod is all the rage in the US, but in Asia they do not hold such a monopoly.
This little number, the SV-SD370D or SD310, is an SD flash music player. It is the worlds smallest removable flash player and has some super stats. for one, it can play up to 115 HOURS on a full charge, or 3 hours on a 10 minute quick charge. besides playing music, it has a global FM tuner, microphone recorder, and acts as a storage device for files. It has an EL display, and plays AAC, WMA and MP3. comes in silver, pink and blue. Click HERE for the Japanese Ad with Ayumi Hamasaki. [equipbug]
Sv 370 Main
Sv 370 Spec Ma2Sv 370 Spec Ma3
photos: www.panasonic.jp