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Travel 01: Coach ride to the Beach

Friday, April 28, 2006

3499 Gmrd D2
travel season is nearly here and some do it in style. Coach makes some nice leather goods, but lately, i've noticed a nice tote bag they have. sure, tote bags are not exactly the manliest things, but if you're taking it on a yacht, to a secluded beach in the South East Asia, to the local country club... then who's going to say anything? i prefer messenger bags and shoulder bags myself, like the Crumpler, but i can see how the tote can work out. stuff a large beach towel in, sunblock, sunglasses, a magazine or book and some music. put on a pair of nice sandals and board shorts, it's time for vacation!
The full size Hamptons canvas tote and the drafting tote are versatile and perfect for the excursion. suede and leather lined, bright dyed canvas body and all quality. it doesn't come cheap, but i'm sure it will last many seasons. [equipbug]
Drafting Tote: 298 USD in red or light sand
3499 Gmls D2
The Canvas Tote: 448USD in Cobalt or light sand
3498 Gmls D2 3498 Gmct D2
Beach excursion tools:
Board Shorts: search "boardies" on equipian
Sunblock for the ladies
Sunblock for the guys

10x Optical compact

Thursday, April 27, 2006

V610 Lgv1 480X320
Kodak initially tinkered with the idea of having two lenses in one camera a few weeks back. Now they have recently introduced the V610 which uses that idea and incorporates 10x optical zooms into the compact camera. With the two Schneider-Kreuznach C variogon all glass prism zoom lenses, the camera covers 38-380mm! It also has a large 2.8inch LCD, bluetooth connections, and ISO 800. with the unique system, the zoom range is automatically merged and you would never notice the when the camera is using one lens or the other. It can also do video with 30fps, an on camera photo album, panorama capabilities, on camera editing (cropping, colors) and some manual controls. The camera has 28 MB bilt in, but with 6MP resolution, you'll need to add that SD card in there. looks like Kodak is finally moving away from film and getting into the digicam market. too late? we'll see.. [equipbug]
cost: 449 USD
V610 Lgv3 480X320 V610 Lgv4 480X320
looks like there's a docking printer available as well: 149 USD
V610 Lgv6 480X320
photos: www.kodak.com