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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

D-Ve7000S 001
Sony released the basic portable DVD with the label of "walkman". Unfortunately, it's nothing more than a DVD player with a 7 inch screen and a docking system. Fortunately, it looks awesome, has over 3 hours of run time, two headphone jacks, DTS sound, plays DVD's, VCD, CD's, MP3's, JPEG's and CDR or DVD-R. Many people may think that it's not a PMP and portable DVD players are things of the past, but that's not true. bringing a DVD player on any trip would mean that you can connect it to a TV and play DVD's on the road or in a hotel room. It also means you don't have to spend hours ripping DVD's to your HD and transferring to the PMP. rent or buy a DVD on the go, bring DVD's, borrow... whatever... just put it in and play. sometimes simplicity and old technology can last a long time. Also when it looks as good as this (only 2.8 cm thick), i'm sure people will be buying it. I can imagine using this in commutes as well as longer trips. Comes with a remote and dock which also doubles as a charger. Pair it with an Apple Hi-Fi? one problem is if this was a region locked product. who knows. [equipbug]
photo: www.ecat.sony.co.jp

Tea time ..

Monday, April 17, 2006

My friend bought me a pack of Camomile and told me that it helps to relief stress and promote sleep. i tried it for about 2 months and i think that it really calms me down after whole day of work. recently, i read an article saying that cold Camomile tea can be applied on allergic skin for soothing too.
What's more, some UK researchers believe that drinking camomile tea can fight a cold and banish menstrual cramps. they observed that the level of substances that are anti-inflammatory and ease muscle spasms are elevated in the urine of people drinking camomile tea, but a controlled clinical trial is needed to prove their observation. anyway, it's time for tea now ... [equipchic]

Eye Concealer

Sunday, April 16, 2006
When you stay up very late and wake up very early, the first point that make you look terrible is the eyes. I think the eye concealer is quite important for both women and men to cover dark circles, except you're so lucky enough that you've never had 'panda eyes'. Eye concealer and sunscreen are the must items for me every morning. I have tried 3 brands for eye concealers. However, it may depend on each person for the most suitable one.

photo: www.ettusais.co.jp

Ettusais-Eye Zone Control
The texture is liquid which is quite easy to apply on the eyelids. You have to gradually dab, not wipe. The coverage is quite good but not completely and it hardly conceal when use with blemishes. I always use the artificial tear, so it dissolved this concealer because it's non-waterproof. It costs 2100 yen.

photo: www.shuuemura-usa.com

Shu Uemura-Pro Concealer
There's also Eye-Pro Concealer, which the cream is more suitable with the eye area. However, the color in pro-concealer line is better for me. The texture is thicker than the Ettusais's but the coverage is much better. So it effectively cover blemishes and pimples. It also lasts for day. Although it's quite expensive, 21 USD or 2625 yen, but I touch only tiny bit each time, and that's enough to cover. It's also quicker to apply than Ettusais's.

Canmake-Cover & Stretch Concealer UV
This one is what I want to continue using it. I found this brand in a drugstore in Japan. It's labeled as waterproof and UV-protecting. And it costs only 780 yen. The texture is creamy but can cover as good as Shu Uemura's Pro Concealer. However, I found its homepage available only in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

photos: www.canmake.com

I also bought Canmake's Color Stick for my friend. He's really appreciated that it's very easy to use, just wipe the stick over the dark circles. However, it's not good on other areas. It costs 580 yen.