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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

IWC Spitfire

Friday, April 14, 2006

Img Head Spitfire
According to IWC, their first pilots' watch was launched in 1936, same year as the launch of the British fighter "Spitfire". their resemblance does not end here, as the newly launched Pilots' watch Spitfire edition the dials and numbers are riveted to the dial just like the panels on the plane. The bulging result is rather nice and makes the watch an easy read. the hands on the watch resemble the propeller blades of the spitfire, while the rhodium plated face gives it a clean finish. The model comes in four models, including a chronographic version. Who would have thought back in 1936 that a german-swiss watch company would be making a dedication to a British war plane? how ironic. [equipbug]
Img Spitfire Family-De
photos: www.iwc.ch

Western rules

Plat3 3 05
once in a while, i go out on my gravity diamond tail for some turns and fun. not to be out done, sector 9 has released the Western, with 7 plys of maple, and 70mm wheels on randall trucks. the same camber and concave as the diamond tail and probably rides very similarly as the dimensions are comparable. i like the sick lines on this board and it has a nice full tail. its a lot thicker than the diamond tail and probably has less give and less bounce. in many ways, that can be just as fun, especially when going down hills at high speeds. less shake and more turns. wish i found these at a younger age :) [equipbug] 170 USD
Plat3 2 05
little mini risers, nice touch.
Plat3 5 03 Plat3 4 03
photos: www.sector9.com

Cool Cat in Hat

There's just something about panama hats, fedoras... that intrigue me. with summer almost here, i'm spending more and more time dreaming of places to go, beaches to see, hikes to trek and treasure to discover. but during my break, i would sit in a hammock with my white cotton shirt, tweed slacks, and a straw panama hat... just taking a nap in the afternoon breeze, out in a secluded beach somewhere in south east asia... now wouldn't that be nicer than sitting in front of this computer... in a hospital... on a weekend...? sigh... i'll hang on to that image for now. [equipbug]
this one's by Banana Republic. 48USD. not bad, not bad.

Panasonic to SD

The next big thing in camcorders are HD and HD. high definition and hard disk. Sony was the latest to come out with one, but every brand is still into their first generation of hard disk recorders. High Definition, however, is almost the bottom line.
I had the opportunity to mess around with Panasonic's SD card based camcorder: S100. it's a 3CCD camera with 10x optical zoom and a compact design. shoots in high definition and a ton better than Sharps model. It records in MPEG 2, with 3 0.17inch CCDs, onto SD cards (up to 2GB currently), and shoots 3 MP stills (with pop up flash). it's palm size, easy to handle and weighs 8.5 ounces. the camcorder fits into any bag and most pockets, so it's great for those who like to take spontaneous videos. the lack of a tape and hard disk also means that it's more impact resistant, no moving parts. it's a very simple and basic camcorder, no BS, no extras.... just you and the anti shake, with the 1.5 second start up time there's no time to lose. 2.8 inch screen playback, scene presets, white balance and many manual options make this a fun camcorder. just shoot, plug it into a computer and download, then shoot again. simple things come in nice packages. [equipbug]
Uni Main
also in the sporty black:
Uni 4 2
photos: www.panasonic.jp

Dunhill Collection

Videpoche Defo
got a lot of jewelry? cufflinks? watches? pretty much any accessories become difficult to keep track of since they are all very small in size. whether is a sterling silver surf styled ring or a funky paul smith cuff link or even your everyday omega watch... it can easily get misplaced if it's not centralized.
Something every guy eventually needs, or should have, is an organizer. They come in all shapes and sizes, even portable ones for traveling. several from Dunhill's Tradition line up make the grade and looks good in any room. the Vide Poche with 3 compartments and a covered central flap. (seen above)
the jewelry boxes: 18 or 10 compartments [equipbug]
Convertible Defo Jewellrybox Defo
Fq6000T Grid Fq3000T Grid
photos: www.dunhill.com

world of Orange!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

if you don't know by now, orange is one of the colors that just captivate me. it stands out and has a very refreshing feeling. i would probably avoid wearing that color excessively and in fact i own very few orange clothes. nevertheless, i still gravitate towards all things orange.
Hermes is one of those perfect brands which thrive on all things Orange! from ties to ties to ties... to hats, cufflinks and scarves, pocket squares... anything. their theme color is the perfect orange. i may end up getting one of those orange ties for myself, when i get tired of all the blues i have (literally). [equipbug]
052040N3C59 891861S05 891334S08
ties to come later :)
photos: www.hermes.com

Frank Cruisers

Pf Skurvycruiser Blk
back in the 80's when bike cruisers were all the rage, my cousin had a spider man bike which was the envy of the town. the low riding high handle bars were too cool, too cool. even ride was different and cruising around in one of those just felt right. it's not for speed, in fact there weren't even any gear shifters. one speed, and that's the cruising speed.
Now, Paul Frank and Nirve have come together and released some new cruiser designs. they range from choppers to regular cruisers and sport the paul frank colors and monkeys. every bike comes with a bell and basket. go figure. i won't be caught dead in one of these anymore, but still it brings back the good ol' days. [equipbug]
prices range from 280-340 USD:
Pf Juliuscruiser Red Pf Clancycruiser Blu Pf Huliusbike Yell
photos: www.urbanindustry.co.uk

T30, will it ever end?

Monday, April 10, 2006

The slim wars just keep getting better and thinner. Sony's newest unit, T30, has improved anti shake tech, improved battery stamina to around 420 shots, 7.2 MP, RAW format, 3x optical zoom, large 3 inch LCD screen, music play back with slideshows, 16:9 ratio images, 125-1000 ISO for better night picts, 1cm macro capability, 9 user presets, video with audio, and sequence shots. All that in a package just larger than a credit card. With the larger screen, Sony has ditched the optical viewfinder, but with such massive battery life, perhaps it's about time? i've always been an advocator of the optical viewfinder, having been on long trips at a time without charging the cameras. this camera looks perfectly suited for anyone looking to share photos or have difficulty viewing smaller screens. the point and shoot simplicity is almost overlooked in the gorgeous shiny casing. but isn't it time that they came out with a different design concept? then again, why change what's not broken? [equipbug]
Main Visual Feat4

Ft03 01Img 01
Ft03 06Img 02
it even has an optional underwater case:
photos: www.sony.jp

Totally Revitalized!

Shiseido's line for men is probably one of the most popular out there. i've been given the eye soother as well as the moisture emulsion. having cleaned out the entire bottle recently, i've decided to test out the Total Revitalizer. it's thicker, and heavier than the emulsion but once it's on the cream disappears very quickly. it smells of ethanol but has a lasting freshness. supposedly an anti aging cream, it energizes and defies fine lines or signs of aging. i personally think it's just a hydration cream that looks good and feels cool. there's a nice coolness after applying both the eye cream as well as the revitalizer. not sure if it's worth the 60 USD price tag, but you can easily find it for about half the price and really does last all day. anti aging? well, that's a bonus, isn't it... [equipbug]
10053 Bg
photo: www.shiseido.com

Terre D' Hermes

the Ground or Earth of Hermes.. doesn't sound too good for a perfume. The was forced to try a sample of this at the Hermes store recently and found it rather odd. the first whiff was very pungent but as it became lighter the smell grew on me. it's very woody and earthy. perhaps the name makes sense after all. it's a very difficult odor to pin point as it's unique and quite memorable. one of those odors that you associate with the object and not a generalized term like "sweet" or "floral" or "fruity". it's Terre D' Hermes, that's what it is. if you must describe it, i would say the smell is sophisticated and not sporty at all. It's wood, burnt a little, and very masculine but also a touch of vegetables. sounds like a BBQ? well, i'm not doing a very good job with the description so you might as well try it our yourself. [equipbug]
this brand new fragrance goes for about 32 British Pounds

Spring to Lacoste

It's deep into Spring and Summer is just a round the corner, so what better casual-sports designer than Lacoste to kick it off? The super cool crocodile is unmistakable and looks good in any piece of clothing. One that has caught my eye are the "Chill" sandals. they are comfortable and simplistically designed in Lacoste style. [equipbug] My favorite off white: 125 USD in suede
827-282338-P 827-282338-2
or in Oil Skin: 125 USD in leather
1733-282337-P 1733-282337-3
Cool in baby Blue: in canvas
2249-248559-P 2249-248559-3
these go for about 98 USD.

For something you can wear to work or to clubs, I think the Octopi or Camden Retro can work out. The Octopi has two gaps in the sole for extra flexibility and comfort. Both designs are simple and works with a suit or track suit. I've been really liking casual shoes lately but have not picked one out yet. True it's not the same as a pair of runners or a pair of leather shoes, but i like the best of both worlds!
the Octopi:
827-248587-P 827-248587-3
also in Black or Green:
1733-248586-P 827-282359-P

The Camden Retro: a touch of Lacoste Green is what i prefer, and the style of Velcro is here to stay
827-248540-P 827-248540-3 827-248540-4
photos: www.zappos.com