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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Plat5 3 05
Sector 9 is out with a sleuth of new boards. one of the most interesting is the new Hydra. supposedly the first in its series of highly maneuverable boards, the Hydra uses the patented sidewinder 2 trucks from Gullwing. From the photos, the trucks look like they can produce some sharp turns with 2 joints instead of 1. the super fat slalom wheels are 69mm and grip very well. The deck is only 33.5 inches has a small tail non the less. it's probably a slalom styled board but i'm sure it would be fun to cruise with as well. bombs away! [equipbug]
Plat5 2 05 Plat5 4 05
photos: www.sector9.com

mini wallet

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

This weekend, i released myself from slavery and took sometime to window shop. i happened upon this Paul Smith wallet which looks like an ordinary black leather wallet from the outside, but reveals a colorful mini cooper when opened. the Cooper is the older model and looks vintage with the beach and waves in the backdrop. the price is a bit high, but sometimes you pay for a little subtlety and for your own satisfaction of having a mini in your back pocket. sometimes i wish my wallets would not last for so many years, but i suppose that's better than the other extreme. [equipbug] 130 british pounds.
A3Xa-1032-3300-B-Detailb-5076 A3Xa-1032-3300-B-Detaila-5077
photos: www.paulsmith.co.uk

'lectric raze

it's been over 6 years since my last hair cut... at a barber. i've been cutting my own as well as other people's hair since high school, after my friend lost a bet on something trivial like throwing stones into a pond. After that i even got a few meals out of cutting hair in college. now that it's all in the past, i've managed to use that same skill (or lack of), to graze my own hair. i've found that quality blades make a huge difference. after several years on the Remington, it eventually fell apart and stopped working completely. this may be partially due to the fact that the clippers where used to cut my own hair as well as my dog's.
Er153A L Angle
Recently, i got the new Panasonic ER153A. not a very interesting name, but the "professional height adjustable hair clippers" really work well. the DLC (diamond like carbon) blades glide right through my mangy hair like a hot knife through butter. it comes with 4 lengths, which i find inadequate, but also has an adjustable blade. The best part is the fact that it's rechargeable and cordless. i no longer have to drag an extension cord into the bathroom, and the light clippers are very easy to maneuver. run out of juice? just plug it back in and keep going. So far, these are the best clippers i've used, but it comes at a cost. I got them for just over 100 USD, but when you do the calculations in fact i've saved hundreds on haircuts over these few years. just a tip. [equipbug]