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True Starwalker

Friday, March 24, 2006

Last year, i came upon the Starwalker series by the pen maker Montblanc. the starwalker comes in the standard Resin, which Montblanc is famous for, and the Metal with rubber. The two designs are available as a fountain pen, mechanical pen, ballpoint pen and the fineliner. Last time i missed out on the fineliner, which in fact was the most interesting piece. the twist open cap with the clear montblanc icon on top is so pleasant to open. it fits snugly on the end of the pen and locks into place with a twist. the over all weight of the metal/rubber version is heavier and makes it more stable. I really like the checkered design with laser etched lines. the see through icon was a bit odd at first sight but i've come to like the hidden icon. The fineliner is easy to grip and has a spring loaded tip for continual smooth writing. i am not exactly sure what draws me to pens and stationary, but this is probably the best looking pen i've seen yet. add a little monogram on it and personalize the pen. all that for a cool 300 USD. is it worth the money? well, let's just say you better use it daily. [equipbug]
photo: www.stilographica.it

Messages for Jack?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I can not remember the first time i used a messenger bag, but i don't think i've really used anything else ever since. It's great for walking about, putting my groceries in, my shopping, my extra jacket, my school books, whatever. these days, it's for my work books, but it's the same bag! I've gone through Manhattan Portage, some Jack Spades, Crumpler, North Face, and many nameless bags. they all have their own identity and i've been using the Crumpler for work and travel recently. it's durable and large enough for most things. I've settled for a Barney Rustle Blanket but may end up getting a few more yet.
My sister got me two Jack Spades 2 years ago and i really like the "Warren St." Field bags. the button enclosure is hidden under the flap, there is a zip pocket inside and an outside pocket for pens and gadgets. the simple design works well and looks more formal than the "Greene St." version. The greene St bag tends to slip off my shoulders, gets loose and no matter how many times i readjust the strap, it slips back down. there are pockets for music players and all that, but the quality is just not there. i would prefer the Warren St any day, for the simple and elegant design with good functionality.
They now come in Olive and Chocolate, but mine is Brown with a Red lining. I think these bags would stand out from the posh european brands, but also look more sophisticated than the adventure Crumpler type. [equipbug]
by the way, Jack is the dog. Kate Spade is the wife.
Product Product

Lush Puppies

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

On a weekend, i love to get out of my office clothes and wear something comfortable. During the week, i have to stand all day and walk around in dressier shoes. Sooner or later, i will get my hands on the Puma Go Court and pair it with my scrubs. no more shirt and tie for a while. but until that day, i enjoy the weekends with a nice pair of Hush Puppies Loafers. They are soft, long lasting, stylish and reasonably priced. it's no TOD, but the price won't kill your bank account either. wearing it with a pair of khakis or shorts and just kicking back. there's really no need to wear socks with it, and it may look less comfortable with socks. For 120 USD, everyone should own a pair. [equipbug]
Comes in 8 colors.
1733-151717-P 1733-151717-5
985-151718-P 985-151718-3
1733-160211-P 1733-160211-1
photos: www.zappos.com

Starck and Hutch

Starck designs are seen through out the MoMa, and for a good reason. recently, i've found this watch on sale in the Cathay Pacific duty free catalog. My sister ended up getting it and finds it very convenient. The design is modern with Orange LEDs which show the time in 4 large displays. It's best used at night where normal watches are difficult to read. In the day time though, i noticed that the watch relies on the light of the LED and it becomes faded in bright sunlight. The strap is also cut down to size, so once you fit it to your wrist, you better not get fat. Otherwise, the cool design and unique display is definitely worthy of the 120 USD you have to put down. in this case, money does buy "cool". [equipbug]

Muji Mug

Muji makes some very simple yet visually appealing products. As Beer drinking is more than to get drunk, the Japanese have understood the pairing of good food with good beer. In order to enhance the taste, they have made special clay beer mugs that are course on the inside and allow the beer to form a perfect head. the taste becomes creamier and if you chill the mug in advance, it can stay cold for longer. they look simple, but it's all in the performance. i've been using them for years now and find that Muji's beer mugs are cheap and does the job. they come in taller shapes as well as more tea mug shaped versions. the outside is glazed for easier cleaning, but the inside is still raw. the porous surface makes it difficult to clean and these are definitely unsuitable for lazy dishwashers. people who don't do their dishes regularly should avoid these mugs, it will grow all sorts of nasty bugs if you give it a chance.... afterall, humans aren't the only living things who love beer. [equipbug]
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