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Angle powder for photos shooting

Friday, March 10, 2006
The latest Raycious foundation by Sofina is perfect for photo shooting. why? it naturally highlight the contour of your face - brighten your nose bridge and your cheeks; dampen your jaws and make you look slimmer than usual. what's more, it works in all direction, both the front and the side. if you want to be sure that the powders are put on evenly, i suggest that you buy the 3 sided mirror case as well. btw, Sofinas' sun block is known to be nice, this foundation can also serves as a daily protector with SPF 24 ++. [equipchic]

photo courtesy of www.sofina.com

Tiger wins his 3rd!

it's too bad i missed the tournament on TV last weekend, but it's getting old... Tiger Woods wins again. truth is, i'm a Tiger fan and it's always great to see him win. unfortunately, i get to play about 1 round per month and never have the chance to get to the driving range anymore.
Last round i played was a disaster. hit in the 80's but it was the way i shot my irons which disappointed. sadly, i played with a very competitive guy and he was all over me in the end. not that i want to make an excuse, but the loss was due to a foot injury from running in the Standard Chartered Marathon the week before. all i got to say is that he better not play head to head with me again, because there won't be any mercy. to prove that my iron game was off, i hit every fairway when teeing off.
in fact, i used my Titleist 983K Fujikura Speeder and cracked it 300 yards down the fairway of a 560 yards Par 5 then followed it with a 260 yard 3 wood to put it onto the elevated, bunker guarded green for an eagle putt. that's my long game, but my iron play was pathetic.. so let's not talk about it. without a full turn, it was nearly impossible to hit a proper iron.
After that round, i realize that i must take advantage of youth and health to play my best golf. well, i suppose that goes for everything and not just golf... we'll see [equipbug]

Titleist Driver 983K

The Titleist driver is only about 360CC's, which is a dwarf compared to the newer clubs, but it's plenty big for me. i've always used titleist clubs because it's heavier and the kick is usually lower. i'm not sure what the specs are on most clubs, but this just feels right. i can go hard at it and even at 120 mph's the club can get to the ball perfectly square repeatedly. it's also a lot easier to hit due to the size, but at the same time it has a classical look and builds confidence.
01 004 P
The 3+ Kasco is absolutely amazing. it's a miracle compared to my 1991 bertha 3 wood. i got it on sale, and being one of the few clubs that are made entirely in japan, i thought that i can't really go wrong. well, i was right. the Power Tornado is easy to hit, and the low center of gravity makes it very easy to hit off the deck. 250 yard carries no longer require too much effort. running it up to 260 is effortless and sometimes i'm pleasantly surprised with the resulting shot because the feel of the club is stiff and the feedback is sensitive. it's not a mushy club to hit, and definitely a sense of achievement to really lean into it. i'll have to take it to the range one day and see what it can really do!

New favorite Beer: Sapporo

who doesn't drink beer... and most beer drinkers know that the Japanese have come to par with any beer brewers in the world. the one i've been drinking frequently these days is the classic Sapporo Draft Beer. it's the same flavor since 1876... over a hundred years old and that alone means it can't be all bad. the full flavor is easy to down and absolutely perfect with most food. i think beer goes with most meals, and i would recommend Sapporo with Indonesian peanuts, but of course japanese snacks are all right too. the 5% beer is flavorful (and cool like a Sapporo winter), a little sweet after taste and pours a perfect head, especially when you use japanese beer mugs. a classic, without a doubt, in fact i think i'll have another now. [equipbug]

Nixon's new Rotolog is a step away from the usual watch. using a rotating disc to tell time, it's not exactly the most efficient use of space and ease of use, but it's stylish. The time rotates on a single disc and the time can be read through a small square window where the "DATE" is located in most watches. the simple design comes in wood, black, white and orange. despite being a huge orange fan, i'd say that the wood looks best. but then again, i'm not all too interested in fashion oriented watches that don't impress me much. oh well... at least they tried. listed price: 200 USD. can you say "pass"? [equipbug]
click to enlarge:
12323-Roto Z
16694-Rotolog Org 13853-Rotolog Wht
photos: www.nixonnow.com

See it through the Grapevine

Oakley's second female targeted release is the Grapevine. they are sleeker than the Script and Riddle, making it a bit more sporty than fashion oriented. it's still very similar to the Script, with a large face covering frame and two lenses instead of the one piece straight through. Also made from plastic, but unlike the Script the frame is a single color all the way through. They start at 120 USD and come in 4 colors. click the above image to enlarge... [equipbug]
43Dfae9E179D1.Png 0 0 0
43Df965504171.Png 0 0 0 43Df96050Dd8F.Png 0 0 0
photos: www.oakley.com

Oakley's new Script

Oakley sunglass makers are turning more and more attention to the women as they have dedicated several new sunnies and a website to promote them. the large frame styles of old are back and virtually every maker has them. Oakley released the Script, a plastic frame with the famous oakley lenses put in. it looks all right and has the typical oakley straight ear piece. it will probably appeal to many as did the Dart and Riddle. the separate lenses are more traditional but have nice oakley accents on the frame to separate it from the other brands. starting at 140USD, they come in 5 colors. [equipbug]
[click to enlarge]
43Daad1Dac9Ab.Png 0 0 0
43Daae137944B.Png 0 0 0 43Daad7046021.Png 0 0 0
photo: www.oakley.com

Reviewed: Sennheiser PX 100 Headphones

Thursday, March 09, 2006

These Phones are Great! end of review.
hey i actually went through a dozen reviews on the web before purchasing these. i have so many pairs of headphones that i've lost count. i'm a big fan of Sony phones, and still am, but these Sennheisers have opened me to new dimensions. my iPod and Nano have been great companions, and deliver so many hours of musical pleasure, but the "buds" that are included sound terrible. but worst of all, they hurt my ears after about 45 minutes. So i decided to purchase the Apple In Ear phones. they are good on the subway, and noisy places because they cut "some" sound. it's by no means a sound proof set. but i've worked with them for a few years and will still use them at the gym. the problem is that they transmit rubbing sounds from my clothing, or they are pulled out very easily. the sound is decent and acceptable in most cases.
Now... the Sennheisers are totally different. they are open, over the ear phones. you can hear everything people do or say around. having said that, it may be a better choice for the street, so that you would not get run over without knowing what happened. it's also decent for quieter places like the office or libraries. true, if you turn the music up, people can hear it, but then the clarity of these phones will keep you happy at lower volumes. i went through Jazz and J Pop, Hip Hop and Rock, Rap and Pop, they all sounded like never before. I was especially pleased with Jazz, as the masters seem to appear in front of my when i close my eyes. the smooth bass is never distorted even at higher decibels. the sweet treble holds true without the metallic twang of the Apple "Buds". these babies just sound awesome, period.
The other great thing is that they are foldable. they fold up into a small frame for easy storage. in fact, the phones even come with a hard plastic case, about the size of a sunglass case. the hinges are steel reinforced, the wires are kevlar lined, and the transducers are neodymium magnets and the construction is superb. You would be paying a lot of money for quality like this usually, but in this case the listed price is only 59.99. you can get it at amazon for 29.99, insane. [equipbug]

for more information, check it out HERE:
B000089Gn3.01. Sclzzzzzzz 0020080010 176
Also in iPod White:
Px100White 2
www.amazon.com, www.gentrade.co.jp

Cathay Pacific goes IWC

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Interesting combinations these days. Cathay Pacific was an airline who boasted an all Rolls Royce engine fleet back in the 1990's. it has been voted airline of the year repeatedly, known for the great service, posh lounges, comfortable seats and solid food. now it will release a limited edition IWC Mark XII watch to commemorate it's 50 years. the Mark XII is a very conservative and classy watch. 1000 will be made and preorder can be made online in the airline's website: www.cathaypacific.com
The automatic watch comes with a steel band as well as a black leather band. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
photos: www.watchgallery.com.au