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Constellations are for girls..

Thursday, March 02, 2006

True, i'm an Omega fan. i love my Seamaster and have been using this "Bond" watch for over 5 years. it's still tickin's and kickin' because great designs never get old. i also like the newer orange seamaster, the planet ocean which i've tried on but found it too large for my taste. sometimes, i have the urge to want to wear a watch that's bright and flashy, but i know that i would never use it often enough to justify a purchase. with my Seamaster, it goes well with the daily shirt and tie, with the full suit or tux, and the casual T shirt. As Bond has proven, it can even go with the spy outfit. i really like the steel chain and tidy dial with no chronographic gimmicks. i mean, how often would i use that?
now what if you were just the opposite and wanted something more elegant? i recently checked out the constellation also by Omega and the Quad dial, diamond encrusted quartz watch was completely opposite. the baby blue leather band makes it unusable for swimmiing, the chronograph is tiny and difficult to read, the hands are thin and fragile looking, the diamonds are flashy, and the mother of pearl in lays seek attention... perfect for a girl. and indeed it's a lady's watch and probably something not many would pay 4000 USD for. who knows? maybe when i start making enough money, i may want to burn it on something like this? bag... [equipbug]
photos: www.omegawatches.com

GO Go gadget Court!

Puma is one of my favorite logos. I love that leaping puma. unfortunately, i've never really found anything i like from that company. their shoes are not as comfortable as the K Swiss (which i still wear everyday) or even Nikes. well, a recent release has given me a second thought. the Go Courts with the "air" cushioning on the heel looks pretty nice. basic, white, clean and hopefully comfy. when the time comes for me to work on my feet all night and day, i'll probably try to get one of these. then again, there are so many choices for comfortable sneakers these days... i'll have to choose wisely. not sure if i like all the butterflies, but the shoe is not bad. [equipbug]
Gocourt 800X600

Think in Pink 2

i'm not exactly sure why the V3 remained so popular. true, it's solidly built and thin as a razor, but the software is mediocre and the camera is junk. functionally, it's no big deal, everyone owns one and the thing has been out for years! anyway, enough nagging. Motorola knew it had something special and milked the RAZR for what it's worth, first making it silver, then black, then blue and pink...
I recently played around with the hot pink version and it looks better than i thought. the silver inside doesn't actually clash with the phone too much. but still, it's much more an accessory than anything else.
now that motorola flopped with the ROKR, they are turning back into milking the other phones. the slim candy bar phone SLVR looks awesome and has the same solid quality as the RAZR. once again, there is a pink version to appeal to all the Paris Hiltons out there who would pay extra for the pink color... i suppose that's the best part of motorola's plan, rip off the helpless electronic consumers who only care about the color and care about nothing else if the thing makes phone calls. great! [equipbug]
click to enlarge:
B58297Ab13360C12C84D5E4Db4Fcb149 Be2A53Bc0Ed8D8Bc99075329F194Be15
photos: www.pocket-lint.co.uk

another Mini

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Apple released the intel version of the Mac Mini. same thing but with Intel single or Duo core, apple remote, iLife 06, Front Row support, 4 USB ports, Line in/Optical in and everything else is virtually the same. WiFi, Bluetooth, up to 120GB HD, 512 RAM, Combo or Super Drive, DVI/VGA out, headphone jack etc. the Mini is whisper quiet. i've had it for over half a year now and i really like the small size and quiet operation. it never crashes, but sometimes runs a bit slow. now with the new chip installed, perhaps it's a whole different story as Apple claims 4x faster... that's a big claim. we'll see! the Mini might be the next "big" thing. [equipbug]

Downer: it costs a lot more as well. no longer the cheap budget computer.
Upside: the Mini can now be used as a "hub" so that it can stream anything in iLife to the TV or computer. Sharing photos, music and videos from anywhere in the WiFi network is now possible, just connect the mini to a TV and every other computer can stream things onto it. pretty neat.
photos: www.apple.com

Hi Fi for the iPod

i don't know... when it was first in the rumors that Apple has trademarked a HiFi, i was skeptical. but seems like they actually pulled it off and went for it. how successful it will be is yet to be determined. nevertheless, the 3 speaker system looks decent and perhaps if the sound is good it may get pretty popular.
i've thought about it for 2 days now and finally decided that it's not as bad as my first reaction. perhaps it's the apple factor, but perhaps it's not. it's a relatively compact system with stereo sound and complete portability as well as a dock and remote. it can be connected to the airport express through optical cables and WiFi streamed to the HiFi. i've been using the iPAL and Equiprack has also reviewed it. we both find the portability and ruggedness a bonus over the crisp sounds and sharp FM tuning. this Apple box has no FM tuner, and probably weighs a ton.. it's 16.7 lbs with batteries.
I can see it being useful in offices though. getting there, charging it on the HiFi and going home. i'm not so sure the sound is good enough to replace a home system! in fact, i'm sure it's not... it's probably not even going to replace my JBL Creatures for now, and with a steep price of 349USD, this better sound really good... [equipbug]
photos: www.apple.com

Hot n Spicy

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

True, we're waiting for something cool from the PMA or even the Apple Media event... but not all cool things come in electric forms. a surprising announcement came from Gravity Skateboards who introducced the new Ben Wei model 24" board. it's a long board at heart, but at 24 inches, the Tracker B2 129mm trucks look monstrous, especially with the 66mm Street G's. the board is made from a 7ply Hardrock Maple and uses Angled Risers. it should be great fun to cruise around on such a small board, especially great for getting around and putting in your pack afterwards. what really catches the eye is the red design and not to forget the graphic on the back. i still prefer a nice wave on the back, but this will do.. [equipbug]