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Sony Compacts rule

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Main Visual Feat1
So no one has said much about the Sony's release of W30 and W50. well, they are a completely redesigned line of cameras which resemble the Canon Elph series somewhat. the Original W series was blockier and not pocket friendly, but looks like it has changed since. Sony has been good to me and i've owned the old P5 as well as the V1, both produced top notch picts in any situation. now the W30 and W50 are both 6 MP, 3X optical zoom, but have 2 inch and 2.5 inch LCD's respectively. if i were to choose a compact again, i'd go with the Sony W's, but hey i'll have to stick with what i've got for now. [equipbug]
Main Visual Feat2
Ft02 04Img 02
PS: this camera also shoots in the RAW format!
photos: www.sony.jp

PMA round up: Canon

With PMA underway, many of the camera companies are announcing their new line up.
There's really no point in mentioning all of them here as they can be found in most websites, namely www.dpreview.com.
So i'd just like to mention the Canons i find interesting, such as the Canon dSLR 30D which will replace the 20D. It doesn't improve much in function, but has minor upgrades in spot metering, continuous shooting speeds, larger LCD and added "picture styles" otherwise there are cosmetic changes but the 30D will take any 20D accessories as well. the good news? it's going to be cheaper, i'm not sure if that is still affordable for me, but that's good news for some.
992 Canon 30D Front01
Second thing from Canon that raised some eyebrows would be the EF-S 17-55mm lens. the original Kit lens was also 17-55 but did not have image stabilizer and has a F2.8 max aperture through out the zoom, making it faster than the other EF-S lenses. i have been using the kit lens for a while and it's not as good as i hoped. there are frequently over exposed shots with a lot of purple fringing as well as out of focus images. i think an upgrade is wise and i regret spending that extra bit to buy the kit... there are currently 4 EF-S lenses out for the 20D and 350D. check those out.
L217 Efs1755 586X225
The Canon Powershot was also upgraded. the new S3 IS has a 12x optical zoom, 6MP sensor, 2 inch LCD and all in a compact SLR-like form factor. honestly, i'd say one of these are good enough for most purposes. i have been using the dSLR and as mentioned before, not getting the quality i'd like. my older Sony V1 did great and produced some amazing shots. i'm sure semi pro cameras like the Canon S3 is even better. the difference lies in not being able to change your lenses, but honestly, how often would you do that unless you're pretty serious about photography. and as you accumulate lenses, the price just get higher and higher. the Sony R1 has one of the most amazing lenses i've seen and if i want one of that quality on my 350D, i'd have to spend a fortune. so this Powershot is looking mighty good especially since it can also record video/audio which allow 60fps QVGA quality. not bad, not bad. with so many new options to choose from... it's great to be a consumer these days... just got to bring in the dough. [equipbug]
S3Is 586X225
PS: there are plenty point and shooters from Canon out as well, but i find the quality of my SD50 so poor that i won't even bother mentioning Canon's compact cameras. yeah, they are compact, but that's it... they take crappy photos, purple fringing, over exposed, underexposed, very very grainy, terrible photos in dim light... it's a disappointment.

V steel is out!

Monday, February 20, 2006

The popular V Steel from Taylormade has been in virtually every golf pro's bag sometime time or another. It is now rather cheap and on sale in most places. why? because the follow up is coming soon. in fact, it's already available outside of the US. in Asia, namely Japan and Hong Kong, players are already playing with the new V Steel. I had the chance to test it out this weekend and get a few shots off the deck. Not having played the original V Steel, i can not really compare it to that. i used to play a 1991 bertha 3 wood reshafted with a steel shaft. that thing was impossible to hit off the deck. but these days, i've switched to the Kasco tornado (reviewed) and hitting 250 off the deck is no problem at all.
Back to the V Steel, the difference is mainly the insertion of the tungsten block at the back of the sole. this brings the center of gravity back a bit and making it easier to hit off the fairways. the face height is also thinner, heel toe wider and the sole groove deeper. it's very easy to hit, but at the same time it's highly maneuverable. i'd say this club is perfect for any serious player who wants to control their fairways and reach par 5's in 2. off the tee, as with all fairway woods, you'll have to tee lower but otherwise it's easy to hit. there are three flexes available stock shafts from S to SR to R. the shafts are also redesigned MAS2 or the NS Pro which is a 90g steel shaft. check back from it is released in the US, probably with slightly different specs. this club is going to be hot! [equipbug]
photos: www.taylormadegolf.com (japan)

Thrill Riding Tricycle

Gx3 Side Hr
I've always wanted to ride a motorcycle, but having worked in the emergency room long enough to know that it's almost suicide. who doesn't know someone who knows someone that got injured in a motorcycle accident? well, there may still be a chance to feel the thrill yet!
Volkswagen released information on their GX3, and three wheeled two seater that drives and feels like a motorcycle crossed with a formula one. 5.7 seconds from 0-62mph (100 kmh), fuel consumption in the city is 46 gpm... sounds great. cost? around 17,000 USD only, you get a 125 hp side by side vehicle that can take you to 1.25G's... feel the speed! the unique design means it also drives differently and reviews have yet to surface, but the minimalist space frame vehicle is made with high density fiberglass and even has a small 80L trunk in the rear. speed to the groceries? now you can. [equipbug]
010  Scaled 600 025 007  Scaled 600 035
002  Scaled 600 077 003  Scaled 600 066
photos: www.vwvortex.com

Smooth Criminal

Being a Gillette fan for over a decade, i've used their twin blades to their current Mach 3 triple blade reviewed HERE. Recently, Gillette has introduced the 5 bladed Fusion to compete with Schick's 4 blade. Does more blades = better shave? from all the reviews i've read, it does. fewer strokes, closer shave and less irritation. the blades are closer together, so that you don't feel the blades, but instead one solid block moving across. i'll have to try it out to be sure, but i'll definitely be getting it once i finish off my older cartridges. problem is, more blades probably means more expensive refills. The new design comes in powered and un-powered versions like the previous Mach3. To Be Reviewed... [equipbug]
Powered: and live shots, including the power button
Blade1 Dsc03296-1 Dsc03302-1
photos: google images, click to enlarge