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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

Hand Fetish

Thursday, February 16, 2006
Since the alert of Avian Flu outbreak, we tend to be cautious about infection control and wash our hands more frequently. we get rid of the bugs .. at the same time .. the natural moisture of our skin. if we don't protect our skin from drying and cracking, the breaks might help the spread of infection.
this Almond Oil Intensive Hand Rescue contains sweet almond oil which provides essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin's moistrue barrier, restore smoothness and suppleness. you don't need to apply it frequently .. i usually use it at night, so the repairing process can be done while i'm sleeping .. it recommended the use of moisture gloves after applying the cream, i don't know whether the synergistic effect would be dramatic, but personally i think the use of the cream alone is already good enough. [equipchic]

photo courtesy of www.usathebodyshop.com

Pentax Waterproofed

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

i love diving, swimming and just being underwater. with the recent digital cameras, i've been able to freely take photos underwater and the results are fantastic. aside from losing my camera due to water leak, i've been pretty psyched about taking photos underwater. waterproofing your camera also means you can take it to the beach, to ski, or any other weather conditions you might throw at it.
Pentax has gone further and waterproofed their WP series without a casing. this week, they revealed their 3rd installment and upped the megapixels to 6. now i'm not saying it's no good, but this is basically a sports camera instead of a true underwater camera. the W10 is still only water proof to 1.5 meters and only for 30 minutes. basically, anyone who snorkels will be going further down to take photos of any corals, fish or turtles... there's no way the animals will be up in the 1.5 meter water for you to photograph. this camera is suited towards skiing, beaching, wakeboarding or other water sports. i think it's really handy to have a water tight camera, so that you don't worry about the rain or weather conditions. it's also turned out some pretty nice photos, fast startup (0.6 sec) and simple point/click action. i still haven't learned from my mistake and got another camera, but perhaps one of these would do me good. [equipbug]

the first Optio WP has 5 MP, 3x zoom and a 2 inch LCD.

Optiowp.Lg 01

the next generation Optio WPi has 6.0MP, 3x zoom and 2.0 inch LCD. this is the one i've tested out and pretty much works like a point and click. i wouldn't take one home with me, but i like where it's heading. great for outdoors junkies.


the LATEST Option W10 has a new formfactor. slimmer and larger LCD. 6MP, 3X zoom, 2.5 inch LCD. I'd like to see an improvement on the waterproof class next time...


photos: www.pentaximaging.com

Foot Fetish

Recently ran a marathon and hiked in the trailwalker... both of these are tough on the foot. before undertaking the marathon, i had to get rid of some callus on my sole. I went to Body Shop and hoped they had some sort of file, but was given a ceramic foot instead. the ceramic foot is quite sharp and appears dangerous to use as well as difficult to clean. along with the foot, i also got the Intensive foot rescue which is a nice peppermint foot moisturizer. yes, it works, but i'm not sure i i'll remember to use it. on top of that, i got the Cooling Pumice Foot Scrub, also peppermint. it foams up and gets into the little holes of the ceramic foot, but i suppose it leave my foot minty fresh. so far, i have not seen much difference, and i'm not convinced that calluses can be removed so simply, but it's still nice to have minty feet once in a while! [equipbug]
the smooth moisturizer is thick and creamy, almost looks edible:

Lg 9787 Intensivefootrescue

The jelly foot scrub is rough and sandy, but gives off a strong peppermint smell:

Lg Pumice Foot Scrub


Panasonic TZ1

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's been a while since a point and shoot camera has impressed me enough to write about. they are always getting smaller, pixels getting denser, zoom getting longer, batteries lasting longer, you know the drill...
Well, Panasonic came out with several new cameras this week, including the Lumix TZ1. Sporting a leica lens, the 10x optical zoom is the longest zoom by far in any compact camera. everything else standard, 2.5 inch screen, presets galore, famed panasonic stabilizer, no viewfinder, 5 mega pixels, built in flash... the works. i'm most impressed with the amount of zoom on this thing, it's the equivalent of 35mm- 350mm zoom. that's at least 2 zoom lenses put together on any SLR.
On top of that, it also takes the 4:3 ration photos as well as the more panoramic 16:9.
Of course, these gnarly numbers don't mean anything if the images don't come out nicely, so we'll have to wait for the release and review. expected in April this year in 3 colors: [equipbug]
[click to enlarge]
photos: www.panasonic.jp

match made in Heaven 3: New vs Old

Things are always changing and improving, the new replacing the old. This constant change applies to most things, and sometimes a "classic" moves over for something revolutionary. in my personal opinion, this was the case with the Tag Heuer Carrera. the Carrera is a legend in itself, being linked to the legendary vehicle by Porsche. As the original Carrera has undergone many changes since 1963 (the introduction of the original Carrera Tag watch), 2006 sees a newly designed Carrera chronograph. i like the new color coordination with contrasting red second hand as well as the chronograph hands. the general layout is the same, but the sleeker casing makes gives the Carrera a modern yet classic look. it retains a similar placement of the buttons, numbers and hashes, dials and position, but somehow it's revived. not sure when it will be available but it should cost about the same as the older Carrera which will still be available. [equipbug]
Tag-Heuer-Carrera-Mtc D1C1D73Dd851636Dd33631945Fff6105
The new Masterwerk 911 Turbo: Click to enlarge
3 800X600
on a similar note, the Mercedes SLR has been made into a Tag watch as well.
Prevously mentioned Matches made in Heaven: include the Breitling and Bentley, the IWC and Mercedes..

photos: www.tagheuer.com, www.porsche.com

Tiger wins two!

Two starts, two wins for 2006. Tiger Woods in an incredible start to the season has endured two tournament, both requiring a play off to determine the winner. He played the tournaments with the same Sasquatch driver and the same set up. It's like that equipment was not a factor this time even though he was not up to his A game, Tiger managed to stay ahead of the crowd.
Let's check out his watch this time around. the "Golf Watch" is a quartz movement so that there is no mechanical self winding gears that can malfunction during the 120+ mph swings. other golfing features include the extreme lightweight titanium body, the scratch resistant face and anti reflective face, the crown is placed at the 9 O'Clock position as opposed to the usual 3 O'Clock in our watches (i've personally experienced the pain of getting jabbed by the crown), and the very interesting band which has no buckles or latches. Cost? around 1,100 USD:
a unique design to avoid any hinges or buckles:
the folding design creates a secure fit with the stretching band shown here.
Wood W2
www.tagheuer.com and www.watchplanet.com

Nintendo, finally.. starts looking good

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Nintendo gameboy has been around for over a decade. I remember getting it for christmas one year and playing through the entire Mario in one day. Tetris was forever immortalized and the cord connected matches with my sister was unreal. many generations later, the gameboy gained color, backlighting and finally a dual screen, including on which has touch control. the games have also evolved and make use of the microphones, the touch screen, the gyroscopes... and who knows what else. the newest in the gameboy series is the DS lite. the lite, is smaller and lighter than the original dual screen, hence the name.. it comes in 3 colors, white, blue and light blue, and plays older GB advance as well as the new DS games.
i've never given much thought to the older DS because it just look chunky and poorly designed. sure, the games are tons of fun, but who cares when the screens are not as big as the PSP and the form factor looks a bit like a makeup box. with the new "lite" design, it looks sleeker and the corners are streamlined. the closure is flush and the overall package is awesome. i'm thinking about it...
with the introduction of the new Mario Kart DS... it's just all too tempting. WiFi racing will never be the same again! [equipbug]
available March 2nd, 2006 (in Japan) for 16,800 Yen: [click to enlarge]
Image1 Image2
Image3 Image4 Image5
the slot for stylus, slots for GBA as well as DS games.
photos courtesy of www.nintendo.co.jp

Second smelling..

I've reviewed the Miyake L'eau D'issey last year and called it the summer scent. well, summer is sneaking up, whether you like it or not... although i rarely use fragrance, i keep getting them as presents or the bottle is too attractive and i can't restrain from buying. for the Issey, i've always like the original fragrance and the new "summer" limited version had me hooked right away. As i mentioned before, it's the original with some citrus, Yuzu-like smell. second time around, it's as clear as ever that the smell of Yuzu dominates this cologne. being a Yuzu Addict, i have grown to like it even more. so once again, i recommend this for those who want a lighter Issey. [equipbug]
Cost: 29.00 £

Travel with the Bluelist

Lonely Planet has gone out on a limb and put together a book of places they recommend. The Bluelist contains general information on countries to visit and things to do there. it's an overview with a few interesting points. the best reading is the first section where the "bluelists" tell you what the best places to get naked are, the best places to swing a hammock, best train journeys, best natural wonders etc etc. Basically, the book helps give you an idea and some motivation to travel. It's beautifully designed and a good read overall. I would hope for a more comprehensive review of their highlighted countries in the next edition, this one is far too generalized and lacking luster. After reading the articles, it doesn't make you understand the country anymore than before you started, but it does have great photos. and you know what some say... "a picture is worth a thousand words..." [equipbug]
Footer Img Book
p.s. you can make you own BLUELIST at their website and join the competition for some free trips and write for them.