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Chopper Time!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Giant makes some pretty standard road and mountain bikes. I used to own one called the Giant Butte. you can imagine how people read the words... but the latest Giant bike that has caught my eye is the Stiletto. It's a Chopper influenced low rider. Fat tires, high handle bars, harley shapes, gnarly curves and a tilted seat for comfort (hopefully). on a more technical term, it has disc brakes, 7 speed shifters with Shimano Altus derailleurs, 20 inch front and 25 inch rear tires. basically, this is one sick bike, i can't imagine anyone using it though... anyone old enough would just ride a motorbike but i can almost imagine the faces of people when i ride in on my commute to work on this baby... [equipbug]

Keep it Up!

That is the slogan on Sunsilk for Men's Styling Putty. After using it for several weeks, i'm pretty happy about it. i also use American Crew's Fiber molding creme. with longer hair, i find that using the styling putty is much easier as it is more liquid and easier to evenly spread in dry or slightly damp hair. the AMerican Crew Fiber is very hard but holds well. It is harder to spread onto longer hair and definitely a good choice for short hair.
The Fiber creme smells citrus and yellow in color. it is easily washed off and has not caused much build up. minding that i rarely comb my hair, let alone use hair products. I got this as a xmas gift and used it several times at parties and events.
With hair growing out, i turned to Australia's surf heads and bought the Sunsilk Styling putty. it's white, honey-like in consistency and controls without holding it too firmly. The putty smells like shampoo... there's really no other description. i find it very good and the creamy consistency is easy to handle.
The other surf look is Garnier's Surf. basically in between the Crew and the Putty, but holds tough and messy. you get the beach look, without going to the beach. i'm not sure i'd like that, but hey... [equipbug]

More M600i images

Monday, February 06, 2006

Check these larger photos out:
060206 Sonyericsson M600 1 060206 Sonyericsson M600 2
Sony Ericsson M600I P00 Sony Ericsson M600I P01
photos courtesy of GSM Arena and Infosync World


Gpd 29254High 1539 0 4000
I never thought there would be another Sony Ericsson cell phone that would interest me. I'm currently using my 2nd SE phone and not quite satisfied with it as the power likes to shut off for no apparent reason. The simple form factor of my K608i is otherwise quite functional and full of nice features, like radio, speakerphone, 3G, 1.3Mp camera etc etc. Check out my review HERE.
Today, SE has come out with the latest 3G phone, a sibling of the famed P900, the M600i. It runs on a Symbian OS (rejoicing it's not windows CE), has music play back, G3 capabilites, email, web... etc etc. there's a variation of the P900 keypad for typing as well as a 240x320 touch screen! THere is 80MB on board memory, scroll wheel, all in a compact thin form factor (15 mm thick). This just might be the next phone i'd buy for the iPod-like white appearance and the large screen. [equipbug]
Cws31Afw 15361High 1539 0 4000
Cws31Afw 15359High 1539 0 4000 Cws31Afw 15360High 1539 0 4000
Other functions: Bluetooth, GPRS, INfrared, USB.
Lacking: Camera. how can you 3G without the camera??
Reason: it's likely that this business oriented phone does not have a camera as most businesses do not allow photo spying.


Fu Manchu 2006!

The new FuMachu's are in and sporting the same looking designs but with new colors. Gravity Skateboards claims that the mold is different as well as the durometers, although the general appearance seems to be the same. the Fu Manchu's are great for slides and the 76mm size will let you do that smoothly. druometers from 74a to 82a. i have not had the chance to use them, but i've been on the 66mm Street G's which have been impression enough for me. check out the Manchu's, they would probably ride well with my long sector 9's as well. [equipbug]

photo: www.gravityboard.com

The original Aviator

When people think of aviator sunglasses, they think RayBan. Of course with the resurgin popularity of this design, every maker has come up with their own designs, including Oakley's warden and crosshair. Not to be out done, RayBan of Japan has revived the classic aviators and came out with the RB3279. i'm not a fan of their naming system, but that's what it's called. These sunnies are rounder and more streamlined than the old aviators. They appear to be a cross of the original and the modern day sporty looks. i like the mirrored finish on all the new lenses and the plastic ear pieces complete the transformation. the ear pieces are typically japanese in design and match very well with the metallic rim. they go for about 9,000 Yen and comes with an ugly faux leather case/ cloth. there are currently 4 colors i have seen and i've gone for the gradient version. all set for the summer! [equipbug]
enlarge imaged:
photos courtesy of www.rakuten.co.jp