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For Your Valentine

Friday, February 03, 2006

This is my first Bvlgari perfume, also it's my first unisex perfume. it brings different sensation to men and women. It's neither too sweet nor feminine on women, which is nice in some occasions. on men, it smells less masculine than other brands as there're no spices in it.
if you're the romantic kind, this would be a good choice for your valentine as you'll never feel uncomfortable if you want to smell like him/her that day. [equipchic]

photo courtesy of www.escentual.co.uk

Summer Rollin' in again.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Well, at least if you travel to Oz..
I took along a new sun block this year. My usual line up is perfect for sports and activity, especially for pasting on your body. This year, i was mainly concerned with diving and had a sun guard so that i would avoid most stings from jelly fish on the reef as well as the sun's killer UV.
I used Shiseido's Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 55 PA++. it really is the ultimate protection for the face as it's quickly absorbed and doesn't leave behind the white residue. it's also perspiration, water and sand proof. i did not get any burns and avoided strange farmers' tan.
Other sunscreen reviewed by a female equipian voice: HERE
12522 Bg

Cleanin' Oz

In Australia, you're either surfing or diving... well at least that's the reason for me to go. so basically you're in the water everyday, sea water. It's also summer in Oz at the moment while it's winter everywhere else in the world (nearly). so sun exposure can damage skin but it also damages hair. I've noticed that they have pretty good consumer hair products for rather cheap prices. This time, i found some shampoo made for people with dirty heads. the kind you can actually clean...
Sunsilk has a series of shampoo for Men and one is actually called "Detox everyday for dirty Heads". I found it great for after swimming in the ocean and going through out the day without a shower available in dirty water. sometimes diving in the Great Barrier Reef can be a dirty experience as the boat's oil slick may float on the surface and attach to your body and hair. It's also good for removing styling product build ups. not bad.
worth checking out as the price is rather cheap... as long as the AUS dollar stays down. [equipbug]
I Sfm Detox

Samsonite world

Recently, i've traveled to several places and stayed only 2 to 4 days. i prefer traveling light and hate carrying around large pieces of luggage. That's when i decided to buy something small that i can take onto the cabin without checking in. my Swiss Army "Werks" suitcase has traveled around the world with me, but it's too big for short trips. I checked out Samsonite, Delsey, Swiss Army etc... for cabin bags and finally decided on the Samsonite Spark expandable. it's not too pricey and has a pretty durable look. i thought the build of the slightly more expensive Swiss Army was better, but the interior space was smaller. The Spark also had an expandable feature which gives me more flexibility (for shopping). i took it to australia this week and lived out of the little suitcase for 4 days. for the first time, i decided to check it in and avoid bringing it on board, but that proved to be bad news. first of all, Samsonite is used by everyone... seems like a black Samsonite is the john doe of suitcases... luckily, my bag was not confused with other identical bags. secondly, the rubbery part on the back is the archilles heal of the suitcase. it's the only spot that is not line by the ballistic nylon and it was the spot that tore. it's not a large tear but obviously can not handle more attacks of similiar nature. otherwise, i suppose it's not a bad bag, functional, looks decent, doesn't stand out for thieves to target and reliable. we'll see how it stands in 5 years.... to be continued. [equipbug]
Sa300105 Lg Sa300105 2L Sa300105 3L
photos courtesy of www.luggageonline.com