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Oil Drum, more like Gundam

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Oakley's recent addition is not so impressive. the O matter (plastic) sunnies are large and look pretty ridiculous. but perhaps that what Oakley's been shooting for lately. the front is similar to the new SPIKE's but definitely far less elegant. i actually saw a pair of Spikes for sale and was not too impressed as the shiny rims were a bit showy. i understand that Oakley's always been about being a bit exaggerated but this is pretty silly. the Oil Drums are like plated metal, except it's plastic. so if you want to look a bit like a robot from the 80's then perhaps this is for you. [equipbug]
[click to super enlarge]
43B591996A9Db.Png 0 0 0
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Weather Ambience

is a company that makes some very interesting products. one of which is the Weather beacon which glows a different color depending on the forecast. it glows all the different colors of the rainbow and many shades in between to display the temperature, humidity and weather warnings. from flashing to pulses to steady glow, it will let you know the weather throughout the day, 24 hours a day. i'd love to get one of these, although for 179.00USD, as it would make a great decorative piece. how does i gather information? it connects wirelessly to the Ambient Wireless Network and should work in 90% of the United States. having said that, it only works for the US. so if you are fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on how you look at things now), then you can go ahead and get one of these square glowing thing-a-ma-bobs. [equipbug]
Beaconpiano-Lg Beacon-Chair-Lg


There's a new TV ad from Apple out there. It was released with the new iMac and Macbook outfitted with Intels' Duo Core. Basically, it's a very direct stab at Intel's feeble existence for the past 10 years or so and now Apple is here to "set it free". i think the best part is the obvious blow to every other PC maker out there. only Apple, and only Steve Jobs can and would pull off something like this. kind of like the nano vs. Motorola ROKR crap phone deal. By the way, the ROKR 2 has come out. as if anyone cares. Well... at least the ad's kind of right, so no one's going to mind. time for the rest of PC's to wake up! [equipbug]
Watch the ad HERE: shot in the actual Intel facilities.
Intelwafer20060109 Indexintelchip20060109

Multivitamin for eyes and lips

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i never realized that there are multivitamin products for the eyes... or lips. but this christmas i received 2 different eye products alone, and a bunch of other face firming agents. i'm not sure if it's a hint or anything, but i suppose i will learn to use them. eventually. i've been given these things before and it takes me over a year to finish one little tube. we'll see.
One of the ones i got was the dermalogica MultiVitamin Power FIrm for eye and lip area. so... what does that mean? it helps combat visible lines around the eye and lip area with a powerful complex... umm.. ok..
it contains seaweed?! vit. A, C, E (which are anti oxidants) organic silicone for healing?! what? i don't know what these things do, but the website seems to make it sound magical...
well, for 46USD, it better be. the tube is only 0.5 fl. oz. and it smells like strawberries.
i used it for about a month now and it's nice.. i don't notice any difference but i wouldn't know these things. i also mix it up with my Shiseido Men Eye Soother which i use more frequently. maybe they have different functions, since the Shiseido Men is an "anti dark Circles Gel". i like the pleasant minty smell of the Shiseido and it is a lot thinner than the Dermalogica. i can see the dermalogica being much better for drier conditions and it probably lasts a lot longer. the Shiseido goes on and disappears very soon after. This one goes for 35 USD. i just hope i can use them up, i doubt it. not to mention i still have a Clinique eye care for men, from 3 years ago... do i really need them? nah.. [equipbug]
B000Bartu8.01-A3Q95T4Rxkwsxt. Sclzzzzzzz 10054 Bg
photos courtesy of www.amazon.com and www.sca.shiseido.com

Innovation of Magsafe

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

True, Apple announced the intel based "Macbook" to replace the current powerbooks. i'm sure everyone is drooling at the photos now. i think the computer is quite nice and screaming fast with the new intel Core Duo chip. and yeah, the apple design with beautiful OS wouldn't hurt either. now what makes Apple truly stand out from the rest of the hooligans?
Innovation and the dedication to improve the experience for computer users.

how? through software (which is obvious with the OS X) and through hardware. let's take the newest Macbook for example. the screen, it's high in resolution, it's bright yeah yeah yeah... but it also dims with the ambient light. i've used computers from day to night and didn't even realize how bright the screen was until i walked away. Apple dims the light and eases eye strain for you by automatically detecting the room brightness. what else? it uses the same technology to brighten your keyboard! the darker the room gets, the brighter your keys become. ingenious. i love typing in the dark... it's true.
i think i could go on and on... like the scroll pad, that actually scrolls. or the movement detector. i wrote about it previously, about my friend's iBook getting destroyed from a fall after some guy kicked the powercord... now, the hard disk detects a falling computer and locks the drive so that you don't lose the data! amazing yes.. but how about if this scenario was improved? how about if the computer doesn't fall at all and everything is safe?
welcome the Magsafe. it's the newest power cord adaptor. the powercord plugs into the Macbook via magnets and a kick to the cord or a quick tug will make it come loose instead of having the computer fly to the ground!! damn it! i love this! i love this... what can you ask for? really? Dell? HP? Fujitsu? Hitachi? Toshiba? or the "innovative" Sony? no... just Apple. [equipbug]
check out the clip:

PS: Also solves THIS problem with equipholic!
photos: www.apple.com

Intel iMac!

My favorite hardware announcement would have to be the new Apple intel iMac. Fitted with the new intel Core Duo, it now runs the first intel chip with 65 nanometer process. in fact it runs two. the Intel Core Duo has 2 processors, which is why the new iMac is twice as fast as the G5 version even with the exact same specs otherwise.
Gone are the days of G5 and G4, and with the new intels out, Apple will refit their entire product line with intels before the end of the year. This is great news as it may still take some time before all software is completely native with the new processors. Apple has made the change easy by building a "translator" into the OS. Rosetta will help make the change from Power PC based apps into Intel based and you will never even notice the changes. in the future, all the software, including the Pro apps will become native and called "Universal"

Back to the iMac. Well, it's basically the same amazing package. iSight, WiFi, mighty mouse, firewire, USB, video out, mic, stereo speakers, ATI X1600 upgradable to 256MB video card, 17 or 20 inch screen, th whole works! including the new Apple remote for the new Front Row. Speaking of new, it also includes the new iLife 06. All for the same price. there's just too many better reviews out there about the greatness of the iMac, but in 2005 alone, i've bought 2 for different people and they have all loved it. in fact, i may be tempted to get one myself now! [equipbug]
Design3420060109 Indextop20060109
PS. it's just crazy, but only Apple would do things like this.. the "Sleep" light which pulses has an ambient light detector so that when the room is dark, the light is darker and will not disrupt your sleep.. damn.

Reviewed: Canon 350D

Monday, January 09, 2006
On a recent trip to Cambodia, i took along my previously drowned Canon SD55. as always, i must have a spare and at least a full sized camera for the more anticipated moments. For a trip as unique as Siem Reap, i bought the "new" Canon 350D dSLR which we mentioned back in April 2005. Being a huge SLR fan, i've waited years before an affordable and near professional camera. so after reading, waiting, reading, waiting for many generations of dSLR, i have finally found one which i liked. i thought the larger, more expensive dSLR's were a tad too large for me. i like to move around, never in one place and so a bulky camera would not be ideal. even the 300D was a tad large for me. when i saw the form factor of the 350D, i knew it was the one.
it's a very easy to use camera, with all the features of a manual SLR. i found the Program mode to be best, as all features are available. my second choice would be the Sports mode, as many things happen too fast around me, and the faster shutter speed and continual auto-focus is amazing. in the ruins of Ankor Wat, time is at a stand still, in fact i felt that i've traveled back in time. there were very few tourists in most of the smaller temples, making them photographic havens. the benefit of having a digital camera is obvious, as i love to shoot and re-shoot from all angles. Siem Reap is such an amazing place, and the forest that engulfed the ancient ruins totally took my breath away. You can see from the sample photos that the weather was ideal for touring but not for photos. nevertheless, my Canon performed well and with a little exposure compensation, i was happily shooting rocks and wood. the response time for the 350D is super fast. i easily captured animals and vehicles alike, sunrise and light rays, dust and dirt all the same. from turning on the camera to taking my shot, the camera was never the rate limiting factor.
the hand grip has been scrutinized for being too small, but i find it quite nice to be able to completely grip the camera. i do agree that any thinner and it might be hard to hold, but having pretty large hands myself i did not find it bothersome.
the reason i chose Canon over Nikon is because i have been using Canon SLR's previously and have a host of lenses. unfortunately, the one lens i brought with me did not work well. there was an error when i tried to focus and shoot with it. it is a Sigma telephoto 80-300mm bought over 10 years ago. for some reason, it can not focus and virtually useless. luckily, the kit lens was good enough for my taste and i didn't have any problems with the camera otherwise.
i would advise to buy the softcase which attaches to the camera and shields it from the elements. this way, there is no need for a camera bag on travel and provides the fastest way to unsheath and shoot. other hands on recommendation is that this camera tends to make photos slightly over exposed. i had to mess around with the exposure and what not most of the time. i'm sure that for regular use, the photos will be perfectly normal, but Cambodia is a bright place...
since then, i've used the camera to photograph my sister's cat and my parent's dog. i find that the sports mode is perfect for both the sleeping cat as well as the jumpy dog.
in anycase, i quite enjoy looking through the lens of an SLR camera once again. now with the added benefit of being digital, it's time for more photo hunting! you up for that equiptrack? the black and white option is also new on this camera which should be great fun to use. i am a mac user, and not a photo tinkerer, so i get what i shoot...
anyway, i highly recommend this camera to anyone in search of an entry dSLR that can take on the big boys. if you don't want to pay for a 20D (and who would these days?) then the 350D is equally good. i've tested them both out and i don't find much in difference between the results. you can check www.dpreview.com for reviews of most dSLR cameras. [equipbug]

(Photos coming)

Macworld coming soon!

One day, one more long day...
For now, FoxTrot will have to do:

ID London vs. ONE

Links of London is a fine jewelry maker and started off with mens' cufflinks. They have since moved into other jewelry, such as the Saloon Identity Bracelet. the bracelet is solid and very fashionable which can also be engraved with whatever you choose. the ID bracelet has a flat section for personalization, secured by thick chain links for a more masculine look. cost? 155 British Pounds or about 270 USD.

Now, recently i've finally been sent the ONE bracelets we talked about previously. That was about half a year ago, but patience was rewarded with a nice white thick rubber bracelet. i don't mind calling it a large rubber band, but after all it's for charity. I like the comment one reader has made in that article, so i think the real motivation for these bands would be the same as those for the Yellow Band of Lance Armstrong. Whether it actually helps poverty or not, these bands stand out and have a nice meaning for each individual. cost? 1 USD.

Although good looking, I would not be caught wearing a silver bracelet jewelry. rings? perhaps. watches? definitely. others? not really. i'd go for the ONE bracelet.. easy on easy off. (and costs 269 Dollars less) [equipbug]
Links of London:
5212.0114 L
VS. ONE band:
photos courtesy of www.linksoflondon.com and www.one.org

Cuffs linked in London

a pair of Links of London was given to me for christmas and being a basic kind of guy, these simple sterling Barbell Cufflinks are perfect for the low key everyday wearing. it is secure and the rigid barbell design is subtle but clearly from the prestigious Links of London. Unfortunately, i only have 2 shirts with french cuffs, so perhaps it's time to shop? these go for about 60 British pounds.[equipbug]
2510.0163 L
photo courtesy of www.linksoflondon.com

New Ferrari, Period.

With the 2006 CES going on this week in Vegas, i've gotten pretty tired of all the tech news. let's turn to the automobile for a while before Apple also has a big Mac convention on Tuesday. Ferrari has replaced the 575M Maranello with this beauty, the 599 GTB. i personally like this design more although i'm not too keen on the hood design. i like the tail and the clean lines on the sides as well. it's one great looking care and will debut in Feb 2006 at the geneva auto show. the two seater is equipped with a 6.0L V12 mid front engine shared by the Enzo. rating? 620 bhp at 7600 rpm... don't we all wish... [equipbug]
photos courtesy of www.roadandtrack.com