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unbelievable Holiday Items!

Friday, December 16, 2005

More useless items from Tiffany & Co.
sure, i know women love receiving jewelry from T&Co. but not like this! check out the "Party Trumpet" selling for 350 USD. who needs that?? any good party knows that a silver bugle is not the key.
14584811 Xl
wait... but perhaps a sterling silver "Noise Maker" is good. not. the $325 USD noise maker is no different than a dollar shop one, so save the $324 USD and buy some proper alcohol.

14584838 Xl
but there's nothing like a Sterling Silver Party hat to really get the party going. there's nothing that says "Dunce" like this... and you can be the idiot who spent $225 USD to buy it too! wow. [equipbug]
14611258 Xl

Dry face 2: Allure after shave

So regular balm may not be helpful when you shave daily. but in dry weather like the winter, you can't be using alcohol based after shave, it will make things worse. so i've picked up CHANEL's Allure after shave moisturizer. the smell is much lighter than cologne but there's a hint of Allure in there. i like the more sophisticated smell of Allure and might get the actual fragrance one day. at the moment, i will stick to the moisturizer. i find the cream much more easy to use than the alcohol after shave because i would not need to apply any cream afterwards. it's really for the lazy guy like me... in fact, i would never have thought of using a cream in the first place. nearly 100% of these creams are gifts, and thanks to those i can keep my face from drying off. now... only if i can use them up. as i find remembering to use them on a daily basis is much more difficult than using it once for review purpose. [equipbug]

Reviewed: Clinique Happy

i've had this fragrance for over 5 years now, and i'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. i'm very slow at using up fragrances because i find very little chances to use them. in any case, i like the summer scent of Clinique Happy for men. it basically smells like mango, period. i don't mind smelling like a sweet fruit, but it's not for everyday use i suppose, and perhaps not for the winter. over the years, the Happy line has gotten into shower gels, after shaves, etc. but the initial eye catching aspect of the fragrance was the orange bottle, awesome. some say it smells citrus, but i don't really think so. if you want to smell mango, get Happy. [equipbug]
Clq 62Yl 250

Dry face 1: Clarins Men

Winter is here again, time of joy and time for cheer, but also a time of dry weather. I really enjoy the cold and the dry air, but some people may suffer from dry skin. Clarins Men makes a really nice balm that is very suitable for the winter. it is non sticky, but slightly greasy. the Moisture balm is advertised to firm and anit pollute, whatever those mean. the more important factor is that it moisturizes and keeps moisturizing all day long. the only downside is the smell, as i prefer light or odorless creams. the Clarins has a rubbery smell to it. oh well, some people like having plastic faces. around 25USD [equipbug]

their line of Mens products all have the same smell, but if many find it refreshing perhaps so you can get anything from shave foam to self tanners.. check the out HERE:
Pglsmanual-842491R200 P1338198R200 Pglsmanual-842501R200 P1003401R200
photos courtesy of www.gloss.com

More Zen

Wp800 Zenvisionm 7
Creative has been making Zen for nearly as long as Apple has been making iPods. the rivalry is getting heated with the newest Zen M. It has the same dimensions as the iPod V, with a large screen for video viewing. in terms of function, it has upped iPod with an FM tuner and sound recording. It has equaled it in terms of video capabilities, photo display and music. Except it plays video in more formats, such as MPEG 1, 2, 4SP, WMV9 and motion JPEG, or DivX 4 and 5 XvID etc. the screen has the same resoltion as the iPod, but appears to be a bit brighter. it uses a verticle touch pad for scrolling and i'm not sure if that is as fast as a continuous circular scroll, like in the iPod. The battery life is up to 14 hours of music and 4 hours of video, so it's just barely beating out the iPod. it won't beat out the iPod because: it is twice as thick and looks chunkier. the Zen M comes in 5 colors, pink, white, black, green and light blue. [equipbug] Costs 330 USD
Wp800 Zenvisionm 8 Wp800 Zenvisionm 3
Wp800 Zenvisionm 5

Card holder

Hmm.. these days i'm thinking about the use of card holders. i used to think they were for name cards mostly, but as credit cards accumulate i see why people get these. Now a days, every store has a "discount VIP" card. and carrying so many cards in my wallet just doesn't make sense. so i went to see if i could get a matching Card Care from Alfred Dunhill to match my Sidecar Amber. i found the cloth a bit cheap looking on the "Amber" version. so i took a look at the Sidecar version. it's perfect. but then i look at the price. nearly 100 USD! for a piece of leather that holds credit cards. damn, i can save that money and buy a lot of things with the "VIP" cards. geez. anyway, wallets i can see being costly as they last forever and you use them daily. but not card holders. oh well. somethings are best left alone. [equipbug]
Simplecardcase Defo

Reviewed: Panasonic FZ30

The Panasonic FZ30 is a semi pro camera that has most of the functions of a dSLR. I was able to get my hands on one of these and test it out over several days. The selling point of this camera is the 8MP, the Leica 12x lens, and the low price.
Initially, the camera feels solid, but a bit hollow. Being used to the lighter Canon 350D, i still felt that the Panasonic was a bit empty. otherwise, the grip was solid and the buttons well placed. the large lens looks beautiful and it's probably the most eye catching of the whole camera layout. the 12x zoom lens is very smooth and with a flick of the zoom ring, you can go from 0 to 12x. There is also an addition manual focus ring.
The photographic ability of this camera can not be compared to true dSLRs, but it's a fun camera to have. for instance, it can take video with audio, do some photo manipulations, and still take pretty good pictures. Since it is not a true SLR, there is no mirror sound or loud shutter noises. the viewfinder is a miniature LCD and the foldable LCD can also work for taking photos, unlike the dSLRs. the 2.5 inch LCD is super sharp and you can see exactly how your photos turned out without having to really zoom in on it. on my Canon 350D, i have to Zooooom in order to make sure there's no blur. the flip LCD can also be used to photo yourself (but i think it's pretty difficult with such a large camera), and also for some interesting views, like a medium format camera. (looking down)
The photos came out pretty sharp, and the colors were true. the larger ISO speeds resulted in some pretty grainy photos though and not recommended. i can not really get into the details of all the functions on the camera, because it's just not directly comparable to a dSLR.
All in all, this is a great camera for around 600 USD that will take sharp 8MP photos and with that great Leica lens, you won't need to change own many lenses just to cover the zoom range. the image stabilizer is pretty good and even with long shots, the result is pretty sharp. The flash is built in and quite high on the shoe. This camera has a great screen and people will be impressed when you share the photos with them right away. I would recommend this camera only to the casual shooter, but it's a great deal none the less. [equipbug]
Image02 Image06

Burn Baby Burn!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gravity boards is at it again with the newest addition. the 29" Super Slalom. It is shaped a lot like my Giant Slalom but only 3 inches shorter. it has a 5 Ply Maple wood board with a single "G Tech Fiber" layer to make it lighter and stronger. the Trucks are Tracker Darts 129mm and everything else is the standard 66mm Gravity wheels and angled risers. the board looks HOT, literally. i'm very happy with the Giant Slalom, so i'm sure this one would be just as fun. At the moment, i find the Giant Slalom a perfect size. great for cruising and sliding. if you shorten it 3 inches, it may be more portable and fun to take to parks, but i would rather cruise still. take your pick, any Gravity board will do the job. [equipbug]

iPod Boxers!?

Monday, December 12, 2005

This is not a transformation of our equipian site into a pornographic page, don't worry. but these boxers are brilliant. usually when i walk around in my boxers and nothing else, i have no pockets to put my iPod Nano. with these iBoxers (in Orange) from Play Underwear, i can listen to music hands free anywhere at home. fun fun. i'm sure i can make a pair of these on my own, but hey these guys thought of it first. [equipbug]

22 USD per pair: Buy here
(cult of mac).