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Tis the Season

Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's nearly Xmas, and winter is upon us. for me, living in the temperate zone means wishing for cold weather everyday. and cold weather means 13C... gone are the days of snow and -30 wind chill. after having moved here, there isn't much chance to be cold. that only means it's time to search for other ways to enjoy the weather. Oakley's new SPIKE are just what i need. some nice large optics that would work on the golf course as well as on the streets. the large lens make it vision crystal clear and with the oakley iridium colors, i'm sure it will look good as well. the frame is made of a light metal alloy they want to call C-5 Alloy. don't know why. and also Unobtainium. whatever, just as long as it looks good, ok? the price ranges from 135 to 155 USD. check it out. [equipbug]

perfectly colored for the winter: [click to super enlarge]
438E4F477943F.Png 0 0 0 438E48Dbac89D.Png 0 0 0
also comes in black and silver, but they don't look nearly as cool.

Target locked

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Now that range finders are legal in competition, i've bought new batteries for my Bushnell. I've been using it for a few years now and find it absolutely necessary on new courses. on familiar courses, most of the time the markings on sprinkler heads or poles are sufficient. but in golf, every millimeter counts. it can be the difference of a greenside bunker shot or a nice put for birdie. it may also mean a lost ball or carrying a water hazard. golf is a game of planning and execution, and the range finders help me do that. i used it at some new courses in China last week and probably save a dozen balls. it's also a lot more fun to scan for distances and actually hit the ball exactly where you want it, even 200 yards away. Carrying a bunker 260 yards away is also a great feeling. knowing that i can carry at least 270 yards, i have more confidence when aiming. well, the Bushnell yardage pro is the simplest version. it can measure or scan for distances with the laser, but also magnify the field and help with planning. it measures in the meters as well as in yards. it is accurate to the yard! too bad my shots are never that accurate...
A newer range finder even measure the slope angle and compensates for the increase or decrease. i prefer to calculate that on my own, as there are many other variables like wind speed, wind direction, grass type, lie quality, etc etc etc. so finding the range is just the first step, but any serious player should consider it, especially if you play many different courses. [equipbug]
20-0002 20-5102
Pinseeker View

MIghty Mouse fixed

Monday, November 28, 2005

Yesterday, my Mighty Mouse stopped scrolling upwards. in fact, there were other days when it refused to Left Click. everything became Right Click. i was able to fix that by simply unplugging it. the problem with scrolling up happened suddenly and perhaps something had snuck into the little hole and jammed the up rollers. what ever the problem was, i got it fixed by following Apple's cleaning guide. basically, i shook, tapped and rolled the ball until it worked again. i actually heard a difference and felt that the upward scrolling was blocked by something. everything else was good, down, left and right. so after some vigorous scrolling upwards, the jam dislodged and we're back in action. but i can imagine it happening again and in time the mighty mouse will just be an apple pro mouse again... sadly. why can't apple make it easier to disassemble? damn it. [equipbug]

Power Tornado!

I've been using my 1990 Callaway bertha reshafted 3 Wood for many years. i got the head from one of my dad's old clubs and put a UST heavy weighted shaft on it. the thing is impossible to hit and really doesn't go very far. but i've been enjoying that challenge ever since i've learned to play golf. recently, i decided it was time to change the club and got myself a Kasco Power Tornado 3+. i thought it would be a bit low and difficult to strike, but that club is probably easier than my 2 iron. the first time i used it, i found it a bit light at D1 swing weight, and topped the ball. ever since, i've been hitting greens and fairways with it. the crisp sound of contact is purely japanese. in fact, it's one of the few clubs that are still made in japan. the 2.1mm face is tougher than titanium, using super Hyten. the soul is made to cut through rough and fairway alike and i've managed to hit some good shots with it. this is a confidence builder and bringing me back to the days of hitting woods from the fairways. ever since i broke my 5 wood, i have not used a wood on the fairway since. this 3+ gives me a good 250 yard carry and averages 240 yards carry. it's such an easy club to hit that perhaps it's almost cheating. can't wait to get to use it again. [equipbug]
i bought it at less than half price, but the regular cost is around 400 USD!! yeah, comes at a price.
01 004 P 01 004 Shaft

nananananana Talkman!

PSP's library of games just got funkier with the release of Talkman. it is a game, king of, that allows the player to practice speaking and listening in a different language. namely Japanese, Chinese, English and Korean. it also has traveling tools that help you translate from any of the 4 languages into another. the game comes with a microphone which is very easy to set up. it snaps into the USB slot on the top of the PSP. the microphone is the first peripheral available for the PSP and works without a glitch. Talkman's main character is MAX, the blue bird. he guides you through out the game and makes ridiculous comments. the game is quite fun and entertaining to try languages. i hope to go to korea sometime this winter, and perhaps i can brush up on some korean before heading there. it teaches you daily conversations, travel conversations and simple phrases to interact with people in the 4 different languages. the program surprises you with amazing accuracy at times, but at the same time it reacts with very strange translations at other times.
nevertheless, a program on your PSP that allows you to speak into it in your native language and translate on the fly into another is just simply amazing. and to think it all fits in your pocket. games these days... [equipbug]
Check it out HERE:
Talkman-20050930112414265 Talkman-20050930112411577
Talkman-20050930112413140 Talkman-20050930112412234
www.amazon.co.jp and www.psp.ign.com