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Apple's adapter sucks!

Saturday, November 26, 2005
I have been using my powerbook 12" for 2 years and a half already. Many things start to be broken. First, the full capacity of the battery is gradually reduced. When I charged to 100% and then uncharged, the computer just went to sleep immediately when the indicator was only at 50%! But this is somewhat acceptable because most batteries always have such a problem after long-term usage. And I'm gonna change a new one soon.

What made me want to complain is the power adapter. When I plugged it into the laptop, I have to move the plug which connected to the wall in many direction to get the most fit connection, although the plug at the laptop side was well-attached. Otherwise, the laptop can't be charged. At the laptop side, there's a hinge from the cord to the round piece which connect to the laptop. This part was wrapped with another tape. I noticed that it's broken. Well, I was able to continue using it for another 2-3 months and always frustrated to move the adapter over and over. Just yesterday, that I can't get my laptop charged anymore. Because that hinge was completely broken...

I then checked the apple website for the price to buy a new one. I saw many reviews complaining about this! Many people (243 reviews!) got the same problem as me. Somebody got this problem after only one year. Some have to change for 4 adapters within 3 years, some for 5 adapters within 4 years. So for those who are using ibook or powerbook, be careful on your adapter and its cord. It's not a thing that deserve to be purchased again! (I'm thinking to wrap with some more tapes on a new adapter I just bought)

Anyway, I really like its design that I can wind the cord on the adapter. But Apple should also consider more on this weak cord. [Equipholic]