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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

Rollin' rollin'

Friday, November 18, 2005

After the successful completion of the Trailwalker, it will still take a few more weeks before my knees heal up.. meanwhile, i'll be dreaming of cruising down streets on the new 27" Mini Classic from Gravity Skateboards. the Mini is the newest board and looks perfect for all missions. the size allows portability but the Tracker B2 trucks are sure to have people cruising and carving big turns. the board will feature Street G 66mm wheels soon and make it such a blast to ride. must... control... the urge... to ride... [equipbug]
M27 2
got to love that graphic on the bottom. any rolling barrels just sweep me away to the ocean. dream on.

Digital video on SD

With the new iPod V, videos will start picking up i'm sure. the trend seems to be moving towards hard driver based video cameras and tapeless recording. Panasonic's new video camera is sports oriented and uses the SD card as storage. the maximum size is the 2GB card which can hold up to 1.5 hours of video at 2048x1512 resolution, 30 fps.
Uni Main
Packed with technology, the video camera also takes photos at 3.1MP (with a built in flash) and has 3CCD sensors. it is the worlds' smallest 3CCD camera to date. the screen is 2.8 inches wide screen and the camera is ready to shoot in 1.5 seconds quick start up. with the small size and skip free mechanism, it's ready to go where you go. if only videos were as easy to share as photos, but i still don't have a use for video taking just yet. [equipbug]
3Ccd Main
also in black:
Uni 4 2

Match made in Heaven 2

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Img 3 0 2006-Mercedes-Benz-Cls-55-Amg-Iwc-Ingenieur-Watches-1024X768
First it was Breitling with Bentley. now it's IWC and AMG (Mercedes). the result is a titanium watch created with precision and design in mind. the automatic movement has an integrated shock absorbing system, date display, a soft iron inner case for protection against magnetic field (up to 80,000 A/m), water resistant to 120m, sapphire glass coated face, luminous hands, and tells time! the red accents are only found on the titanium version, but also comes in a steel band version. AMG is the "modded" department of mercedes and their range of premium cars are powerful yet classy. it's a bit over priced and posh for most people, but still pleasant to look at. and maybe that's all i can do, so the IWC watch is the next best thing? hmm. but even that would cost me around 5600 USD... sigh
titanium: [click to enlarge]
3227 002 L 3227 003 L
3227 001 L
the car? AMG Ingenieur is a super nice CLS 55 AMG, and only 55 will be produced so you can pretty much forget about it. it has an exclusive dark titanium paint job, fog light rings, unique radiator grille louvers, and many many more specifics. the 19 inch AMB light alloy 5 spoke rims are also very nice. twin tail pipes, nappa leather upholstery in a titanium look, AMG and IWC designed dials, etc etc... there's just too much going for this car that you can not get... so just take a look yourself: [equipbug]
2006-Mercedes-Benz-Cls-55-Amg-Iwc-Ingenieur-Rear-Seating-1280X960 2006-Mercedes-Benz-Cls-55-Amg-Iwc-Ingenieur-Gauges-1024X768
www.iwc.ch and www.seriouswheels.com

You must be kidding

There are times when you surf the web and find products that are exactly what you've been dreaming of, while other times you find things that seem unbelievable. like this sterling silver golf tee from Tiffany & Co. don't ask me who would use something like this, but it's definitely not an avid golfer. don't ask me how i found this item either.. although i almost never lose golf tees and recycle them even after breaking them, i still don't see the need for such a posh item. but more importantly, it would scratch my dear driver or iron.. so here's a good example of excessiveness. price? go find out.. [equipbug]
18595389 Xl
some other useless T&Co items:
a tiny silver compass and a coin shaped silver bookmark (ok maybe the bookmark is not that bad, but still pretty useless)
14486089 Xl 14550844 Xl

LaCie drives

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

having used their hard drives for several years now, i feel that there is nothing more essential than to back up all my data. the convenience of LaCie firewire and USB drives are matched only by the nice aluminum looks. the drive turns on and off automatically and even comes with a software for back up. i have since switched to the BackUp by Apple, but the Silver Keeper from LaCie is decent. LaCie drives are pretty cheap externals and comes in portable form as well as desktop 1Terabyte forms. one that i have my eyes on is the LaCie Mini. since buying my Apple Mini, i've virtually used up all the hard disk space already. the LaCie mini fits 250GB perfectly into the Apple Mini form so that the unit maintains it's sleek looks. the stacking system allows air to flow and the firewire drive is daisy chainable so that you don't use up the port. at 179.99USD, it's not too shabby! [equipbug]
Also comes in 80GB and 160GB:
Hd Mini

Marmot tents

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I've owned a Marmot tent for several years and really love how spacious they are. i've been able to fit 3 people into my 2 man tent. the tall walls make use of the entire floor space very well. Marmot makes very high quality products and they also look great at the same time. i initially turned to Marmot because of the bright colors they offer. i prefer to have orange, yellowish tint when the sun shines instead of the darker blues and green. nature has enough of that all around. setting up the tent is also amazingly fast. i've been caught at a beach during a rain storm and got my tent up in a flash. it held against the winds and kept me dry till the next morning. the rain fly has windows and allows plenty of vestibule area. my tent is no longer sold, but they are continuing to make plenty of great things. one that caught my eye is the ultralight 2 person tent EOS 2P. at 3 pounds 14 oz, it is justifiably a 1 man tent if you need it to me. given the choice, i would always go for the lighter tents instead. It has over 25 square ft of floor space, 11 sq ft vestibule, and a single pole design. it can be pitched with just the rainfly (like most tents these days) for minimal weight on nicer days without mosquitoes. It has a mesh roof, perfect for star viewing and ventilation. Winter is coming up and perhaps this is a bit light for some journeys, but unless a true 4 season tent is needed, i would recommend a 3 season tent like this one for all year use. Listed at 259USD. looking forward to the next camp, even though i've barely recovered from the Trailwalker race. [equipbug]
without the Rainfly:
with the Rainfly:
photos courtesy of www.marmot.com

Fives 3.0

Oakley is out with a new Five. i've been a huge fan of the fives 2.0 and have 2 pairs myself. now with the totally redesigned form factor, i'll have to see if the fit is as classic as it used to be. in the Fives 2.0, the shape was rounder and more suitable for everyday wear as it was low key. but the new Fives are square, and far more sporty. it still looks nice, but perhaps less suitable for pairing with anything but sports wear. they come in the same O matter (or some call it plastic), and 6 different color combos, including polarized lenses. they are usually the most affordable Oakley sunnies, coming in at 70 to 135USD depending on the lens. [equipbug]

the Fives 3.0:
433C1E98Ac897.Png 0 0 0 433C1Ed14Fc3B.Png 0 0 0
433C1E59C9D5A.Png 0 0 0 433C1Dddec056.Png 0 0 0

the Fives 2.0: still available
42051Ef2C690C.Jpg 0 0 0 420517477Fc73.Jpg 0 0 0
photos courtesy of www.oakley.com