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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

Trailwalker Check 5.1: information support

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

When climbing up and down the mountains on the trailwalker race, it's always nice to know the temperature, your ascent and descent rate, how high you are, how fast your heart is beating and whether or not you need a pit stop. well, Polar's AXN 300 can do all of the above except for the last. basically, it's an all purpose water resistant watch that tracks all your vitals via a built in altimeter, barometer and external wireless heart rate monitor. strap on the chest piece and you're ready to read your ECG and heart rate. i've tested it out on in the wild and happy to say that most functions work as promised. the thermometer is accurate if you don't wear it on your wrist, the barometer can not be determined, and the altimeter is only off by about 15m after several hundred meters of climbing. perhaps it's the humid temperature that might throw the watch off, and other times the altimeter is very accurate. the heart rate monitor is great for the gym, when you want to reach a maximum rate. most machines have that built-in, but this takes it one step further to calculate your oxygen consumption and stores all the info to see if you've improved. there's also a self test of your predicted maximal oxygen intake determined by your vital stats as well as your heart activity during rest. the watch has other basic functions like, keeping time... stop watch, dual time zones, alarms, and ... the date! good job. i'm happy with this watch, especially the large yellow version which almost never matches any of my clothes. check it out at their homepage: www.polar.fi (they are from finland). the construction of the watch is decent and looks pretty rugged. there's an optional protector which i would recommend for anyone doing outdoor activities. with this watch, i'll know exactly when i'm about to have a heart attack on this Trailwalker race.. 2 days. [equipbug]
Polar Axn300 1B Polar Axn300 1Y
photos courtesy of www.heartratemonitor.co.uk

Trailwalker Check 6: Rain

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Trailwalker countdown: 2 days.
the weather forecast is still up in the air, but we anticipate hot and humid on the first day and rainy and wet the second. these are both terrible situations, luckily i have the Arcteryx bladder for the hot days and a Montbell storm umbrella for the rain. The Montbell foldable umbrella comes in many bright colors for high visibility in all weather conditions, but more importantly, it shelters me from rain or shine. it is a storm resistant umbrella despite the foldable construction. weighing in at 8.8oz, it can fit into any bag or sack. the 38.6 inch diameter is good for 1 person and the DWR treated ripstop material should last a long time. this amazing umbrella will cost you 45 USD though and at such a hefty price, perhaps a little rain never hurt. [equipbug]

Blog Reviewed: inhabitat

in view of my recent withdrawal syndromes from the hi-tech as well as the upcoming Oxfam Trailwalker (big thanks to those supporting or planning on supporting me), i've decided to find something more environmental. Inhabitat is a weblog i've found which is constantly updating with innovations in technologies that are related to design but at the same time ecological. they focus on interior design as well as architecture, which are two areas i love even more than gadgets. unlike the previous food and music weblog, the authors don't really create anything. no music writing, no dessert recipes. instead, they have a no nonsense site which is a mix of their own take on products and designs. the site is organized, with different categories as well as some "Features" like making your own terrarium. (in fact, the website is exactly how i would like to organize this one, but i'm just too busy to do anything about it). take a look, pretty interesting, a move away from the hand phones and cameras and updated frequently. [equipbug]
Link HERE: http://www.inhabitat.com/

photo of an interview with recycled-wood furniture makers, nice!

Hi Chew! (bless you)

well. i'm tired of electronics. time for some real equipment for life. like the Japanese candy Hi Chew. made by Morinaga, this candy is very chewy and unique. it has the flavors of regular soft candy, but the resistance to chewing makes it bland initially. once your saliva enzymes get to work, the full sweetness comes out. by which time you've been chewing for a few minutes already. i don't know if it's a choking hazard, but i really like their newest flavor: Passionfruit. check them out at their website: http://www.morinaga.co.jp/hi-chew/
otherwise, they may be difficult to find in regular grocery stores. oh well... [equipbug]

more slim samsungs

Samsung announce 5 new phones today. no need for me to mention them really, but i like that ugly phone in the middle. looks more like a calculator. anyway, the one on the far left the slimmest 3G phone. so it's a direct stab at motorola's V3i and CDMA RAZR with EVDO... but really, who cares. i'm quite tired of the V3. why would they come out with pink and baby blue now? trying to milk the cow to death? well, i suppose their newest phone, the iTunes phone, was such a disastrous bomb that they have to go back to their one and only "cool" product. oh wait, this entry is not about motorola and their terrible phone interface.. so samsung, out with more phones, more impressive, better cameras, cooler sliders, slimmer forms, what else is new? yawn... [equipbug]
click to see the phone these girls are holding:
1108 Slim View
or do you prefer this shot?
photos from gizmodo and babelfish

Obsession Sudoku

Monday, November 07, 2005

Sudoku is my newest craze. it's basically a simple logics puzzle, where you try and fill in the boxes with numbers from 1-9. the horizontal and vertical rows and columns must contain 1-9 without any repeats. moreover, the 3x3 grid boxes must also be ranging from 1-9 without repeats. the puzzle starts with some fixed digits and you try to solve the empty boxes. sounds simple? well, it is, but it can get tricky depending on the level. there are many free games online, and even a few Apple Widgets for the Dashboard. give it a try, i prefer the handwritten ones as i like to scribble and make notes. it's the latest obsession in japan (where it originates), and has spread through out the world now. get in the puzzle! Sudoku, beware it's highly addictive. [equipbug]
an example of a completed puzzle:
Home Puzzsolved