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absolut T9

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Seems like the slim cameras won't stop coming. with Sony at the helm, the compact cameras get slimmer and better. the most recent update to the T series is T9. this one has the same periscopic design with the 3x optical zoom and sliding cover to protect the lens. basic features include a 6MP resolution, video with audio etc etc, anti shake, many preset modes for all situations, and everything you want in a consumer camera. basically, Sony makes good looking cameras that take nice photos. i have heard from Equipball that the lash on these are not that good, but perhaps with the 9th design, Sony has overcome this problem? on top of that, this camera can do RAW formats as well. with Apple's new "exposure", perhaps most enthusiasts are moving to the RAW format. the T9 comes in both silver and black. is it the nano influence? who knows.. is it a co-incidence that the Sony PSP came out with a "iPod" white version? who knows... anyway, there are no complaints about this camera except for the lack of a viewfinder. [equipbug]
Ft01 01Img 01 Main Visual Feat2
Sony also offers a host of accessories like the soft case, underwater/sports case,
Ft02 Clm03 Img 03
photos www.sony.jp

hands free nano?

macally is a company i've come to associate with mice and keyboards, but mostly just mice. suddenly, i find that they have expanded into many other peripherals, including a funky headphone for the Shuffle and Nano. both based on the same concept of sticking the entire pod into over-the-ears styled headphones. basically, the iPod can be "docked" into these phones, turning it into a cordless MP3 Headset. all the power is drained directly from the iPod like regular headphones, and there is a 3.5mm jack for other peripherals. the phones are collapsible but since it's not available yet, the sound quality will have to assessed later. controls to the iPod are accessible and you can look super dorky walking around with these retro buds. [equipbug]

the Nano version comes in black and white:
Mtunen 000
notice the small Shuffle sticking out:
Mtune 000

nano cases series..

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

OK, as i mentioned before, there are too many cases to talk about. i'll just pick out a few and mention them here.
Pacific Design makes a nice "flip" case. 4 colors, cost you 29.99 USD, and it's not leather.
Pd Ipdnano Grp 500
Aluminum protectors with a screen cover by Core Cases, 6 colors, cost you 19.99, it's aluminum (duh) Check them out HERE:

Another a.b. sutton case. the nano boook. costing 70-90 USD. looks great, leather, and again, tons of color choices, silk lining, hand made etc etc.
Nb Buckle Nb Lining Nb Open

Vaja cases also makes nice leather folding and slip cases. costs less, hand made in Italy instead of New York: 34USD for the slip cases and 40USD for the folding. fewer colors and options, but still looks great. i would wait for the "i-volution" which is coming soon. the photos (unavailable) look amazing.

Main Main
Detail 01 Detail 01

i suppose that's enough for now... and a while. [equipbug]

nano case 07

now that the nano has been out for sometime, cases are everywhere. the news that it scratches easily is no longer news... so how do you choose from this sudden wealth of cases? first of all, don't get the silicone slip ons, they looks stupid, period. want something stylish? a.b. sutton makes some really nice, customized cases. you can choose the colors, the thread color, monogram and even the fonts. it will cost you anywhere from 50 to 85 dollars, depending if you want that silk lining etc. there are 30 or so colors to choose from and you're bound to find something you like. so for a price, nano cases CAN look good. [equipbug]

the back, front, silk lining and in a different color: [click to enlarge]
Ns Back Ns Front
Ns Lining Ns Wood