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gnarly duuuuude!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sector Nine is out with many new boards. new designs, new patterns, what not. my favorite piece is the Pintail Concave called the Tree Hugger. the design is totally different from the waves featured in most other Secotr9 boards. although i prefer wave graphics, it's nice to see a change. the Pintail is 40 inches, uses Gullwing Mission trucks and on 65mm Nineball wheels. if it's anything like the OG pintail, the this is one awesome ride. i suppose the board is concave (hence the name), while the original is flat. this should help the large board turn harder and be more versatile. my OG pintail is great for cruise missions, but it's slow on the turns. this seems to be the ultimate compromise. [equipbug]
G2 500

it's another D Snap!

800 600 Dsa
yeah, so Apple's Nano has been making musical headlines lately. even the newer, badder iPod V can not knock it off it's pedestal. I think the main reason is because people don't always need 10,000 songs nor video. more importantly, the flash based Nano is faster and skip free. making it perfect for exercise and everyday use. well, enough with the nano, it's good but there are other options (maybe). Panasonic's new D Snaps are flash based, using the standard SD cards to store music. the SV SD 750V and SD700 are both very good alternatives. it supposedly has better trebles when playing MP3s and AAC's. it can handle WMA's as well, but Nano can do that and more. anyway, to cut things short, the D Snap looks good, is a flash player, has a screen that becomes a mirror when turned off, only 9.9mm thin, comes with high quality head phones, built in radio and has a mega battery play back (up to 45 hours). check it out. [equipbug]

click to enlarge:
Sdap Top Img
Sou Img06 Des Color01
Top Img Per

new iPod, new iPod ads

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

the dancing black silhouettes on colored backgrounds are synonymous for Apple's iPods. the ads are simple, attractive, and represent Apple's design concept very well. several bands became famous because of these ads, such as JET (from australia) and Black Eyed Peas. i don't think they are particularly good bands, and so the popular ads helped put out their music to the public. i ended up buying both albums...
now with the new iPod V, Apple has come up with an update on the ads as well. more graphic and dynamic but still retains the black silhouette on color. check it out HERE: it features Eminem [equipbug]
photos courtesy of www.apple.com

Trailwalker Check 4.2: runners to boot

i think my arsenal of shoes is complete now. the Keens sandals, casual runners, and my new Salomon trail runners. i'm not too enthusiastic about the Columbia hikers and will not be using them as they cause too much pain. unfortunately, my feet are wider than the average and many shoes compress right at the ball of the foot. the new Salomons i got have the same problem and i did not think to get the wider versions.
nevertheless, these trail runners are superbly designed and i have no real complaints. the inner soles mold to my feet and provide great arch support. the ankle is protected the stiff carbon bottoms prevent twisting. the best feature are the quick laces caled "sensifit". the laces can be pulled tight and locked into place by simply pulling on the thin cord and locking it in place with the adjustable "quick fit" slider. the soles grip well but also flex enough for comfortable hiking. the eyelets are also smooth and the whole shoe wraps around my foot.
the lacing system is especially useful in the trailwalk because it would be easy to remove the shoes during our short breaks for a quick massage. last weekend's training was especially harsh and despite having major foot pain, these shoes carried me through much more distance than any other ones i've tried so far. now if i can only make them wider... [equipbug]
my XA Pro 3D: soft top.
873165 873166

Gor Tex versions: less breathable, but more weather resistant
417883 417995
photos courtesy of www.salomonoutdoor.com

Exilim gets extra slim

Monday, October 24, 2005

Casio were the first to make the slim digital cameras which are now made even more stylish by Sony. today, Casio announced the Exilim EX S600. the new digital camera has 6.0MP, 3x optical zoom, and a 2.2 inch screen. other than that, it has anti shake, long battery life (300 shots per charge), MPEG 4 VGA video at 30fps, and a docking cradle that can connect to the TV display. it's a great looking camera and despite all competition Casio has these day, they are still putting out stylish and practical cameras. best of all, the camera comes in 4 colors, including orange. with everything "standard" these days, it's difficult to choose between cameras. the best way is to try out the camera or read about reviews published on websites. most cameras are capable of delivering top notch photos but i'm not sure if 6MP is necessary on such a compact camera, just might waste hard drive space. [equipbug]
go for the EX S500 for the same looks but smaller file size and cheaper deal.
Other Img24
photos courtesy of dc.casio.jp

Nano Case 06

Lots of iPod Nano cases have been reviewed previously.
Recently I have come across some new cases for this slim and nice music player.
I am not too sure where these cases could be bought officially, but they are on sale in the local Yahoo auction site.
For those who are looking for trendy and good looking cases, here are some more choices! [Equipball]

Mokche2000-Img168X400-1129536349Sel Microglove Lavender-2 Mokche2000-Img168X400-1129536340Sel Microglove Blue-2 Untitleda
Photos Courtesy of hk.auctions.yahoo.com/hk

Trailwalker Check 5: Support

Trailwalker is all about team work. we have a core team of 4 hikers, but without the help of the support team, there would be no way of completing the strenuous hike. they support the team with food and water, and first aid, but most importantly they provide spiritual support which might be the only thing helping the team complete the race.
currently, my support during these months of training come in the form of a stick. the official Oxfam Trailwalker hiking stick is a standard collapsable hiking stick with a nice shock absorber. i prefer the "ski pole" grip as opposed to the T shaped handle. i find that i can get a lot more power from this. more importantly, i would not be able to climb thousands of meters up and down without the help of these sturdy sticks. besides, the profit goes to charity and the green looks pretty good. support Charity! PEACE. [equipbug]
costs only 150 HKD

Tiger misses cut!

Well, it's his 3rd missed cut in his 10 year career... not bad. being an all out Tiger Woods fan, i lost immediate interest in the Funai Classic this weekend, but then again i was training for the trailwalker and don't really have too many chances to follow golf.
i do know that Tiger used a brand new NIKE driver called the SasQuatch 460. interesting name. it looks flatter and sleeker than the usual Titliest classic shapes. my favorite thing about it is the yellow patches on the sole. whether this driver works or not, it definitely looks good. especially when you're comparing it to the NIKE Ignite, that things hideous. is it a co-incidence that the world's #1 golfer missed cut for the 3rd time in his professional life when he used the SasQuatch? who knows. so another lesson on golf, looks aren't everything, and perhaps it's the plain and simple ones that work out. [equipbug]

comes in regular and Tour versions, both 460CC. costs 299USD.
Nk750 Alt1 Nk750 Alt2
Nk750 Alt3 Nk750

The TOUR: taller face, more boring trajectory and increased workability (less forgiving)