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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

iTrippin' on the nano

Friday, October 21, 2005

Home Feature Itripnano
Griffin became popular with the iTrip for iPods. they made it for the 3G, the mini and now the Nano. i've used my iTrip on all my drives up until my iPod gave out. it's very easy to use and turns your iPod into a portable DJ box. basically, i could use any radio frequency that is not occupied by a show and broadcast my iPod signal into those speakers. it works at home, office, and of course in a car. with such terrible radio stations in Hong Kong, i live off the iTrip... unfortunately, the terrible radio stations span a wide frequency range as well... so for those living in a large city where most frequencies are occupied, then it may be difficult to find an open spot for your iTrip. anyway, the new iTrip for Nano appears to integrate the nano's screen into the tuning, and there's a built-in quick search button on this iTrip. previously, all tunings were done on the iPod and not the iTrip. as usual, the battery is drained via the iPod, but external power can be connected through a USB source. the sleek design on the Nano is not compromised by this iTrip because it molds around the whole Nano. if the price was not so steep, i'd pre order one today... (49.00 USD) [equipbug]
Prod Itripnano Main Prod Itripnano Line
photos courtesy of www.griffintechnology.com

Ubiquitous Evolution? what?

The latest in the Winning Eleven series is the Ubiquitous Evolution from Konami. i must say that i've been out of the video games loop for a while, especially in terms of soccer games. Halo is the only game i really got into ever since college. but with my new PSP, i have been gaming a bit more on the go. thanks for Equipball, i was able to try out the Winning Eleven game for the first time ever. i've watched people play this game and wondered why it's so addictive. well, after a few weeks, i know the answer. with fast action and amazing graphics, the whole game of soccer is brought to the PSP. all the characters you see in real clubs and teams are represented with meticulous detail in looks as well as in body movements. the cut scenes of fouls, yellow and red cards, near misses, and goals are always fun to watch. this game is so real that sometimes you forget you're not watching TV. well, i'm not an expert at these sort of games, so i should not try to pretend i know... but in any case, i finally returned the game to Equipball otherwise i might turn into a vegetable and play all day. unfortunately, he lent me another soccer game "FIFA". so... we'll see what happens! thanks Equipball! [equipbug]

what a wacky name... the 9th version of this super popular game. check it out HERE:
1 3
7 5
photos www.playstation.jp

think in pink

Thursday, October 20, 2005

the Motorola V3 has been very popular. i've known people who lose theirs and still purchase the same phone again. sure, the new V3 is coming out soon, and the 3G version has also been announced, but the classic V3 is still popular as ever. in Canada, they will be coming out with a HOT PINK version of it.
in collaboration with "rethink", part of the sales earnings of this limited edition phone will go to breast cancer charities. i think it's a pretty nice gesture, and with the yellow "Live Strong" bands becoming less popular this may be the next techno nerd hip thing (for girls). but with only 5000 made, i doubt that many people will get a hold of one.
good luck. [equipbug]
Razr 06 Motorola V3Pink 350X480

New Apple Powers

Cp Top Powerbook Con1 051019
announced a Quad chip Powermac. that's 4 chips, or two duals! wow.. it has a lot of memory, a lot of disk space, a lot of power, a lot of speed, a lot of everything, including the price. oh well, if you really need a super computer for your home, the Powermac is it. many professional use them for videos, photos audio etc..
Dualcoretop20051018 Indextop20051018
for those on the go, Apple also released updated 15 and 17 inch Powerbooks. i have a 12 inch, but sadly it was not upgraded... at all. the price didn't even go down damn it. the new pBooks have screens with higher resolution which means it can handle much more if you squint. but seriously, i think that Apple make superior screens than any other computer maker out there. otherwise, there's not too much in these upgrades. nevertheless, it's a power upgrade that many have been anticipating. [equipbug]

Index08Top20050920 Wirelesstop20050920

more pictures:
Ports17O20050920 Powerbook15Top20050920
Designside20051019 Over-05 Designbkfrt20051019Firew-04

Trailwalker Check 4.1: Sandals to boot

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Walking over 100km at one time is no small feat! and the most important thing is to keep your feet healthy. there are sections where boots will be necessary and others where shoes will do the job. but there are also places where sandals seem most practical. the long tread through slightly rough terrain.
Home Logo

I've mentioned about these Keens before. they are the ultimate hybrids ever. bought them last year and traveled the world over with these. atop Mt. Fuji, at the beaches in australia, the volcanoes of Hawaii, the streets of hong kong, and now the trails of Maclehose. i even wore them on tough climbs, and sure i slipped and twisted my ankle a few times... but that was due to poor lighting and judgement. the large platform and snug fit is actually very stable and safe of hikes. the protective toe covering is absolutely brilliant as i would have shredded my toes on volcanic glass in the caves of Hawaii or the rocks on the trailwalker. i highly recommend them and i'll definitely be using mine on some sections of the hike. [equipbug]
Keen seems to know they have a great product at hand and made several variations now.

Like these Trek boots:
Cortina 5307 Pprk 445 Cortina 1307 Brwn 445
or these City shoes:
Bronx 5304 Tfzz 445 Bronx 1304 Bspc 445
to these updated sandals:
Mboulder 1202 Bknv 445
check them out at www.keenfootwear.com

DVD reviewed: Frank Miller's SinCity

Two Thumbs Up movie. i'm glad i own the DVD since i'll probably watch it a few more times. this is a movie which must be seen on a large screen, otherwise it would not be nearly as impressive. i think this film noir will not appeal to all audiences as there is a lot of violence and narratives, which are both key points to comics. this movie, based on comics by Frank Miller, does a great job of making those characters come to life. put in a decent story, a wacky cast and some super visual effects and you've got a good movie. notice i didn't say "special effects" because the type of computer generated images were skyline and cityscapes, not creatures and lasers. i liked how the movie revolved around several characters of sin city but still connected in several places. it's like watching several short stories put together on screen. it's one of the better DVD's i've bought lately and i would recommend it to those who like movies that are a bit violent and surreal. (don't worry, it's nothing like kill bill, even though quentin tarantino was s guest director) [equipbug]

Landing Nancyr

DVD extras are interesting and the cast (jessica alba) is great to look at. Frank Miller says a few words and quentin tarantino talks about his direction. nothing too big, so it's best to rent this movie.

Trailers HERE

Trailwalker Check 4: shoes to boot

on my tougher climbs in the Trailwalker route, a tough boot may become necessary. i have a pair of Columbia hikers which i've worn for several years now. for some reason, it still hasn't completely worn in yet. perhaps it's due to the lack of usage and my laziness, but i've worn it over many kilometers, yet it still gives me foot pain. my feet are probably wider than normal and the toes get a bit cramped. the laces also bite into my feet a bit. on the happier side of things, the grip is great. the omni-grip, allows me to race through boulders and sandy trails without much problems. the triangular grip wears off very easily and the whole chunk might actually tear out. but there are many of these "cleat-like" spikes so there's no worries. i wouldn't really recommend Columbia hikers. they are generic and best for casual or outdoor wanna-be's, like me. it will get soaked in the rain and takes ages to dry (as i found recently), and the laces lock which makes the shoes very tight but perhaps that's the intention. i found the lace pressure uneven, especially on descent. otherwise, these are pretty good in value and do the job for most casual hikes. it's definitely not a "performance" piece, as it's heavy and slightly uncomfortable with little padding below. [equipbug]

Pool Skating

I just watched "Lords of Dogtown" this weekend and found the movie less exciting than i hoped. the story of the rise and fall of the legendary Zhephyr skate team in the 70's and 80's. the story was rushed and the characters never got their full deserved attention. meanwhile, the skating was disappointing. most of the excitement i looked forward to was shown in the trailer. i was hoping for some crazy skating, not crazy guys. oh well, i just had to watch it, didn't i?

there was a lot of skating in the drained backyard pools because the Z boys rose in na time of draught. Gravity skateboard makes a perfect board to tell this story of pool skating in times of draught. the 36" Pool Model is the ultimate pool board with a nice concave and tight nose for the hard turns and trannies in a pool ride. i don't think i'll ever have the chance to do some of that craziness, but it sure looks fun (and dangerous). Trucks, Tracker B2 149mm, 3/8" risers, 62mm wheels on a 7Ply hardwook maple board. nice beer graphic on the bottom and balanced for riding on both ends. "ride it like a wave!" [equipbug] 130USD
photo courtesy of www.gravityboards.com

Look good Biking

Monday, October 17, 2005

bicycles are one of the most aesthetically good looking things. almost any bike looks good, especially ones that are functional and plain. the classic city bikes with no gear are great. the movement of bikes are equally pleasing. last week, i was in Siem Reap, Cambodia with a buddy and we decided to take a tour of the ancient ruins on bike. we rented a double suspension mountain bike for 2 USD and headed off to a crazy tour of the area. of course we had to stay on trail or roads due to the presence of land mines, but the trip revived my love of cruising on a bike. as a child, biking was a means to get around or to race other kids. then it became the perfect trail and forest exploring machine. but these days, i find myself going to the stationary bikes and staring into a window at the city outside. no longer! if i'm not skateboarding on the bike paths, i should be biking on them!
on my trips to Japan, i found out about the brand LG (Louis Garneau). it sounds french? well, it is. but the bikes that i like are sold in japan. LG sells biking clothing and equipment outside of japan though. the bikes are simple, usually solid in color, and now the colors can be personalized. LG is not famous for making the best bikes that people ride in the Tour de France or down any races. but their bikes truly look good. expensive, but it's the price you pay for design. i ran into another friend who recently bought an LG. the "EVIL" or MV IL. it's a rusty orange, city bike with two set of auto lamp mounted on the front rack. the components are Shimano & speeds and nothing fancy. in fact, it's the lowest on the ladder of LG's "small wheel" series. nevertheless, i think this bike is perfect for city dwellers who don't venture far into the woods or streets. the seat is gel padded and very comfortable, which i truly appreciate after my trip in Cambodia. it has mud guards, front and back, and basically a perfect city bike.
you can check out LG's website for more cool bikes HERE (the site is entirely in Japanese): [equipbug]
photo www.ozaki-cycle.com

Two New Palms

a friend of mine recently cracked the screen on his Palm. luckily, there are far more choices for PDA's these days. i actually think all the Window's based PDA's are nicer looking and more functional than the Palm OS, except for the TREO. but this week, PALM released two handhelds that might change my mind. the TX and the Z22.
Photo Z22 Specs
The white Z22 is a lower end model which comes with all the basics, included in the OS 5.4 (Garnet) and built in 32MB for your organizer, photos etc. what's the deal? for this barebones PDA, the price is it's main attraction. the 160x160 screen, 200 Mhz PDA goes for only $99 USD.
Photo Z22 Drilldown

The black TX triples the price at $299, but you get a 320x480 screen, 312 Mhz chip and the same Garnet OS. on top of the basic specs, the TX can also play music, videos, photos, uses Bluetooth, has Wi Fi, and an expansion slot if the built in 128MB is not sufficient. with the mobility on-the-go function, you can expect the TX to check mail and surf the web as well as instant messaging. the longer screen on the TX can be rotated for viewing videos etc.
Photo Tx Specs
Screen Bbd Tx Blazer Photo Tx Drilldown H
Screen Bbd Tx Multimedia Photo Tx Drilldown
i think the TX is a great PDA for the price and with the stability as well as the gigantic choice of software from Palm OS, the Palm brand is not quite dead yet. hopefully they can hold out a bit longer before microsoft's world domination. [equipbug]
photos www.palm.com