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Reviewed: Sunscreen

Tuesday, October 04, 2005
It might be a wrong time to give this review as summer has already ended. I just finish using them and be able to make my own review. Well, it might be useful for next year or for people in the tropical countries where sunscreens are always needed. I won't go into details about the protection property because most of sunscreens in the market are qualified to protect both UVA and UVB.


I'm always looking for a non-greasy and non-sticky facial sunscreen which don't give a 'ghostlike' appearance since my face is oily. Now, I have found two best sunscreen for me. The first one is IPSA Protector Supertrans Sunblock SPF43, with milky texture and not sticky. Although when I was in Thailand where the temperature is very very hot, my face became greasy only in the evening, and less greasy than using with other sunscreens. So if I don't have too many activities during the day, this IPSA can keep my face quite matt. Besides, the sunshine is so strong in Thailand and I always get tanned easily. But I felt my face looked whiter after using it for few months, which I have to change my pressed powder to lighter color. However, good products always come with high price. It costs 2,940 yen (40 ml).

www.shiseido.co.jp/anessa (photo from www.rakuten.co.jp)

The other one is Shiseido Anessa Perfect Smooth Sunscreen SPF50. The texture is similar to Ipsa's but the price is a bit cheaper, 60 ml for 3,150 yen. I haven't tried it in Thailand yet. But only using during summer (25-30 C) in Sapporo, Japan, my face was not greasy at all! I also plan to keep using Anessa if I can't find a better one. The one I used comes with gray cap which is for daily use. The golden-capped bottle is good for outdoor sports but you need a very potential makeup remover to cleanse off. The Anessa's gray-capped bottle and Ipsa's can be removed with any makeup remover.


Those two are good for facial use but not the body because they're quite pricey. I have another one for body protection, Face of Australia Sun SPF 30. It can be absorbed to the skin very well. I tried using on my face, but after few hours, my face was very greasy. So I applied only to the body. Well, although it's water-resistant, but I'm not sure if it's good for long duration of outdoor activities. Anyway, the price is quite cheap. It's about 6 australia$ for 100 ml. However, it might be difficult to find outside Australia.


There are another two I used before but was not so impressed. The first one is Fasio Super UV Screen SPF50, 50 ml 1260 yen. It's also milky and absorbed to skin well but a bit sticky comparing to Ipsa's or Anessa's. After applying, my face looked a bit (just a bit) unnatural whiter and became a bit greasy in the evening when I was in Thailand. So it's not too bad with the reasonable price.

www.laroche-posay.com (photo from www.kosmetix.ch)

Another one is La Roche-posay Anthelios SPF60. Very sticky, ghost-like and greasy after few hours. Well, if compare with Banana Boat's, this one is much better. I also heard it's good for sensitive skin and sometimes prescribed in dermatologist clinic.


can N1 guess what Sony's got up their sleeve?

Sony released a new camera called the N1. what's unique is not the fact that it has a huge 3 inch screen, nor the lack f a viewfinder... it's the fact that the large screen is a touch control which opens up many interesting options. the controls are digitized but more importantly the photos can be edited right in the camera. the N1 comes with a little "Paint" function for you to edit photos a la Purikura (sticker pictures). the large screen is also functional in displaying your collection of photos which can be stored in the camera's internal memory of 26MB as VGA sizes. So you can have hundreds of photos in your portable album to share. sounds pretty interesting, and with the usual camera functions like 3x optical zoom, 8.1 MP, memory stick Duo pro, Sony just might have another winner for the point and shoot crowd. they say that the batteries can allow up to 270 images, but with such a big screen i wonder if even Sony's magical batteries can last that long. going for 500USD, pre orders have started in the US [equipbug]
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Trailwalker Check 3.1: bright ideas

Sunday, October 02, 2005

X5-Face Big
Having finally trained in the darkness, i've finally put the 5 LED Inova X5 to the test. previously, i've owned it for several years but never used it more than to light up a tent or a room. this time, i had the opportunity to use it over several hours in the dark, through rough terrain. in fact, we came upon a large herd of wild cows and who started to stampede. walking in the tail end, i was completely cut off from the rest of the group who had passed the herd without seeing them and startled the resting cows. these are not regular cows as we know it... they have very large horns and when they ran, the ground shook. i was totally freaked out as i was exhausted from the hike and if they decided to take me out there would be little i could do. i had my X5 and shone the light on them to let them know where i was. i hoped to God that they would not target me. the dust was raised and the ground shook for a good minute while 15 - 20 huge animals stampeded past me. this is about as close to losing my life to wild animals as i remember and it's exciting enough. i realized how fragile a human is, without weapons. well, my only weapon was my light. and it's a very bright light (120 feet). the 5 LEDs cast a strong diffuse light over the trail and worked a lot better than if it was spot light. after several hours of use, the light was warm, but never hot. so far, i've had it for 3 years and taken it all around the world, but i've never had to replace the batteries yet. should last up to 20 hours. it is the first flashlight the company made, and they have since come out with brighter ideas. i'm quite happy with the X5 and having a diffuse light means it's a lot more practical for home / base camp use. the titanium look of the brush metal is strong, scratch resistant and comfortable to hold. it's also durable (up to 2000 lbs) and functional. the knurled switch on the back allows for constant on, momentary on for signaling (up to 2 miles), and of course constant off. check them out, just might save your life. [equipbug]

comes in titanium or black. the light comes in white, red, green, blue and UV:
X5-Titan-Wh X5-Black-Wh X5-Titan-Blu
X5-Titan-Grn X5-Titan-Red X5-Titan-Uv

new Leica sCam

Sometimes it's all in the brand. People are willing to pay a lot more for the looks and brand rather than the performance and quality. i must admit i fall into that category, sometimes... but in this case, i find it rather ridiculous for Panasonic to redesign their cameras and call them Leica. Leica just announced the D-LUX 2. It is nearly identical to the Panasonic LX1. in fact, i can not spot the difference besides cosmetic and price. it has the same 8 mega pixel CCD that can take 16:9 ratio photos. otherwise, it has the standard 4x optical zoom, built in stabilization, 848x480 movie clips @ 30fps, over 10 scene modes, shutter speeds up to 1/2000 sec, 2.4" LCD screen, and USB 2.0 connector. no viewfinder! it has not viewfinder? why? well, can anyone tell me the difference between this camera and the panasonic? sure, it looks a lot better, but you also pay a lot more. (i'm sure) [equipibug]

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