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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

I Cleaner

Saturday, September 24, 2005

After reading equipbug's article on the icleaner, it has inspired me to use something else to smooth out my very very scratched black nano. SHOE POLISH! I ordered the invisible shields for my nano yesterday and they should arrive sometime next week. But meanwhile, I have bought these crude plastic films that sticks onto the front and the back of the nano (much like the ones they use for LCD displays on cameras etc.). These plastic films are acceptable but the back ones are slightly smaller than I would have hoped for. And in order to smooth out the damage done so far to the surface, I used a tube of shoe polish (contains mink oil apparently) to clean the front and the back, and to my surprise, most minor scratches have disappeared, and it stopped it from being so statically charged that dust sticks right back on, so I can stick the plastic film on cleanly! [equipnote]


DIY with iCleaner

Friday, September 23, 2005

Main 01
you've heard it a hundred times by now. the nano gets scratched, easily. in fact, all iPods do.. so do the iBooks. well, sometimes art has it's downfall. luckily, there's a magic solution called iCleaner. i bought it a while back for my iBook and old iPod. after using it for several years, scratches build up and the loses its luster. the iCleaner removes scratches and puts the shine back in. it comes in several options, with polisher and scratch remover, and special cleaning cloths etc. but i went with the basic scratch remover, since i wasn't sure whether this works or not.
to my surprise, it did remove "most" of the scratches. the basic scratch remover can not do the deeper scratches especially on the metallic back of the iPod, but it works wonders with the plastic surface. the solution is brownish and leaves a strong metallic odor, but once it dries and wiped off, there's no residue left behind. you can opt to buy the "super cloth" made for cleaning the pods, but i'm not sure if that's necessary. i can say that this iCleaner solution truly works, and removes all minor scuffs. it's not really magic, as many of the deeper marks are still visible, but they say that the Ultra Pro kit can do a lot more. be sure to follow the instructions though, as the solutions are pretty powerful stuff.
35.00 USD for the pro kit, 14.95 for the basic. check them out HERE: [equipbug]
Nanoindex Icleaner Ultra Pro Large

nano cases 5: the original

The first original accessory from Apple for the nano is out. the armbands come in 5 colors and are made of a soft foamy material which supposedly sticks on even after a long sweaty workout. the screen sticks above the band which makes it visible, but also exposed to the elements. it probably won't be a good idea for using in the rain, but otherwise the pod should be fine. this is probably the most stylish way of using your nano at the gym, as it's posted on your arm for all to see. i still prefer the shuffle for any sort of activity because it is tougher and i don't need 1000 songs for a workout. i'd rather keep it safe, and "less" scratch-free. but i'm sure these over priced armbands will be pretty popular. (29USD) [equipbug]

collect all five colors! (bag)
Accessoryarmpink20050907 Accessoryarmgreen20050907 Accessoryarmred20050907 Accessoryarmblue20050907 Accessoryarmgrey20050907

P.S. just out of curiosity, why would anyone make such a cool lanyard headphone with such crappy headphone?? do you expect to sell these Apple? for 39.00 USD?
Lm Ma093Ga Lifestyle
photos courtesy of www.apple.com

Nano Ad (unofficial) [updated]

Thursday, September 22, 2005
Check out this Nano ad! I advise you to check out the official one from the apple site first (HERE). This is brilliant! [equipnote]
[it is a spoof on the nano ad with the Mac Classic II]
Click Here to see movie!

nano case 4: shields up

The invisible shield just MIGHT be the answer. it's invisible, so that your nano CAN look naked. it's not one of those "you only see it if you're smart" cases. this is protector from InvisibleShield is super tough and scratch resistant. how does it look? you can see for yourself, but i still think that it might change the beauty of the nano. then again, a scratched up black nano may look just as bad. the word is out that black is more popular than the white... perhaps it's the dark side in all of us, but the black is also the one which would blemish easiest. (as i predicted on release) [equipbug]

Check out the video HERE. they rip up the iPod with a key.
cost: 19.95 USD
Nano Front Covered Med Nano Back Covered Med
photos from www.theinvisibleshield.com

september ear candy

Wednesday, September 21, 2005
music is sex for your ears...

here are some songs (a little bit of everything) that you might want to add onto your playlists this month:

james blunt - you're beautiful
black eyed peas -
my humps
craig david -
my love don't stop, thief in the night, one last dance
marcos hernandez -
if you were mine
kaskade -
everything (big room remix)
nada surf -
if you leave (omd cover)
daniel powter -
bad day
kanye west -
hey mama
rachael yamagata -
worn me down
gavin de graw
- follow through
natasha beddingfield
- these words
green day -
wake me up when september ends


V600 for Vodaphone

The small 3G, K600 by Sony Ericsson, has been released a while now and the K608i exclusive for Three also released and reviewed by us. SE has recently announced the V600, which is exactly the same as the K600, but it's exclusive for Vodaphone. at first glance, it may look entirely different because it's black and the buttons are more bulging. on closer examination, you'll find that it's actually the exact same phone. the back looks quite nice, with a sliding cover instead of the dust eating spin style the K600 and K608i share. the cool Vodaphone logo on the back is a lot nicer than the stupid "3" on the k608i faceplate. this is a nice looking alternative to the 3.com exclusive, so for those looking to buy... you may want to wait. [equipbug]
photos courtesy of www.clubsonyericsson.com

Trailwalker Check 1.1: more liquid

Checked out the North Face aqua packs, Thresher 4, as well. can't say they are worth the price. i don't see anything spectacular and the extra cost for the brand is just not worth it. Has a 70oz. Bladder with a Nalgene system. there's a front stash pocket, bungie loop, and reflective tags for night visibility. there is a separate pocket for storing smaller items and a mesh strap system. i like the mesh, which should keep me cool through out the entire race, but the construction has a lot of loose straps dangling. i like the design and color, but i would prefer if it was more streamline. otherwise, this is a very well Chinese made pack for 50 USD. [equipbug]
3 colors, and they have orange of course:
Apj9-80X Mag
photo courtesy of www.thenorthface.com

A taste of the Dark Side

The wise yoda once told us that fear leads the path into the dark side. If you want a taste of the dark side, get the black nano instead of the white one. Then you'll always be in fear that it'll get scratched! I have had mine for a week now, and I have never imagined how badly and obviously scratched the front can get when used without any protection. It even got scratched when I lightly dusted it with a piece of camera lens cloth! So, please explain to me why Apple decided to use this material for the front. I can't actually tell what it is made out of.....

As I have told Equipbug that the nano must be used naked, and I don't regret saying that at all, since it should be a piece of equipment to show off. I think the only thing I regret now is getting mine at such an early date when none of the third parties has brought out the covers for it yet..... [equipnote]


writing Ambition

Faber-Castell's writing instruments are clean and functional. they are famous for their wooden pencils, but recently their entire line of pens have caught my eyes. the Ambition, is modern and simple, perfect for everyday use. sometimes the flashy mont blanc pens are a bit much for most of us. the Ambition series have a fountain pen sized M, roller ball pen, ball point pen and a mechanical pencil sized 0.7mm. the nice chrome with the synthetic material is very tempting and i saw them for sale from 45 to 50 USD. [equipbug]
check out more information HERE:
photo courtesy of www.worldlux.com

Blog Review: Music First

Unlike the last Blog reviewed, this has nothing to do with food. in fact, it has to do with my 2nd love, music. This blog is put out by a fellow Equipian living in Hong Kong and his music production. he composes, sings and plays all his own music and has it up online for free in his blog. He also has MP3 cellphone ring tones free for downloading. Interesting, i think this kid got talent, good luck equipnote! [fellow equipians]
Link HERE:

FS1 High Definition phones

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

i've been tired of my Apple iPod buds for a long time.. i hate the plastic feeling and sound that comes out of them. it also hurts after a few hours of wearing those hard ear pieces, so i've decided to pay up and go for the Apple in-ear phones. they are a lot better, sure. don't have to turn up the volume as high and the sound is richer, good. but it really isn't as good as CNET.com made it sound. i don't really mind now, since i've paid 35 bucks for them, i'll keep using it. but in the Apple expo, Xtreme Mac announced a new set of in ear phones to challenge the all mighty SHURE phones. the FS1 high definition headphones are made in conjunction with Future Sonics, using professional technology in live music concerts. "While other earphones use armature-type drivers—the same kind found in hearing aids—the FS.1 earphones utilize proprietary drivers and technologies recently developed by Future Sonics." and at 14995 USD, it might be a bargain compared to some of the much much much more expensive in ear phones from SHURE. [equipbug]
Fs1 Main

small wonders, the Shuffle keeps on blasting

PodGear makes one of the smallest and coolest speakers for the iPod shuffle. the shuffle is virtually integrated into the speakers, turning it into a small ghetto blaster. you can even pocket the system and play it on the go. runs on a single AA battery for 10 hours of music. the controls are via the shuffle itself and costs you 40 USD. so if there are people using the shuffle, say at a hospital ward or in the car, or at the operating theater, this may be the small wonder you've been looking for. [equipbug]

Numark's New Mark.

Numark is known for making DJ equipment, like turntables. Now, it has made another DJ product, but this time using iPods. the iDJ connects 2 iPods with the dock connector and mixes music between the two just like records, CDs or other digital music. there's a cross fader, USB connection, Microphone recording and the usual EQ tunings. the iDJ looks very interesting and it's a nice "spin" on the old. then again, can it scratch like a traditional record? who knows, there's an integrated "touch wheel" to control the itPods, but there's nothing like shuffling a real vinyl. [equipbug]
Idj Large