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Some call it "Pier Pressure"

Friday, September 16, 2005

Perhaps it's the Pier Graphics on the newest Gravity board, but photo taken beneath a rolling wave of the pier is truly beautiful. just imagine rolling under that wave towards the pier, very little feels better. perhaps the 43" Carve comes close, with carving and cruising in mind. the 43 flexes well with the 7Ply Hardwood Maple and riding on angled risers, it would be perfect with the Randalls trucks. there are two options, either the Randalls or Trackers, while i personally find the Randalls much more fun to cruise and bomb hills with. the wheels are 66mm Gravity and small cut aways for the front wheels, but otherwise quite tight. the board has a nice kick tail and can be ridden from either direction so that it truly is an all round board. [equipbug]

photo courtesy of www.gravityboard.com

G5 is not a power mac

PIng's newest club got Marc Calcavecchia the Nell Canadian Open last week. maybe it's not just the club, but hey there's always a factor. as i've always said, these new clubs really don't take much effort. it's probably harder to miss than to hit a straight 250 yard drive. with decent contact, 300 yards is no longer a thing of the pros. with 460CC, the Ping G5 is one mega club (previously). the web crown design means that weight is moved lower and the lower center of gravity produces lower spinning balls off the tee and more distance. the so called "variable face geometry" is just another word for trampoline effect. the different thicknesses allow the ball to bounce off the face. what ever these club makers are doing, they are doing it right. i'd like to give the G5 a try, though i'm still perfectly happy with my old titleist. the club design is very clean and the bottom looks more like a WiFi logo. or is that just the techie side i'm trying to avoid? [equipbug]
[click to enlarge]
Home August R1 C3
available this month.


nano cases 3

I know i said i would stay away from electronics, but this isn't exactly electronics, is it? anyway, Speck has announced 9 new nano cases, although some are duplicates of each other really. so in reality there are only 8 new designs. there are 2 that i find tempting: HERE

1. the See Thru. it's just a hard plastic case that protects and colors the nano. simple, and comes in packs of 3. good enough, but nothing special really.

2. the Skin Tight. it's a rubberized skin, probably much like the Apple accessories. just three more colors to choose from.

ok, one more. the iGuy. its just a bending gumbi-like doll that enveloped the nano. pose the nano on your desktop while it runs through the photo slide show. pretty cute, might even fit in my pocket.

let's keep the nano cases rolling this week, i'm still in favor of the japanese designs so far ;) [equipbug]
photos from www.speckproducts.com

Trailwalker Check 3: light em up!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

620569 Gemini
the 100km race involves hiking through the night and good lighting will be key in preventing injuries. i've been using the Black Diamond Gemini for a few years now and it's still going strong. i've used it through rain and snow, and so far it's survived. it even survived a climb up Mt. Fuji and a fall down. the lamp features the best of both worlds, with the super bright double LEDs for using in a tent and close work, but it also has a single Xenon beam for lighting up a trail. sometimes i might choose to use both at the same time, although battery drain is much higher. it takes 4 AA batteries and really lasts over 20 hours depending on the light source used. Black Diamond makes so many models with different configurations and different light intensities, but i find the Gemini good enough for my purpose. having a head lamp frees up my hands for holding other things and best for base camp. i find that using headlamps for walking will make differentiating the trail difficult. the reason is because the shadow cast by the light is directly behind the rocks and everything will appear flat. when the source of light is coming from the same direction as the eye (receptor) then there will be no shadow seen. different from a flashlight held by the hand where the light is cast from below and the shadow can be seen from above. but unless you are really walking fast or climbing, then it won't make too much of a difference. [equipbug]
for more information click HERE:

photo from www.bdel.com

Trailwalker Check 2: Precip-itation..

9650 869 7088
Marmot makes some of the better looking outdoor gear, including tents, jackets and sleeping bags. they are probably currently more famous for their sleeping bags, but i would rather talk about their rain jacket in preparation for the trailwalker. precipitation is a concern to us hiking on the slopes of the Maclehose trail. it can be 100kms of wetness or 100kms of hell. probably a bit of both, so to battle the precipitation that might occur, i have been using the Marmot PreCip. it is a rain shell that is light, packable and great value of the money (99.00 USD) it comes in many colors including yellow and orange, which i prefer for higher visibility. since i will be hiking through the night, it makes sense that i wear brighter colors. the hood is not retractible but that means it's far more waterproof than the foldable hoods. there are zippers on the armpits to cool off the humidity that may build up, there are pack packets that make accessing easier even in with a large pack on my back, and nice elastic drawstrings in all the right places to keep it tight. finally, the chin is protected from the zipper by a soft moisture wicking fabric. not bad not bad. i may actually hope it rains on that day so that i can try it out. on training day 1, the downpour was just insane. i've never witnessed such heavy rainfall in the northern hemisphere, but over here in Asia, it's a whole new world. [equipbug]
click HERE for more info:

photos courtesy of www.marmot.com

it's a black and white tech world afterall

Top01Kcw Set
seems like all things good come in black and white these days. the small you know what music player, the SONY cameras, and the PSP. yes, as mentioned previously, the PSP will now come in white. to be released for sale on Sept. 15th in Japan. yes.. maybe it does look better, but i'm quite happy with the black PSP. with the white PSP, you'll look a bit more "apple", than sony. then again, it does stand out among all the PSP players out there. so if you are willing to drop 26,040 Yen, then the white PSP can be all yours. (same price as the decked out black PSP) the difference is that the white controllers that come with the black set will actually match.. on top of which the soft neoprene case will also be white. so, that's it... enough with the black and white gadgets. let's see some colorful equipment. in fact, that's all about electronic gadgets for now.. let's see what else there is in this small small world. [equipbug]

full package:
photos: www.scei.co.jp

nano cases 2

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

well, this one isn't exactly a case, but equipnote has been saying that the nano should not be covered up by any case at all. so this is probably the best choice. it's the OverLay Brilliant for the nano and iPod. the clear protective cover actually cuts glare, 99% UV and increases contrast (supposedly) for the screen and protects the iPod from scratches. it probably reduced finger printing and since it's exchangeable, you can easily get a new one once it gets worn out. they also say you can remove the cover for washing and reapplication! take a look, it's from Miyavix, who made the kimono iPod cases equipholic mentioned previously. seems like the Japanese are on top of the nano case game. [equipbug]

the iPod photo:
Brillant Ipod4Th

the nano:
Brilliant Ipodnano
can't you see it? only smart people can see it..

photos courtesy of www.miyavix.co.jp

it's a small world after all...

just on the heels of the nano, Nintendo comes out with another small wonder today. the gameboy micro! it was announced earlier this year, and released in japan today. the micro comes in 4 basic colors and a "famicom" original version. it basically looks like the Famicom controller (first generation nintendo) found in Asia. The micro has exchangeable faceplates and will allow many more variations in the future. it can play all the gameboy advance games, and has a tiny backlit screen. the controls include the basic D pad and an A+B button, L+R trigger buttons on top and the usual "Select + Start" buttons. there's a 3/4 inch headphone jack, and contrast adjustment as well. the micro looks great, but one problem... it's a gaming device. i think Sony was smart in making the PSP compact enough to take around and sport a large wide screen. the Micro on the other hand might make gaming difficult with such a small screen. perhaps light gamers will find it nice to have around, and most handheld games are not meant to be played for long periods anyway. the smartest thing nintendo did was to make all the games backwards compatible. this should be a hit this Christmas, especially at 99USD. [equipbug]

P01 P02
P03 P04

the Famicom version with Mario logo engraved on the back
P01 Big
ps. the Micro can be connected to other micros just like the gameboy advance.

photos courtesy of www.nintendo.co.jp

nano cases 1

well, as promised, i would find some nano cases. although it's only been released for just over a week, companies are rushing to be the first to make something for them. today, i came across TUNEWEAR, which have several options actually. first, the Icewear, it is basically a soft rubber case that protects the nano from the elements. even the black nano looks white. the scroll wheel and screen are exposed for easy access. looks a bit like the APPLE accessories but thicker and comes in white.
Ice Nano Img-1
next is the poptune. they are "skins" that change the looks as well as protect the nano from scratches. you can get plain colors or patterns, like sakura, hawaii, or polka dots.. to name a few. there are 12 in total and probably the easiest way to customize the nano.
Poptune Nano Main2
finally, the nano wallet. it's exactly what the name says. a wallet with a pocket for the nano, showing the screen and click wheel. both exposed parts are actually covered by a transparent plastic protector. look all right and quite practical, but you can forget about showing off the nano in that case, no one will notice.
Tunewallet Nano2
all the items are available for other iPods and the photos can be enlarged for better viewing.
photos courtesy of www.tunewear.com

Reviewed: white iPod nano

Monday, September 12, 2005

released one week ago today, the APPLE iPod nano has amazed people throughout the wired world. meanwhile, i did not even find it relevant to talk about the Motorola iTunes phone.. but went out and ordered the nano a few minutes upon announcement.
it was immediately available online at the Apple store and within 3 days, the nano was in my hands.
Ipn Product
i ordered the white nano, just to continue with the iPod signature, but it's also to minimize the scratch marks anticipated in a black pod. so the nano comes in a sleek black box, and packaged neatly in the "apple" sort of way. the nano looks absolutely stunning in reality. it's substantial in the hands, and wafer thin. the weight makes it feel well built and solid. the mirror back and laser etching are straight from the larger iPod and looks like a flattened and miniaturized iPod. right when it's turned on, everything works and no installation was necessary since i use a mac.
the click wheel is larger in proportion, but otherwise it would be too small to operate. in fact, it took some time to get used to the smaller wheel when compared to the regular iPod. the screen is small, sure, but it's sharp and bright. perfect for little photos and song information. the menu looks the same, except there are a few "extras" added, like the stop watch and clock. everything is there, the on-the-go list, the click sound, the games, the contact lists, the calendar, everything. it's like a small iPod... wait.. it is..

the best thing is that you don't need an adaptor to use with all the previous docks and accessories. it docked straight to my old 3G iPod dock and works perfectly. the package actually comes with a converter so that it will fit nicely, but i didn't find it necessary. the USB wire from before works as well. the difference is that it does NOT support firewire transfers anymore.


the photos were easy to load, and scrolling through them is super fast. you are also given the choice to load the original full sized photo, in case you connect it up to a TV. there's a slide show maker and plays music along with it.

the sound is crisp and signature iPod clarity. some may find it strange that the head phones outlet is on the bottom, but after using it several times i find it logical to have it there when you're holding it in your hands. secondly the lanyard accessory includes a built in headphone so that the nano would not be upside down when you pick it up on your neck.


all these great things.... the design, the feel, the function and the sound. so is there anything bad? well, same old problem with scratching and dirtying. the mirrored back is easily defaced with finger prints, while the clear front is scratched very easily. the case is actually clear, with a white center. looks awesome, but damages easily. i will be on a lookout for good cases. otherwise, i don't see any reason people won't be snapping up the nano. sure it's also small in size, so the capacity is limited. 4GB. i think that's plenty, since i save some for storage use, contact list, photos and calendar, i can still fit over 1000 songs on it. in fact, i've been getting used to my Shuffle, so this is an upgrade! [equipbug]

black looks just as tempting:
photos courtesy of www.apple.com

ROKR is no iPhone

Motorola released the ROKR (pronounced rocker), along with iTunes 5 and iPod nano. it's obvious that this release was shadowed by the nano, and rightly so. the motorola phone looks clumsy, ordinary and boring. functionally, it can't compare with the Sony W800i, which also boasts integrated music player. the difference? the W800i has expandable memory to accommodate more songs, while the ROKR is limited to 100 songs. the only thing going for the ROKR is the iTunes built in and compatibility. too bad, it's on such a silly looking triband phone, but i'm sure it has nothing to do with Apple. this, afterall, is not the iPhone we are all anticipating... it's available only at cingular and sells for 249.99 with a 2 year contract. i'd like to see them sell one phone without adding promotions. what happened to the team that made the V3? [equipbug]
Itunes Rokr Phone1
yeah yeah, so it has triband, bluetooth and speakerphone capabilities

photo courtesy of www.cingular.com

monitor? no, speaker..

Sunday, September 11, 2005

this giant panel is in fact, a brand new speaker designed for the iPod nano. it actually fits all the other iPods as well, and with the adaptor that comes with the nano, most docks will fit just fine. but this one from Kensington uses NXT technology and allows such a flat design. looks awesome, so if you have the extra desk property, then this may be for you. this is the SX 2000, coming out soon at 159.99 USD. thanks to mobilemag.com, this is the first nano 3rd party accessory i've seen so far. let's keep an eye out for the cases though. [equipbug]

4617 Super
photo courtesy of www.mobilemag.com

old school tracker?

i have been using one of these before the introduction of the Mighty Mouse and have decided to retire the trusty trackball. i've always like the way you can control the mouse without having to move the whole mouse, and there by saving a lot of desk space. the double button optical trackball works seamlessly with macs and windows, allowing even mac users to take advantage of the right click before the Tiger / mighty mouse era. i'd recommend Kensington's optical trackball because it is easy to clean and very simple. the wide base ensures secure rolling, and the removable ball allows easy cleaning. if you're sick of the mouse, this is the best alternative, especially for laptop users like me. where space is already limited and often no surface for the mouse to ride on. [equipbug]

might mouse's ancestor
photo courtesy of www.kensington.com

Ipod in Kimono

Wrap your ipod with the same fabric for Kimono! You can simply decorate your Ipod in Japanese style with this Kyoto style case. Apart from its glamourous look, this case allow to use ipod more convenient without removing the case. The dock connecter can be attached directly at the bottom. The front part also has a clear plastic that you can operate your ipod easily. Since it's made from a big piece of fabric, each case will have different pattern. It means what you'll have will be the only one!

Available for Ipod Mini, Ipod Clickwheel 20GB and 40GB, Ipod Photo 30/40/60GB and Ipod Shuffle. (I'm not sure for Ipod color 20GB) For Ipod Shuffle, you have to slip Ipod from the case which I prefer other cases with clear screen. But it's cute and looked quite easy to slip though.There're 3 colors, red, yellow and blue. The price is 3680 yen for Ipod, 3480 for Ipod mini and 2940 yen for Ipod shuffle. (The price can be varied)

For more information and photos, please click here [equipholic]

Photos courtesy of www.miyavix.co.jp