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"beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin"

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The original Shu uemura's cleansing oil was developed based on the formula used to remove makeup in old Hollywood. it maintain the skin's integral balance while removing impurities. for some other brands the skin get so tight after cleanisng, but it won't happen with Shu's cleansing oil. i like the green tea formula most, it really sooth the skin after use. i recommend it for the use at night. price: HK$450-550 per 450ml.
while for the morning, i think the one shown below would be a good choice. it is a milder foaming cleanser formulated with Depsea water. so it cleans and provides refreshment to our skin. price: HK$220 per 150ml. [equipchic]

photos courtesy of www.shuuemura.co.jp

Mac Freeware review: iTunes 5.0

Apple recently released the iTunes 5, in conjunction with the motorola iTunes phone and iPod nano.
The new iTunes looks slightly different with a more compact and square interface. the major differences lie in the ability to sort lists, extra folders, new built-in search bar which can locate songs by genre, artists, etc etc, and smarter shuffle where you can tweak the "randomness". other wacky features include syncing to windows Outlook and Outlook express (who cares about windows users), parental controls to monitor the explicit lyrics on iTunes shop, and album reviews in the shop.
All these features are just toppings on an already excellent music jukebox. perfect syncing and hassle free set up is what i like. i can connect it to my Shuffle, auto-fill, set things up and i have my new list of songs waiting. i can easily choose what format to rip my CD's into, view the album art and make CD's for my car. don't forget the really mesmerizing visualizer. smart playlists make party music a breeze, and it really works well like in many of the apple software for sorting things. (such as MAIL)
So it sounds perfect doesn't it? available for windows and mac users alike. so is there anything bad about it? not really, but if i were to be picky, i wish that the "minimized" version of the player can have more buttons for controlling the song list. perhaps like a rating button even in the reduced mode would be nice. also some customization would be handy. don't really want all the apple users to look the exact same. otherwise this is the perfect player, and there are 3rd party software for customizing things.
Hate it: when it's minimized, it's really too small. when it's expanded, the window is too big. anything in between?
Love it: it's the best music player around and it's Free! (hence Freeware..)
Get it HERE:




provided by www.apple.com

walkman again.

Let's hope Sony gets back in the music game, after all, they are the grand daddy of portable music. So once again they resurrect the Walkman brand. i remember when i saw my first walkman, it had two phone outputs for couples to share. those were the days of old. as the walkman progressed, it got smaller, shinier, and increased functions, but it was a dead end road because the media was still the cassette tape. with the birth of the Discman, CD's became portable and quality sound was the hype. then came the MD's which, in my opinion, are still the best medium. small, portable, large capacities, looks great with the optical discs, cheap, and did i mention it looks good? anyway, seems like digital is the latest buzz... ok ok, it's also old news, but Sony didn't really get into the game till recently. now they have a Walkman phone, flash based MP3 players as well as the hard drive based ones. their latest product combines the OLED hidden display of the Bean and NW E507, the hard drive capacity of the NW HD5, and the color screen of Vaio Pocket (mentioned HERE).

the versatile NW HD5:
Nwhd5Red 1

the new Walkman (notice all the players are called NW) also in 20GB format with a Organic EL screen. the A1000 and A3000. The differences lie in drive capacity and screen size; the A1000 being 6GB with 1.5 inch screen, while the A3000 sports 20GB with a 2 inch screen. they will come in pink, silver, blue purple, whatever... all metallic. looks ok in decorated photos, but in reality it may be an overly decorated music player. compare the studio photos with the actual photos: the screen is hidden behind a mirror-like body so that it is invisible with the screen is off.
Sony Walkman P00 Sony Walkman P01
and here it is in reality:

Sony2 04 Sony2 07
it probably isn't fair to say it's ugly, but there's definitely a difference between the studio prepped shots and the actual untouched images. that's to say for all products, but i'm still skeptical about the mirror/OLED screens. good idea though. keep it up sony! [equipbug]

photos courtesy of:

Everybody's Kung Fu Fighting!

Friday, September 09, 2005

You probably saw Kung Fu Hustle recently... and wondered about those old Chinese styled benches where people sit and eat their evening meal on the streets. or perhaps you've seen Jackie Chan kick butt with one of these in many of his movies. whichever the case, these benches never grow old. it's basic, stylish, and practical. having one at home would allow guests to squat at your dinner table side by side. It's hard, yes... but you're not going to be sitting there for too long. using one of these reminded me of good ol' schooling days when i sat next to friends at lunch and everyone tucked into tables. the Kung Fu Bench by G.O.D. is unmistakably Chinese and has the authentic looks to boot. at 1,900.00 HKD it's not a cheap bench made in China, but for aesthetics people have to pay up. you never know when you need to break out the bench and kick some butt. [equipbug]
Kungfu Bench H

What's the Scoop?

The scoop is a chair, a round sphere cut in half with a leather bucket inside. It doesn't really look all too comfortable, but in fact, it is surprisingly fun. you can sit, lounge, huddle, sprawl, or any configuration you like in the Scoop. It's the perfect designer chair to get a conversation going, but in all honesty it would not fit into most living rooms unless you're very retro or just plain bad taste. looks interesting if it's in someone else's home, but in my home, i'd like to have a low tech, comfortable sofa. nevertheless, it's a pretty cool chair, which is more comfortable than meets the eye! price? 2900.00 HKD. made and sold at G.O.D. (Goods of Desire) [equipbug]
Scoop Chair L
photo courtesy of www.goodsofdesire.com

Home Camp Duffel

The North Face Base Camp Duffel is great for travel and outdoors use, but how many people really go on exhibitions that need base camp equipment? yeah, i thought so. i bought this duffle to travel back and forth from home to my hospital over the weekends. fits all my laundry, books, coats, whatever... any junk i got, stuff it in and take it home. the nice shoulder straps allow the bag to be carried like a mega back pack. in fact, i've been stopped on the street by policemen for carrying such a large pack. (is it a crime? never knew carrying large bags were illegal..) anyway, the bag comes in steel grey, yellow, red, blue and black. it's a very tough and strong built duffle which has been able to handle most downpours without soaking everything inside. there are loops for strapping extra gear outside, handles on virtually every side of the bag for easy handling and lockable main compartment for airplane use.
one thing, it only has one compartment.. oh well. that's why they call it a duffle. [equipbug]
Aaw1-70J Mag

Harry Potter loves the iPod

Thursday, September 08, 2005

here it is, what the rest of the world has been waiting for. A Harry Potter limited edition iPod from Apple! I'm not a fan, and would probably never read more than the first book, but this is what fans would love. it's an iPod with the entire collection of Harry Potter books preloaded into the pod. to top things off, the back is engraved with the official Hogwarts Crest. now if you have been living in a cave for the past decade, then you should know that Hogwart is the school of wizards and witches... and other beings. can't really feel the excitement here, but hey... it's just not my cup of tea. [equipbug]

Iphp Topbanner
the Crest on the back:
photos courtesy of www.apple.com

Finding Nano

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Apple's newest iPod, the Nano, is so small that it could fit into any pocket or sleeve. the Nano is here to replace the iPod Mini. featuring a tiny outift, cool iPod looks, black and white options, and a color screen. There are 2 sizes, from 2GB to 4GB, with both being Flash Based (no hard drives). Since Flash drives are increasing in capacity while decreasing in size, Appple has taken advantage of this to make their smallest iPod with a screen. it puts the Motorola's V3 to shame in terms of thinness. 14 hours playback, displays album art, carries photos, podcasts etc etc.
Apple also came out with a new iTunes in which you can download for free to sync your new Nano with.
Accessories include the Lanyard headphones, slim dock, Armband, sleeves etc etc.
I'm almost certain that this will be a hit and keep the iPod series on top. just wished they had even more colors, or a photo downloading capability. or maybe it can? surprise me Apple... cause i'm getting one [equipbug]
Specstop20050907 Indexcompare20050907

[click to enlarge accessories]
Accessorydock20050907 Accessorylanyard20050907 Accessoryarmblue20050907
photos courtesy of www.apple.com

Who says they don't make things like that anymore?

I have always been a big fan of Nokia's flagship phones since the old banana phone. But ever since Nokia's phones became the norm, I switched to use Sony Ericsson. When I first saw the discreet ad of the 8800, I wasn't so hyped by the stats. It's a very basic phone in terms of technology built in. You get a non megapixel camera, radio, bluetooth, etc, things that you expect from any phones nowadays. I wasn't excited in any ways that I said I wanted one until one day (before the phone was launched), I found that my boss was holding one. It's gorgeous in the metal (it has a stainless steel casing). I asked my boss whether I can hold it, he gave me a look and then said yes. I held it for about 2 mins. It's a heavy phone compared to other plastic cased phones, but it felt good. That night, I just couldn't wait till the official launch so I could buy one.

I have been using mine for over a month now. I can tell you that it's a great great phone! how so you may ask. I am a gadget freak, and I love things with lots of technology packed into them. The 8800 is different though. It feels right. the design, the material, the low-tech features all combines to be a very well balanced phone, and a proper phone. The stainless steel casing needs cleaning once in a while, and it's prone to fingerprints marks, but it's not as bad as the original which has a mirror effect surface. It's not that easily scratched, which is quite surprising. Although I do take good care of the phone and that I have never dropped it yet, touch wood, it has not one single scratch on it yet. The Screen is super bright, and images taken with it's built in camera looks great on the phone, but obviously don't expect too much from the quality of the picture when you have transfered them onto the computer, but why would I do that? ( have a camera to take proper pictures with). So I decided that the primitive functions is actually a good thing with the 8800.

So is this phone perfect?! Yes, EXCEPT, when nokia decided to design something primitive with class, they managed to put something that quite important onto the primitive list, the battery. The 8800 comes with 2 batt as standard. The battery lasts for 240hr standby and 2hr talktime, quoted by Nokia. But in use, it's another story. I can start off with a fully charged battery in the morning, and it runs out before I get home late in the evening after a day of "normal usage". But after a while, I got used to it. I just bring the spare with me when I know that I'll stay out for a long time. (the charger stand actually accommodates the phone and the spare battery). [equipnote]


Pros: SUPERB LOOKS, STUNNING TOUCH, bright screen, primitive functions
cons: Battery life

Hey, it also comes with many ringtones specially written and performed by Ryuchi Sakamoto, how cool is that?!!

Trailwalker Check 1: 10 Razors? Razor 10

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

With training for the TrailWalker super marathon coming up, it's about time to think about the necessary equipment. The Trailwalker is an annual fund raiser hosted by which involves hiking for 100kms up and down mountain trails. It must be completed within a continuous 48 hours. It's no easy task, especially since the whole race must be completed with a team of 4 members. Injuries and exhaustion elude completion for most teams.
Now, the most important thing i need in this race is water. despite have aid stations and service stops, most of the walk is unaided and you have water with you at all times. dehydration will definitely disable any team. These days, the Camel Baks allow humans to sip water from a tube, attached to a reservoir on their back. Arc'Teryx, one of my favorite companies, makes a small version for maximum portability. It has a mesh back which keeps the pack off your back and allows air flow, it has 2L capacity with a built-in track for the tube, a separate compartment with waterproof zippers which allow you to carry extra equipment, front shock cords, and good looks to boot. it comes in 3 colors, and of course i'd like to get a hold of the Yam one. we'll see. [equipbug]
(also in Green and Black)
Arcteryx Packs Razor10-Yam Lrg
photo courtesy of www.thetannery.com

Reviewed: Sony Ericsson K608i

Cws31Afw 13030High 1539 0 4000
It's been several years since i have changed phones, but the deterioration of my T610 has led to the inevitable. I liked the candy bar shape of the T610 and so I decided to stick with that. The K608i is SonyEricsson's newest 3G phone and it is also the smallest 3G phone to date. The light weight and function packed phone was the most likely candidate. I checked out the K600 but was turned off by the black plastic strip on the side. Luckily, Three network came out with a special edition of the K600 and changed some of basic feel but functionally identical.
The phone handles well and very pocketable. Its functions include a dual camera, one for the video conference and the other 1.3MP for taking higher quality photos. It also has a radio, speaker phone, plays MP3's, videos and photos. there is a built in photo editing feature which i have not been successful in using. the best function is the Bluetooth. Like many newer phones, it supports Bluetooth, but it has included a computer remote program. This allows me to control my Mac OS X or and of the programs. In fact, it synced up perfectly and i was able to start controlling Keynote 2.0 and Powerpoint right away!
Video conferencing: it's blurry, and the noise level is high. it can not really distinguish noise from user's speech, but i suppose it's the same for most video phones. I only have an hour worth of minutes for the video, so i don't expect to use that much. Secondly, very few people actually have this service, so there's no one to really talk to. The main focus is still the triband GSM capability along with the 3G (UTMS), making it a truly world phone and compatible in places like japan.
The other gripe i have would be the low ring tone volume, but i'm not sure if it's the noisy streets which is making it difficult to hear. Luckily, i rarely ever use the ring because i have to keep it on silent for most of the day anyway.
Now, the main difference between the older SE phones would be the menu layout. For the 3G phone, SE has made several quick links for accessing the menu. secondly, the speed of the phone is much faster. I no longer have to wait for the contact names to come up, it's virtually instant and i have over 500 contacts.
Cws31Afw 13022High 1539 0 4000
The exterior looks a bit plain, with square buttons and an all silver shell. perhaps they will come out with different colors later on, but for now i will have to settle for the boring look. as for software, the whole theme is customizable and there are many themes to be found online. the background is animated and the screen is sharp. In fact, the screen brightness is adjustable, but it is the brightest screen on any SE phones so far. In the bright outdoor sun, the colors can be a bit faded, but the screen remains sharp and easy to read, unlike my T610. There is a screen saver which activates very quickly and changes the screen from color to black and white, then fade to black with the traditional SE floating clock.
Cws31Afw 13019High 1539 0 4000 Cws31Afw 13051High 1539 0 4000
overall, i am very satisfied with the phone, especially with the price. it is a feature packed phone and most of it i will not be able to use, but with bonuses like the bluetooth remote, i find it will last me many years to come (again). The best bit is the price of service and the phone itself. after trading in, i got about 60USD back, but the new phone was just around 200 USD, so for 140 USD, i was able to purchase the K608i. the Three contract is for 18 months, for 12 USD per month. not bad, not bad. check out this phone, for budget minded and feature minded people, this is the perfect combo. those looking for a eye catching snazzy phone, you'll have to look elsewhere. [equipbug]

You can Sample the phone's software HERE:
Sony Ericsson K608I P00 Sony Ericsson K608I P01
photos courtesy of www.sonyericsson.com and www.infosyncworld.com