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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

Onsen Bag

Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's actually not only for Onsen (Hot Spring) but you can also use it in fitness or any shared bathroom. With many pockets, you can keep about 4-6 bottles of shampoo, bath foam, lotion, etc and some additional small items. There's also a pocket for keeping key and money. It comes with a small bag for underwear or anything else you want. Very convenient, isn't it. I also have one because I have to share the bathroom and it's always annoying to carry so many stuffs, or it would be mixed in one large bag without pockets. The material is not water-resistant but its base is sieve-like, so don't need to worry that water would get stuck. I found it in Loft Japan for 1029 yen. [equipholic]

photos courtesy of www.rakuten.co.jp

"M" for "not Mac"

Sony has been flooding us with new laptops and desktops, but... i'm not really excited about over priced windows crap. then again, the type R does look pretty cool. we're not here to talk about that one though. the only reason i would post this computer is because it's orange. hey, combining an LCD integrated with TV and computer is a pretty good idea. Sony actually makes it work as i've checked it out in akihabara. it's simple to use and really makes something like Windows actually friendly. but even a company like Sony can not beat out the iMac... just look at the two computers side to side... the only thing going for the Type M is it's color(s). oh well. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
M Pht M53Bd 01

the sideview:
M Pht Parts LsidelVS.Indexangles20040831

by the way, the Type M uses a 2.8 Celeron chip, system bus at 400Mhz, 512MB RAM, 32MB video RAM, and a 15.4 inch wide screen with 1280x800 resolution. these specs can't even be compared to the iMac. then again, no one uses Macs, right?
photos courtesy of www.sony.jp and www.apple.com

Nikon rallies with 4 volleys

Today, Nikon announced 4 new digital camera after a week of barrage from Canon. The S series have come out with 2 new updates, even though the S1 is still hot on the shelf. S3 and S4 are out, and while S3 is merely a megapixel bump from the S2, the S4 is in a whole new format.
The S3 now has 6MP and a the same look as the S2. The same intelligent anti shake, 3x optical zoom, 2.5 inch LCD and 15 or so preset scene modes. On top of that, the slim periscope camera can shoot at 15fps video clips (no audio), and continuous shots at 1.6 fps. This camera looks nice and probably suitable for point and shooters. the lack of manual controls mean that enthusiasts will have to look elsewhere, since the Canon SD series are just as small and have a bit more to offer. These are always good secondary cameras though. highly pocketable and will come in 3 colors. with 190 shots per charge, your memory card may run dry before the battery.

25537 360

The S4 is a whole different camera. it's the first swiveling camera from Nikon since the Coolpix SQ back in 2003. now armed with 6MP, 10x optical zoom!!, a 2.5 inch LCD, and all new circuitry to handle the images... this may be the camera many enthusiast want to have as a back up. the camera is actually quite small and with 10x optical zoom, it's highly functional. another cool thing is the macro mode which allows shots as close as 4cm. looking to photograph food at close up? this one is a good choice ;) [equipbug]

25533 360

photos courtesy of www.nikonusa.com

Faded markers

Tuesday, August 30, 2005
From the previous two articles about bright highlighters from equipchic (faber castell) and equipbug (muji), I eager to show you another option. I always hate the very bright markers especially in pink, orange and yellow because I feel dizzy to see too colorful pages. So I was always trying to find a very faded marker in the market. After comparing with several brands including muji and faber castell, I found Optex Fun Color from Zebra the most pale but vivid enough. And this one become my favourite markers now. Besides I can also use pink, orange and yellow. They come with 7 colors and 2 types. The two-head one has a another tiny head which is good when you read an article with tiny text or just underline them. The refill is also available. They cost 84 yen and 105 yen for one head and two head respectively. [Equipholic]

photos courtesy of www.zebra.co.jp

Champagne Supernova

Epiphone came out with the Noel Gallagher version of the DOT archtop guitar back in 1999. right from the get go, i knew i had to have it, because it was light blue and looked like my dream guitar, the Gibson 335 or 330. It was the cheaper way into the game, and hoped it would have similar sounds. well, i was wrong, very very wrong. The Noel Gallagher Supernova definitely has the sound of Oasis, with the harsh tones and classic humbucker pick ups. nevertheless, i loved it. cheap workmanship (it's no gibson after all), the plastic "chrome", etc.. but still, it has it's own character, like the light blue, the distinctive shape, the rock sounds, (not jazz unfortunately), and nice fingerboard designs. the Maple body and mahogany fingerboard are assembled in korea and with that said it's still not bad. The first thing i did was remove the pick guard which bears Noel Gallagher's autograph, who needs that, really. After 6 years, i still like this guitar very much, although i prefer the Godin, which is much more solidly built and and has a better neck. I can't really play on the Supernova for too long before my hand hurts from having to reach more. Over all, you get what you pay for... a classic shape for regular price of around 700 USD. I bought it online, and it just might be the very first item i ever bought online back then, because i remember borrowing someone's credit card to do it. [equipbug]

P.S. the new Oasis Album is out.
It sucks.. don't buy it.
photo courtesy of www.music123.com

Mac Freeware Review: SuperBrain

Remember Master MInd, the board game you played as a kid? well it's back in the form of Super Brain for Mac OS X. THe best part is that there is a Widget version so that you can play it anytime and have it disappear before anyone catches you playing it. For those who don't really know the game, this is an addictive mind test... basically challenging your logic, where you try to guess the combination of colored balls that has been randomly generated. You get 10 tries, and each time you are given hints on whether the colors are correct or both the position as well as the colors are correct. it's a great game and keeps your brain functioning. I recommend the Widget version, because you can tweak the settings. At the moment, there are only 4 slots and 6 colors, but the widget goes up to 8 slots and 8 colors... so that's a total of.... how many combinations??? check it out, download SuperBrain free HERE: Download Widget HERE: [equipbug]

SuperBrain Widget and SuperBrain:
Screenshot Big Screenshot Big
courtesy of www.power4mac.com

Hey that's Radiden

Monday, August 29, 2005

Sony Ericsson's newest Japan only mobile phone came out today. the Radiden means "Radio" and "Denwa" which is Telephone in Japanese. It tries to combine the FM/AM and TV tuner into the phone with a dual face configuration. The phone looks nice, has no camera and focuses on the audio. I doubt that it has any MP3 capabilities or expanding slots, but it's still an interesting concept among the era of camera phones and music players. [equipbug]

The Radio side:

photos courtesy of www.nttdocomo.co.jp

What you need in your Shuffle: Jack Johnson

It's been a while since i really enjoyed listening to an acoustic guitar strummed with a basic drum and bass. Vocals that make you listen and melodies that magnetize your thoughts. Jack Johnson's latest album, "In Between Dreams", is just that... it is so simple, and probably expected from this surf video maker who was born in Hawaii's North Shore. I can only imagine what an exciting life he's had and at the same time all the thoughts that have gone through his head on that little island. Whenever i visit Hawaii, many thoughts of the past and present run through. It reminds me of the days when i was in college and when many doors became open. The smooth sounds and groovy tunes bring back many memories, "kind" memories. check it out. [equipbug]

Check out the calming "Better together" and "No Other Way", catchy "Never Know", funky "Staple it Together", and chillin "Good People". this is a great album, anytime any day, but best on a lazy weekend.
Albums Inbetweendreams
album art from www.jackjohnsonmusic.com

A Barrage of Canons 3

On the upper end of things, the Canon Barrage introduced the 5D. It is the latest dSLR and ups the mega pixels to 12.8 and 3 Frames per Second capabilities. The 5D was previewed HERE, and seems to be a very promising camera. It is placed between the affordable professional 20D and the top of the line 1D. With the introduction of the 5D, I thought that would mean more choices but when i saw the price of 3300 USD, i knew it would just be another article of admiration. after taking away the built in flash, the camera has a totally professional look because now you have to attach an external flash... how unpractical. on the practical side, the camera now has a full sized frame of a 35mm camera, so that it can use the regular lenses without cropping. check out their preview and drool.. [equipbug]
Specs HERE:

photos courtesy of www.canon.co.jp