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Mac Freeware Review: Adium X

Saturday, August 27, 2005

People these days tend to stay in touch through Messaging, but which one should we Mac users use? The answer is obviously iChat, because it's fast, reliable, video chat capable with 4 people at the same time, audio chat with 9 people, and all in perfect synchrony. No other chat can do it yet, but maybe Windows will catch up one day. iChat is good, but how about friends who don't use AIM or iChat? well, that's the problem with Messengers these days. Which IM? for windows users, they've got Trillian. Luckily for Mac users, we have bettered Windows once again with Adium X. If you have not heard of it, it's time to come back to the internet. It's a freeware that handles: Serviceicons which is basically everything under the net. They also make "Xtras" that you can use to modiy everything from the dock icon, sounds, icons, and of course the whole look of the list and windows. The best part is that all the windows can be congregated into one single window, so that the Tabs allow you to go from one chat to another. Version 0.84 just came out last week and with minor changes only, AdiumX is still the best messenger around. Whether you use ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, AIM or anything at all, this is where it's at, everything on one list, customization on everything... if only it can do the chatting for you as well. [equipbug]

Download HERE:
[click to enlarge screenshots]
Accounts Overvieworange
Overviewpaper Tabdrag
photos courtesy of www.adiumx.com

AQVA, paper wight and fragrance

BVLGARI's new fragrance called AQVA (where all V's = U's), is shaped like a saucer perfect for putting on your work desk as a paper weight. The bottle design is simple and elegant, which can fit right in with any setting. The fragrance combines Citrus Mandarin and Petit Grain for the freshness, and subtle Santolina and Posidonia for some floral elements. The Base is made from Mineral Amber. THe smell is light, not too overly pungent . It is suitable for regular use, but probably a little younger than most other fragrances. It does not fade away like most of the newer "pour homme" so a little goes a long way. After a few hours, it will start to smell much less citrus and more spicy. It is not exactly unique, unlike Issey Miyaki or Gucci's Envy, it's really hard to identify. nevertheless, it's always good to have a basic smelling fragrance that can work with a formal suit as well as a simple T. [equipbug]

26092 Fpx.Tif?Wid=213&Qlt=90,0&Layer=Comp&Op Sharpen=0&Resmode=Bilin&Op Usm=0.7,1.0,0
photo courtesy of www1.bloomingdales.com

A Barrage of Canons 2

Friday, August 26, 2005

Besides the cameras mentioned previously by equipbug and equipball, Canon has a few more cameras up it's sleeve. I'm looking into getting a dSLR, but the new 5D is far outside of my price range. worthy to mention is the new Powershot S80. This prosumer camera looks like a simple point and shoot, but all the S series have been higher ended with much more manual controls. The S80 features a 3.6x optical zoom, 8MP resolution, 2.5 inch LCD, DIGIC II processor, all in a compact package. Being the powershot flagship model, the camera adds XGA movie capabilities as well. Priced at around $550 USD. The powershot has always produced top notch photo quality and a popular prosumer option. Sony has been focusing on the thinner end with their T series cameras and have been lagging behind since their V1 Prosumer release. I have to say that I would still choose the Sony V1 over the Canon G5 back then. but now with more and more choices from Canon, i have become a fan of quality rather than Sony's design. [equipbug

Canon Powershot S80 P00
photo courtesy of www.infosyncworld.com

A Barrage of Canons 1

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

This week, Canon released 8 new cameras ranging from simple point and shoots to the higher end SLRs. One of the biggest change comes in the SD series which finally gained an optical zoom function to their compact size. The SD30 has a 2.4x optical zoom, 5.0 mega pixels, the digic II processor (for fast start ups and between shots), movie mode, 9 shooting modes, USB 2.0, auto orientation, direct print and comes in 4 vibrant colors. the ultra compact size makes this camera great for those who want to have a decent camera to take around, especially to parties and travels. the little flash may be slightly underpowered, but so far there have been no complaints even with the older models. The camera has an option all weather case (but i would never trust Canon's housing ever again - they suck, are unreliable, and are not covered by the warranty) otherwise, Canon makes the best compact cameras when it comes to quality, although Sony is also second to none. I find heavy purple fringing in most compacts, but Canon compacts are especially prone to that problem. [equipbug]
[click to enlarge]

4 colors to choose from:
Fea 21 1 Fea 21 2
Fea 21 3 Fea 21 4
Com 21

Camera docking for charging and connections:
Com 41

photos courtesy of www.canon.co.jp

Aranzi Aronzo

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Are you bored with Sanrio's cute items like Hello Kitty? Aranzi Aronzo could be another choice! The products might have be released for long but I've just found it by chance while browsing for character's stuffs. There're many products from stationary to kitchenware with their original cute characters on them. They even have their own comic books. Their motto is 'cute, strange, cool, silly, a little bit horrible, stupid and comfortable ARANZI ARONZO'and you could notice this easily on their odd but unique characters. I don't want to describe much, better take a look yourself on their English homepage. According to the homepage, you can find the shops in Japan, Hongkong and the Netherlands. However, online shop is also available, check it out here.

And if you've ever seen the mascot of Aichi's Expo 2005, which are the Grandpa and Grandchild of the Forest, they were also designed by the Aranzi Aronzo team. [equipholic]

photos courtesy of shop.aranziaronzo.com

Canon IXUS 55 & IXUS 750

Canon has been making great compact digital cameras for years already.
Equipbug has been a great fan of it and bought a brand new SD400 (IXUS 50) after his old one was damaged when he went swimming.
Now Canon has come up with the new models of the IXUS series.
The 5 megapixel IXUS 55 and the 7 megapixel IXUS 750 have more or less the same functions as the IXUS 50 and IXUS 700 respectively. What is different is the size of their LCD screens. Both of the cameras come with a wide viewing angle 2.5" LCD screen and a a great function is added as well which rotates the image while you are viewing the photos depending on which orientation you are holding the camera. This makes viewing photos a lot more fun and easier! [equipball]

The 2.5" LCD screens

Photos courtesy of www.dcfever.com

Luke Starwalker

Monday, August 22, 2005

Well, it's more like an instrument for a businessman, but the rubber version of the Starwalker pen set by Montblanc is laser etched. perhaps from the laser of a light saber? why else would it cost 350.00 USD for a ballpoint pen? well, the other reason might be the prestigious brand name attached to it, or the quality associations with the brand? whichever the case, the checkered rubber cased starwalker looks fantastic. I've always liked checkered shirts, but this is a checkered pen. Then again, i doubt i'll have the chance to use it despite all the writing i do... that clear plastic with the montblanc logo encased is just too showy. perhaps when they come out with a more subtle version i will look into saving up for the ultimate writing pen. until then, i better work on my handwriting, as fountain pens will not tolerate poor hand positions. [equipbug]
350.00 for ball point and fine liner
450.00 for fountain pen

[click to enlarge]
Fullsize3 Fullsize4 Fullsize5
photos courtesy of www.worldlux.com

Luke Nosewalker

Sector 9's large Luke Nosewalker is a 9 ply maple deck with a tail kick. not sure if anyone would kick flip this 57 inch long board, but it's an option. It is fitted with 10 inch Gull Wing Army Trucks with 61mm/78a Nineball wheels this means the wheels are rather small in comparison to the large deck. Also fitted with flat risers, it will ride a little higher but not noticeably due to the larger size. I'm not sure that this is such a great board, because it's not as sleek as the pintail, nor as agile as the slaloms, and too large to pull tricks on. But, for those reasons, it means this board has the potential to perform in more conditions, cruise it, slide it or kick it. there are wheel cutouts for the bigger leans, and the included trucks are quite loose, so bombing hills would have to be reserved for the experts. or... basically not me. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
S94 500
photos courtesy of www.sector9.com


Sunday, August 21, 2005

When Watch company Breitling Teamed up with Luxury Car company Bentley the result was an awesome watch. Once again, the chemistry has resulted in another product, this time with Mercedes AMG and watchmaker IWC. IWC makes classy watches that are basic in design, yet very distinctive. There's really not much to say about it. it's a beautiful watch, it costs 7,700 USD, i want to have it but i can't... i'll just have to settle with looking at the pictures... sigh [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
35877514 0C2D2955Be O
photo courtesy of www.iwc.ch

What you need in your Shuffle 06: Heartsdales

I can don't know what it is, but the Japanese Girl groups have rarely been popular with me. But when i listened to m-flo's "Inside M-flo" the track that stood out was by a hip hop girl group duo. the Heartsdales are very modern and their track "Candy Pop featuring Soul'd Out" shines from start to finish. it's a cheesy R&B mixed with hip hop and the melody hooked me right in. they have a new single out "Hey DJ", and these two American grown-turned-Local Japanese are exactly what i wanted to hear. Their nice mix of Japanese and English remind me of M-Flo's groove and that's never a bad thing. [equipbug]

photo courtesy of www.hmv.co.jp

Eyelash lengthener

I have heard of such products in Japan before but never tried to buy one until I came to Japan myself. I found it in a drugstore by chance and try to understand what it is by my poor Japanese. I don't use any mascara or makeup on my eyes. However, I was eager to try, as it was an experiment if it really worked with me. So I just picked the cheapest one with English description 'Lash Repair' as shown below. My eyelashes are like in many Chinese which are so short and fine. The lower lashes are even more than difficult to notice.

Only after 2 days, the upper lashes became thicker although it's not significantly longer. Moreover, the lower was much longer and easily to be seen. After one week, I decided to stop applying on my lower lashes because I'm afraid it would be longer than the upper ones (I know it would never be, but just afraid). The upper lashes are still not so long, but longer than before. Plus, it becomes more bushy without using any mascara. This is like a first time for me to find a seem-to-be-exaggerated skincare product that really works! (Whitener never make you really white, Anti-wrinkle never really delete the lines) There are several brands that have such a product and could be found in other countries. However, I feel that there are more variety in Japan as Japanese girls pay more attention on the make up than any other countries in Asia.

Anyway, if your eyelashes are already long, it might not work. [Equipholic]

photo courtesy of www.rakuten.co.jp