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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

Pirelli from Tyres to Watches

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pirelli are the famous makers of car tyres (tires) from Italy, and now they are moving into fashion. the most eye catching are their PZERO watches, which feature their tyre treads on the wrist band. the watches themselves are quite eye catching and the automatic swiss movements guarantee accurate timing. for the more modern look, they also have the analog/digital combo. for those who are drivers at heart, this tough. modern watch gives them a little flair. [equipbug]
[click to enlarge]

Yacht Timer
Pir 04 0920 Yactim 01

Pir 04 0920 Tempo 01 7951901045
photos courtesy of www.worldtempus.com and www.wristwatch.com

Air Switch

"Look Ma' No Hands"
Well actually, all you need is a hand to turn Mathmos' Airswitch tc on and off. it is a desk light that reacts to the hand position. to turn it on and off, merely pass your hands above the lamp. to dim or brighten the lamp, you vary the distance between your hand and the lamp. so when you lift up your hand, the light will brighten, and when you lower it, the lamp will dim down. it's a cool trick and definitely brings wonder to your guests when the lamp seems to magically obey your hands commands. who needs David Copperfield when you have the Air Switch? [equipbug]

comes in 4 colors and costs 48£: [click to enlarge]
Orangeweb Greenweb
photos courtesy of www.mathmos.com

Lava Lamp Luxury

Mathmos is the maker of a series of Lava Lamps. I received mine as a gift from my little sis and have been loving their products since. My Astro has been working for years now and going strong. then again, lava lamps are not space shuttles, so there's not much to break. it's just a glass bottle filled with wax and oil heated by a light bulb... but the random globules they form are so intriguing and create a calm atmosphere. i can spend a whole hour staring at that lamp, so that's another reason why i don't leave it turned on. just remember not to shake it while it's operating, otherwise you'll have a snow globe instead. Mathmos also makes the lava lamps in different shapes and colors. but they don't come cheap as my Astro went for 50 British Pounds. Anyway, Lava Lamps should be a part of any bedroom, living room or den, just don't put it in our study room.. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
Astro and Astrobaby:
Astcolr Ababyleft
Jet, Telstar and Fluidium:
Jetleft Tell Fll

photos courtesy of www.mathmos.com

Dr, Get a Grip

Friday, August 19, 2005

Dr. Grip is wonderful for those who write a lot. The special design effectively reduces the stress on your wrist and shoulder while writing. i tried it and i think writing seems more enjoyable than before.. Although it is more expensive than ordinary Pilot pen, around HK$50, it's worth. What's also important is that .. it looks nice. i got the green one and i'm going to buy another one .. maybe blue .. or orange. [equipchic]

photos courtesy of www.pilot.co.jp

Adidas Erikson

Always been an adidas fan and love their three signature stripes. Recently bought the Erikson long sleeve and love the fit on it. it's tighter around the forearms but stretchy enough to roll up. the orange stripes come down to the elbows from the shoulders and add some accent to the all white shirt. i prefer the Clima LITE from Adidas than the Dry Fit of Nike. the Nike's always catch and start shredding after several washings. if i get Nike, it would have to be their Sphere series. The Erikson has a smooth zipper in front, and a reflective logo on the chest. I love wearing this after a long day of shirts and ties, because the inside is so smooth and silky. and it's orange. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]

M1264 568741 3 M1264 568741 1
photos courtesy of www.adidas.com

Sony T5, the T3 replacement killer [photos updated]

is at it again with the "thin is in". unlike the T7 which is ultra too thin, the T5 has some bulk much like the T3 or T33. The sliding front covers the lens and also acts as the on/off switch. The T5 has 5.1 Mega pixels, 2.5inches LCD back, 32MB of internal memory, 3x optical zoom like the previous models, and and over all good looks to beat. once again, there is no viewfinder so if your batteries are out, that's it. Sony claims to get 250 Shots out of each charge, so perhaps there's no need for the viewfinder anymore, i'm just old fashioned. The camera uses Sony's Proprietary Memory Stick Duo, which people are getting used to with the PSP... the T5 comes in 4 colors, red, black gold, and silver, it can take video with audio, has 10 presets.. blah blah blah. no one really buys the T series for the performance, so who cares. it just looks good and will turn heads when you use it. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
Ft01 01Img 07
photos courtesy of www.sony.jp

Muji's Write

Lately, i've been running through highlighters like mad. Thanks to equipchic's review of the superfluorescent by Faber Castell, i've actually tried out a thinner version. the color does look brighter at first, but i must say that it dulls after drying. i would like to try the actual highlighter mentioned, as the one i use is still a free ink system. for that, i would prefer using Muji's at 84Yen a pop. Their highlighters are cheap and reliable, but the colors are faded. some may like the lighter colors because it will not show up in photocopies as easily. secondly, the free ink system is good for allowing you to know how much ink is left, but it floods pages that are glossy, like most text books. Muji's stationary on the whole are great, like their 79Yen roller ink pen which comes in many colors and thinkness. The 60 color pencils are also fun to use and at 2,100 Yen it's very cheap. Some people line their papers with color pencils and the 12 color version costs only 420Yen. For classier Muji, go for the Aluminum fountain pen at 1,155 Yen only. Good looking stationary and a reasonable price, can't get better than that. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
4547315366286 L 4547315366293 L
4547315355488 L 4547315136865 L
photos courtesy of store.muji.net

Video Discman

Those who used to own a Discman (or still do), would see the similarity but that ends here. The DCR DVD7 from Sony is their newest camcorder using the DVD medium. It can write personal videos directly onto DVD R, and DVD RW, so that it can also be played straight on DVD players. There are many good things going for this concept, but the camcorder is still much larger than the average mini DV. it uses 1/6inch Advanced HAD CCD with 680K Pixels gross. that's not too much for today and may set back its sales. but with 10x optical zoom, carl zeiss lens, 2.5 inch LCD touch screen, and the awesome Sony camcorder ease of use... the package is very tempting. put in the futuristic design guaranteed to turn heads... and you have a winner. i'd love to have it, buy me one? i'll trade my powerbook for it? [equipbug]
[click to enlarge]
Dcrdvd7 2 Dcrdvd7 3 Dcrdvd7 1
photos courtesy of www.sonystyle.com

Macs Rule!

Once again, i fall into the Apple hypnosis. They put out great looking, out of date products for idiots like me to snap up. well, i've done it again since the demise of my powerbook. this time, i've added a Mac Mini to the line up. so far, i must say that it's working very well, considering i've used it for a whole week. yeah, it's slow... the only difference from the first generation Mac Mini is the 512MB RAM, the additional bluetooth and WiFi. woo... but hey, when one is desperately in need of a computer, there's no one else to turn to. with the addition of my current 20 inch Apple display and Apple Keyboard... and the recently reviewed Mighty Mouse my desktop is complete. so with a back up computer at hand, the sky's the limit... for now. there's nothing more important than backing up your computer, and for this i am so glad i have my trusty LaCie 250GB. [equipbug]

If you are looking for a cheap Mac, with Tiger, iLife 05, and the bare bones hardware, this is definitely the way to go. it costs 499.00 USD and even less for small business or education. the compact size allows the Mini to fit snugly below the computer monitor and it really frees up a lot of space. the draw back? it's a G4 1.45Ghz, it's slower than the any of the other Apple desktops...(except the eMac perhaps) over all, i'm cautiously satisfied with the purchase.
[click to enlarge]
photos courtesy of www.apple.com

Mr. Bean's MP3

The latest Sony MP3 player is called Bean. probably not because of Mr.Bean, but because of the shape. the kidney shaped MP3 player comes in 4 colors (unlike the Apple Shuffle), and a 1 line OLED display (unlike the shuffle), a built in FM tuner (unlike the shuffle), 50 hours of playback per charge (unlike shuffles 12 hours),. and has 1GB or 512MB of memory (just like the shuffle). so which would you choose? well, if you're an Apple fan, there's really no choice, but for all others i think the answer is obvious. it has a built in pop up USB link which also doubles as the charger. for more on the pop up, click HERE.
Nwe307Black 2
the player plays MP3, ATRAC3 but NOT AAC... sigh. Sony, get with the program. otherwise a very "Bean" product. [equipbug]
[click to enlarge]
Nwe307Black Nwe307Pink
Nwe307Black 1 Nwe307Black 3 Nwe307Black 4
photos courtesy of www.sonystyle.com

Macs Suck!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

First, my iPod breaks down... then now my power book 1.33Ghz is down. it can't be started up, just the blue screen of death. i ran through the PRAM, POwer management... everything. hardware check... everything, but nothing i did can help it. the OS X is too far corrupted. several years ago, by iBook did the same thing and the guys at Apple could only reinstall the system. sucks... lost everything. this time around, i backed up most of my things, but still... i lost my work and a lot of data. setting up the computer from scratch is horrible (unless it's a new machine)
oh damn. i have to cut short... even after re installing, seems like my computer is about to break down again... freezing... if you don't get updates from equipbug for a while, you'll know why. damn it. have to do the star ratings all over again in iTunes... [equipbug]

New Carve!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Oh man. Gravity Board is out with a new carver. the "Beach Break" looks awesome. even though i'm a Sector 9 Pintail Classic fan... it's love to take this one out for a ride. at 39inches, it's the "smallest" carver, but still no slow poke. by the looks of it, the smaller size makes the board more versatile, "cruise, carve, slide, ride... whatever you want" it uses Tracker B2, 149mm trucks, Gravity Abec5, Angled risers, 66 or 62mm Gravity wheels, and a 6 ply Maple board. not to mention the really awesome graphic on the back. it just makes you want to take it out and go somewhere. basically, this board is an "in betweener" and not a true long board. the wheels are set centrally, so that you can't really ride the nose easily. it's shaped more like a shortboard, but... it also has the wheel cut outs and .. man, it looks good. check it out. 135.00 USD [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
C39 New39

photos courtesy of www.gravityboard.com

Reviewed: Mighty Mouse [updated]

After playing around with Apple's new Mighty Mouse, i've grown to love the functions. it's super easy to install and works on both my Windows as well as Mac machines. of course i have to keep it on the mac in order to utilize everything. so what sets this mouse apart?
First of all, the 4 button mouse looks like a 1 button mouse. it has the exact same dimensions as the original wired Apple Pro Mouse. in fact, the outer appearance is hardly distinguishable from each other. the specs have been mentioned previously HERE. so basically, it has 2 touch sensitive buttons, and a scroll/clickable ball as well as a side "squeeze" button.
The two standard buttons: are invisible. it's touch sensitive, yet the mouse needs to be pressed down like before. so basically, it depends on which area you are touching to determine whether the left or right button was intended. these are programmable.
the scroll ball... is the best part. at first, the ball was not scrolling smoothly and i mistook it as a knob like the IBM thinkpads. After a few more days of usage, the little scroll ball truly started to shine. the ball can detect fast and slow scrolling while it emits a tiny clicking sound, which is generated by the mouse. this lets you know how fast you are scrolling. the knob allows horizontal, vertical and diagonal scrolling. it's a really amazing feature, and before actually using it, i was wondering why the ball would be so small. this feature is very good at distinguishing how fast you want to scroll and works without a hitch. (so far) with apple products... you never know how long it will last.
lastly, the side squeeze. well... it also makes a "click" sound, just like the other buttons, but it's also emitted by the mouse. so when the mouse is lifted off the table, there is no click no matter how hard you squeeze. ingenious. this, like all other buttons, is programmable and should come in handy. the installation CD worked without any problems and added more programmable features to the mouse. this installation only works for TIGER, unfortunately...

check out the mighty mouse... it just might be the mouse that roars. [equipbug]

Sony Ericsson W800i

Sunday, August 14, 2005
After releasing the K750i for only a few months, Sony Ericsson has just put a similar phone W800i onto sale.

The W800i has a very sporty look using white and orange as the main colour. This tri-band bar-phone comes with a 2 megapixel camera with auto-focus. It also has 38MB of internal memory and supports Memory Stick Pro Duo of up to 2GB. It has bluetooth and infra-red installed for data transfer. It also has a radio built-in.

As I said, this phone is very similar to the K750i, so it's not surprising that K750i also have all of these functions. What K750i doesn't have is the walkman function that the W800i has. This walkman function allows the phone to play MP3s without having to turn on the phone itself. Which means, the W800i can serve as an MP3 player and can be used on the plane even the phone is switched off! The phone package include a 512MB Memory Stick Pro Duo and a high quality headphone which makes the phone truly a Walkman Phone.

W800i is on sale now.
The Standard package with a 512MB Memory Stick Pro Duo plus a high quality headphone is sold at HK$3980.
The Special package with a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo plus a high quality headphone with volume control is sold at HK$4880.

Probably getting a standard package is good enough as a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo is only sold at HK$750 in the market and the volume control on the headphone is not really that useful.

So buy the standard package and then add HK$750 to get a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo for the phone. Keep the 512MB Memory Stick Pro Duo for the PSP? Camera? or whatever uses a Memory Stick Duo! [equipball]

Sony Ericsson W800i

Sony Ericsson K750i

Photos courtesy of www.sonyericsson.com

The BMW Supercar - Z10

If we were to talk about Supercars, the majority of us would immediately go for brands like Ferrari, Lamboughini or Porsche. Some of us might love Maserati or Aston Martin. How many of us would have BMW blinking in our mind?

After the great success in launching the superb new 3, 5 and 7 series, BMW is planning to build a Supercar which could go as fast as a Ferrari F430, Lamboughini Gallardo or even a Porsche Carrera GT.

The BMW new Rear/Centrally mounted V10 rear wheel drive Supercar is likely to be called the "Z10". It is a roadster with a soft top. The engine in it is likely to be the highly developed version of the latest M5 & M6 V10 5.0 litre 500Bhp engines, increased by another 50cc's could make the new V10 capable of developing 550Bhp. Aluminium & carbon-fibre would be used throughout so as to keep the weight of the car under 1200kg.

BMW would put in the latest technologies to enhance its road holding capabilites and to ensure this monster sticks to the road like an F1 car.
They are said to be produced at the Rolls Royce Goodwood plant and BMW hopes to keep the price within £90,000 and sales should start in 2008. [equipball]

Photos courtesy of www.bmw2002.co.uk