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Ganache Chocolate

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Royce' "Ganache Chocolate" is made with additive-free Hokkaido-made pure fresh cream, the taste is delicate and it's super creamy. this is my favorite chocolate and my friends love it too!! i think that it would be a great choice as gift. it is available in city'super, and the price is reasonable .. around HK$ 60 per pack. The package recommends storage at below 10 degrees Celsius, mainly because the ingredients include fresh cream. It comes with a cooling gel pack to ensure that the chocolates make it from the shop to your home intact. [equipchic]

photos courtesy of www.e-royce.com

W550i, well.. better than nothing

Monday, August 08, 2005

sonyericsson came out with a new phone for the Europe and Asian market today. the phone is dubbed W550i, but it's pretty much the same as the american released W600a. The spinner format phone looks all right, i wouldn't say it looks good... but we'll have to see when it is officially released. it is Orange, so that's a plus. the phone comes with all the basic features, like 1.3 MP camera, video playback, MP3, AAC playback, radio player, 256MB built in memory! (but no expansion slots), 1.8" 262K color screen, triband.... etc etc. the list goes on and on, like bluetooth, stereo speakers, high quality head phones, infrared, 40 polyphonic ring tones... and oh yes, it makes phone calls. now with all the details set aside... it's important for the phone to look good. so check out the photos, not sure if it will help without actually holding the thing. why can't Sony release some of their japanese phones abroad? [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
Sony Ericsson W550I P00
Sony Ericsson W550I P02 Sony Ericsson W550I P03
photos courtesy of www.infosyncworld.com

Saw Saw, now Saw 2 [updated]

[Sorry the gruesome trailers have been removed since this posting]
I recently watched the movie "Saw" and thought it was pretty good. i don't want to give away anything here, but it's a pretty messed up and freaky movie. It's about a murderer who likes to play games with people, or his victims. He never really kills anyone, but makes them die indirectly with his games. I think it's a bit like Seven mixed in with a plot twist in the end. hmm. but i'd have to say Seven was a better movie and no plot twist was needed to finish it off. Saw was never really scary, but it was suspenseful. i'm sure some viewers would find it a bit Gory, Sick and Disturbing... so be warned. Saw 2 is coming out this year, in fact, this halloween. "Saw" would be a hard movie to top and i'm hoping that this sequel will not disappoint. Check out the trailer, it won't give anything away but it has the same freaky doll in the TV. [equipbug]

Saw Trailer HERE:
Saw 2 Trailer HERE:


photo courtesy of www.apple.com