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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Faber-Castell textliner 1546 is a spectacular highlighter. the marking result is excellent even for the special types of paper. the most important thing is that it retain super-fluorescent for a long period of time.
it's available in 4 colours and 3 line widths. moreover, the price is resonable, cost only HK$5. it's worth trying, as the translucent design looks fine too. [equipchic]

photos courtesy of www.faber-castell.de

Tiger's Equipment 3: the other ONE

Friday, July 29, 2005

I suppose there's no better time to write about Tiger's Equipment then after a British Open win several weeks back. But this week, he started the Buick Open 05 with a -1 and with the projected cut at -2, he was looking to make a move. on Friday, his second round began with a crawl in the first two holes but the pace picked up and he sprinted to a -11 finish, which put him in 2nd place, 1 stroke off leader Vijay. With back to back eagles... it's just not human. well, perhaps it's his balls. golf balls, that is... he uses Nike's Platinum ONE. they were specially designed for him and his playing style. It's a 3 cover, 4 layer ball. Supposedly allows a more variable and aggressive play, depending on the club used. the inner layer reduces driver spin, the middle increases mid iron spin control, and the outer layer increases feel and gives a higher trajectory. This is what Tiger uses, his balls have TIGER written on them and 1's only. then again, i'm sure he can use any old ball and still whoop.. but it's a good looking ball and at 54USD, they better be.
[click to enlarge]
243261 243261 Alt2 243261 Inset

Other choices are the ONE black and ONE gold. The black is designed with a 2 cover, 3 layer system with a larger core. This design basically translates your driver power to the core and gives you more distance in the drives. it also has a high trajectory like Platinum (they have the same dimple pattern) and tigher in windier conditions. Meanwhile, the Gold is pretty much the same as the Platinum in the 3 cover, 4 layer design. the layers serve similar functions and also a good ball for all round play. The difference lies in the outer dimples, and the compressions. The Gold does not have the Progressive Density Core, like Black and Platinum, so it spins more on drives. The Platinum benefits from drivers with the larger heads and Gold is a more standard all round ball.

in the end, i think any ball will do, i just got to keep it on the fairway.
[click to enlarge]
239635 239634
photos courtesy of www.golfsmith.com

Dyna won't you blow your Ball?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

I bought this at a golf convention over in las vegas several years ago. yes, i was there for the conference only... anyway, the power ball caught my eye over all the golf clubs and even as a prototype back then it was immediately attractive. i bought it and started using it to train my forearms. in fact, it's a lot better than the grip strengthening grippies because it take a lot more coordination. you have to feel the torque and work against it. the only moving parts is the rotating gyro inside. the Dynaflex Gyro Ball 9000 rotates at 13,000 RPM and resists from 32 to 35lbs of torque. after about a minute of buzzing, the arms will feel sore and tired, while from the outside people will have no idea why you're cramping up. it's a pretty smart design and definitely portable. i personally find it useful in anything involving the forearm muscles, including any racquet sports, golf, or even guitar. the newer versions come with a glowing LED which is powered by the rotation of the gyros. there are many imitators out there, and i have yet to try them all, but even after 5 years of usage my powerball is still spinning strong. [equipbug]

40 USD for LED version
Pb Wbox 300

25 USD for regular gyroball
Pro Wbox 300
photos courtesy of www.dynaflex-intl.com

Shower Clock

Ever wondered what time it was while you were showering? sometimes i'm in a hurry when i shower and need to know exactly how much time i spend inside, or other times when i want to time the hair treatment, or sing a song... what ever the case it's always useful to have a water proof clock handy. this one from Muji hangs on the shower or any handle and tells time with a second hand as well. plain, simple, looks good, exactly what i like. at 2,499 Yen, it's not much more than a "designer" clock you would find at IKEA. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
4547315923915 L
photo courtesy of www.muji.net

Reviewed: iLife (not by Apple)

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

As mentioned previously, Osim has come out with their own iLife. The features and specs were mentioned last time and i will focus on the function here. Having used it for several months, i can say that the air purifier actually works. i'm not sure about the ionizing effects and "attracting" dust towards the intake, but it does keep dust to a minimal. the UV light is also unique and technically works within hospitals so why not at home? many things are sterilized using UV light exposure. the problem is that it also causes cancer, especially skin cancer. so when i placed the iLife near my work desk, i noticed that i can see the blue light coming from the back, which also means i'm being exposed to the UV light. after some rearrangement, the back faces away from people and should be fine. i've run the filter fan on low, which is very quiet but weak, and currently on high for better circulation. it's a lot more noisy, but still a far cry from the usual air conditioner. The appearance gives any room a sense of calm, with the blue light emitting from the front panel. the overall design is very attractive and matches the blue LED from my JBL speakers as well. The iLife also comes with a nice matching remote, for the really lazy? the controls are simple, with fan speed control, Ionizer, self count down timer, power button and the reset button. price aside, i'm glad i bought this over other brands. i think the UV filter set it apart. with the air smelling a lot "cleaner" , all i need now is a machine to clean my room. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
2005-03-1043-A 2005-03-1043-C

the matching remote
photos courtesy of en.red-dot.org

Tiger's Equipment 2

Nike outfits Tiger with their forged blades. they are the first irons to come out of NIKE GOLF, but have been on the line ever since. i have been using them from the get go and loving it. the forging is soft and i really get a lot of feel from using them. i can't say i use them the same way Tiger Woods does, but they are virtually the same clubs with different shafts and he plays then 1 deg upright and D4 swing weight. Since i bought the irons in the beginning, they are made and forged in Japan, but these days all golf clubs from Nike are made in China. Not that i have anything against the country, but i still enjoy the forged equipment from the land that made forged samurai swords. Back to the irons. i play 3 to PW and there are no hot spots on these clubs. the distance i get are consistent and reliable strike after strike. I had the grips enlarged because it was a bit too narrow for my hands, and my shaft is S300 dynamic gold, so it's pretty stiff even at the long irons. i'd say on average the ball carries 210 yards on the 3 iron, with a pretty high flight and lands with very little roll. the swing weight is well balanced and feels a lot like the older Mizuno clubs like MP14, and even the MP33. the pure, clean look of these classic muscle backs are the only clubs i go to just because i love the small heads and traditional lines. I also like to work the ball, so the response from a forged club is important. one complaint, the heads are soft... after several years in the bag they are dented and scratched up, yet they still hit solidly. [equipbug]

Tiger's irons have his Logo and Name laser etched into the back, and i'm sure the clubs are not ones you can buy off the shelf but it's very similar as everyone likes to tweak their clubs once you get used to them.

photo courtesy of www.golfsmith.com

Everything Mini


Apple also released the first update to the Mac Mini. The computer itself is everything i was hoping for. Small Tiny, headless, silent, square, no keyboard or mouse, burns CDs, looks good, runs on Mac Tiger! now for the new iteration, i was hoping for DVD burning, HUGE hard drive, updated video card and at least a faster chip. BUT, Apple decided to keep everything the same and no speed bump. All they changed was the RAM, from 256 to 512MB... sigh, what are you DOING Apple? from a pretty cool idea to a piece of junk. if all you do is surf the web, then you'll be fine with it, but now that Tiger and iLife 05 is included, the Mini is just too weak. the video card is on the OLD ibooks from last year, the CPU is G4 1.25Ghz (on the powerbook 2 years ago), 40GB of HD (iPod has 60GB), and the Wifi & Bluetooth is STILL optional (which makes sense to keep prices down). So what can i do? probably won't be buying one anytime soon but i'm a suck for these things. we'll have to see. it still looks good and it can handle all the "everyday" tasks i throw at it. so still at 499 USD, or 699 USD for the super drive 1.42Ghz version. let's see what they can do with sales. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]

photos courtesy of www.apple.com

Panasonic LX9

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Without waiting too long, Panasonic released the LX9 just a few months after the LX8. the new compact camera has a slimmer format and the same large 2.5 inch LCD with increased pixels, and with the sensor boosted to 6MP. There are 14 preset scenes, anti shake software, 3x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, and the standard good looking exterior. These days, compact cameras are a dime a dozen, but Panasonic has managed to stand out with the LX series. this latest incarnation hopes to carry the easy-to-use feeling and the sharp photos assisted by the anti shake function. on holding the camera, it feels a lot lighter than some of the similarly sized cameras. i personally feel that with such small cameras, it would be preferable to have a hefty solid feeling machine as opposed to the light hollow feeling this gives off. This camera also lacks the viewfinder which i find essential in any sized camera because when the battery goes low, i'd like to use the viewfinder rather than the LCD screen. [equipbug]

the FX9 comes in 4 colors:
[click to enlarge]

Swap01 F3 Swap01 F4 Swap01 F2

photo courtesy of panasonic.jp

new iBooks

it's been nearly a year since their last update but the new iBooks are finally out! first have to mention that, for better or worse, the exterior has not changed. It still bear the all white plastic outer form with the slot loading drive. Having used the iBook previously, i have to say that you get a lot of computer for the money. at 999 USD, the laptop comes with a CD burner, wireless WiFi, Bluetooth, 1.33Ghz of G4 power, doubled to 512 MB of 333Mhz SDRAM, 40 GB of drive, and an improved 32MB display card. new additions also include the motion sensor which locks the hard drive head in the case if the computer falls towards the ground and the new trackpad which scrolls when two fingers are used instead of one. otherwise, the iBook is unchanged and still lookin just as good. i must admit that i was hoping for a change in form, especially with the new "wide" resolution screens becoming so popular. the downfall of the iBook is its weight at 4.9 lbs. Nevertheless, with 6 hours of battery power, you may never realize that extra weight because you don't have to search for an outlet. it is said to make an impact, and it probably does with the distinctive shape and color(less), but when it comes to taking an impact i have to admit that you'll want to keep it safe in a protective casing when traveling. bottomline, this is such a great deal for all you get. add Tiger and iLife 05 to the equation and you've got the perfect laptop companion. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]


photo courtesy of www.apple.com