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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

Tiger's Equipment 1

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Once again, Tiger takes the Clarnet Jug home. Winner of the 2005 British Open Golf Championship... sigh. i'm glad that he's back in shape. after some major changes in his swing and form, it seems like all that hard work is paying off. i just wish that he would play in more tournaments so that Vijay Signh isn't always on top of the money list. then again Vijay is a pretty hard worker himself. at 14 under par, Tiger stood on top by 5 strokes and Ignited his win with the help of some pretty handy equipment and this is where we will introduce his tools. Nike's newest driver is a whopping 460CC and extremely easy off the tee. the extra large heads just seem to get bigger and bigger. i'm still playing with a 340CC Titleist and i already find that pretty big. Nike is very new to the golf industry but they seem to have the R&D down. The Ignite is made from "beta" Titanium, which just means a type of titanium. They are making the clubs lighter and harder, but the face gets thinner and thinner which adds to the trampoline effect. All of Tiger's equipment from head to toe are made by NIKE. Now, i'm not a big fan of Nike Drivers, but with the current string of wins, i'd definitely like to try the driver of the worlds best golfer! He plays a 8.5 degree loft. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
Nike Ignite 460Cc Graphite Shaft

Photo Courtesy of www.pricerunner.co.uk

vitasoy, it's a classic

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Soy milk is the new milk, and Vitasoy has been making them for decades now. it's sold in over a dozen countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Canada, UK, etc. the popular drink has expanded into juices and flavored soy, but my favorite remains as the Malted Vitasoy. served cold, it is the best drink-in-a-box. there was a little commotion about the China branch using expired ingredients just a month ago, but let's hope that they've got that fixed up. who knows what companies do these days, but i've remained a fan of this bean drink. try the original flavor, it's a bit sweeter than the usual "health" drinks, but it's soymilk nevertheless. [equipbug]

Pb 01
photo courtesy of www.vitasoy.com.hk

Breitling for Bentley, match made in heaven

Breitlings are absolutely awesome, and sure some of them are over the top with the gold and chrome, but who can say they wouldn't want one? the classy aero wing logo and characteristic layouts make any Breitling stand out. the precise swiss action since 1884 has been perfected over the years and the chronometer come in handy for the trips on your private jet. the movement on these watches are smooth and delicate, but it is sure to last you a life time. when put together with the Bentley designs, the GT series truly looks amazing. usually breitlings are meant to be pilot watches but this one is meant for the driver. the cambered sapphire crystal face, resistant to 330 ft, day date calendar and self winding mechanism
combined with the variable tachometer on the circular slide rule is just pure art. love it or hate it, i'd like to get my hands on one (some day) [equipbug]

[click to super enlarge]
Img1 Img9
photo courtesy of www.breitlingforbentley.com

Back to CHiPs

Monday, July 18, 2005

Remember CHiPs? (California Highway Patrolmen) Back in the 80's the aviator sunnies meant highway police on their cool bikes. even tom cruise had a pair on "Top Gun" and once again, history repeats itself with the Aviators back in fashion. Oakley has come out with the WARDENS for a long time, but they were scarce. then came the Crosshairs last year. With the Warden, the look is more traditional and rounded than the Crosshairs. the classic Gold rims complete the cheesy beach look. as with all Oakley's the Wardens are snug, fitted with non slip rubber ends, and the optics are great. i'd buy that for a dollar, but this will cost you 120USD. besides the gold, it also comes in pink, olive and grey. [equipbug]

[click to super enlarge]
42A71Cf330102.Png 0 0 0
42A71D30E24B0.Png 0 0 0
42A71D0F8F47E.Png 0 0 0

photos courtesy of www.oakley.com

ONE (two)

Thanks to some readers, the question has been raised as to whether purchasing these Bands for charity or fashion is in fact an effective way to battle cancer or poverty. in this case, does the white "ONE" band raise enough money to justify they popularity and media? is it a hype? a Fad? or is the band actually helping to raise awareness rather than monetary basis alone? in which case this is in fact a Fabulous way to bring out the best in people by having them know about the truth about poverty, and the white bands are in fact a symbol more than a waste of 1 dollar. that is up to you, and the polls have changed to reflect your thoughts! let us know, your views are important to us, vote now! Fab or Fad? [equipians]

Hollister Back girl!

Seems like the vintage look is back in full force and casual worn out t shirts are everywhere. A new clothing company, spawning from parent Abercrombie & Fitch, called Hollister makes some of the mellowist surf styled T's. Their prices are not out of control like A&F and some of the designers, but usually stay in the 20 Dollar range for a T shirt. the Ringer shirts, the fitted T's and surf styled graphics make them an immediately appealing to beach goers and casual dressers a like. with the longboard skateboard coming back, it's time to get dressed and take to the beach or concrete! summer is short, get out and enjoy! [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
11090 01 L13366 01 L13282 02 L
11093 01 L13431 01 L13446 01 L
photos courtesy of www.hollisterco.com

Maui Babes

Now i'm not really sure if Maui is known for their babes, but the Browning Lotion by Maui Babes Inc. is definitely hot! It's not a self tanner or stainer, but acts to increased the tanning effects of the sun without burning you. there are many such products out, but so far i've found Maui Babe to be the best. the ingredients are a "Local Secret" but it includes Hawaiian products like Kakui Nuts, Kona Coffee extracts, Aloe, potassium, Vitamin A, C, E, and other goodies. problem with this lotion is that it's really more like an oil, it's very slick and probably won't last once you get into the water. It also smells like... coffee gunk, which may not appeal to everyone. nevertheless, the effects and results of this browning lotion is very good and i've never been sun burnt from using this product. it's best used if you're not planning on sitting on any nice leather seats or getting back into your shirt anytime soon as with all oil based lotions it can be a sticky business. they go for 21 USD per 8oz bottle at the website : www.mauibabe.com [equipbug]

photo courtesy of www.mauibabe.com