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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

Shea Butter

Saturday, July 16, 2005
Although it's summer time, lip balm is still essential. at night, i like to use L'Occitane Pure Shea Butter. apart from the lips, you can use it on the dry areas of your face and nail cuticles... i like the Shea Butter Hand Cream very much as well. others may think that it's too creamy, but i think that's just fine. what i like most is the scent, it's so warm ... so natural .... [equipchic]

photos courtesy of www.loccitane.com

newest S1, T1, Z1 killer

Friday, July 15, 2005

Nikon's S1 was Sony's T1 killer and now they have been bested by the same strategy by Konica Minolta's X1. With a 2.5 large screen, and 8 MP of power, the 3 times optical zoom is probably the most powerful ultra compact to date. it also uses the same format as the other internal optical zooms like T1, T33, or the new T7. the design is a lot like Nikon's s1 with the rounded corners and simple face. it comes in 3 colors and VGA video capable with audio as well as anti shake capabilities for sharp results. it also has a dock for easy connection to the supplied software. i'm not sure what to do with 8MP on an ultra compact, the quality will have to be seen but it's likely that 8MP is an over kill. nevertheless, it's stylish. [equipbug]
others: Nikon S1, Fujifilm Z1, Sony T1, T3, T7, (notice a naming pattern?)

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08Red Pict002 08Red Pict003
08Black Pict002 08Black Pict003
08 Pict002 08 Pict003
03 Pict001
photos courtesy of www.konicaminolta.jp

Reviewed: 32" Slalom Buttons by Gravity Boards

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Gravity SkateBoards make some really nice long boards. after messing around for several months on the GS32 (Giant Slalom) model, i can say that i am thoroughly satisfied with this purchase.
Ride: the ride is smooth and on my 66mm 78a amber soft wheels, the larger bumps are absorbed while the grip is super tight. it also comes with abec 5 bearings which make the smooth ride even quicker and effortless. going down a hill is much less wobbly even at higher speeds because of the Randal R-II 150mm trucks. they sit tight at high speeds and turn on hard leans. the angled trucks do not need risers but still allows me to lean into the bigger turns. the hardwood maple body has a slight flex and some concavity for better turns. it's short, which makes it more firm than most long boards but it's got the feel of a surf board. the over all feeling is carving waves on concrete, awesome.
Looks: at 32 inches, this is not much larger than a short board, but definitely runs like a long. there's no kick tail but you can still manage to step it up with the little raised end. i would like to take this portable board with me everywhere i go, especially with the really cool graphics on the underside. i prefer the twin palm trees over the "buttons" model, because it reminds me of the nice beaches with Oahu's Diamond Head in the back ground. the topside has a strip that reveals "Gravity Skateboards" right in the center where the grip tape is cut out. the shape is wide and with wheel cut outs at the front and back to avoid wheel burns. overall, this is the best looking board i own and being so portable i also use it the most. [equipbug]

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photo courtesy of www.gravityboard.com


Poverty, you heard it at the LIVE 8 concert last month, the music, the message and now the band. Made popular by Lance Armstrong's Yellow "Live Strong" band supporting cancer, wearing large rubber bands have become cool. it's a bold statement and the money goes to charity, on top of which it's a hot fashion item, best of both worlds. now comes the "white" version for poverty, support the cause or support the look? it's your for only 1 dollar. make someone happy and spread the word. [equipbug]

Video Click HERE or the Image:
Watch One Video
photos courtesy of www.one.org

Canon IXUS 50 revived

After purchasing my Canon IXUS 55 several months ago, it met its tragic demise only a month afterwards. Turns out Canon does not give warranty to water leak in their waterproof cases! i spent an additional 25USD on getting the camera "looked at" and it was given back to me opened, unfixed and totally useless. Canon has a terrible policy where they don't repair or warrant water damage even though it's their own water proof case. so after a month of usage, a few underwater photos in Hawaii with the sea turtles... my case, along with the camera's life came to an end. (they won't even replace the faulty O ring damn it). well, being a sucker that i am, i went out to purchase the SAME camera at full price. yeah, i guess i was really happy with the camera itself and hope that history will not repeat itself. anyway, i've said all the good things about the camera previously, and perhaps i should mention the downfalls. in a bright, outdoor scene the "purple fringing" is really obvious and horrid. some grittiness in all the photos taken as well. it doesn't compare to the 5MP Sony V1 when it comes to quality, but you don't expect much from a micro-sized, 5MP speed demon of a compact camera. i'm happy enough with it to try again, so we'll see what happens, i can't stand not having a camera with me.. [equipbug]

[click to mega enlarge]
photo courtesy of www.canon.com.hk

PSP Bleach 2!

Hot on the heals of Bleach!, part 2 will be coming out in September. I have to say that the first installment had superb graphics and game play, but it was far too easy to complete. Someone picking up the game for the 2nd time will probably finish a character's story on the first try. the 6 playable characters were varied and unique but with only 6 competitors the game got old very quickly. otherwise, the smooth 3D graphics in this cell shaded fighter is candy to the eye. the bonus game, Brick out, is also an interesting twist which kept me playing for a few days longer. in teh second part, there will be new stories, 3 additional playable characters and new moves. there is also be the same multiplayer mode where 2 PSP's can go head to head. i doubt that i'll put money on the same game just for 3 more characters, but if you haven't bought the first one, the second may be what you're waiting for. [equipbug]

original review HERE:

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photos courtesy of www.playstation.jp

Ice Age 2 short film

I wasn't too impressed by the first installment of "Ice Age" CGI full feature from 20th Century Fox, so i'm not too excited by the second coming. Nevertheless, they released a "short" online for viewing. the first movie had a short during the introduction credits as well, and this current one is a continuation of the squirrel-rat thing's search for its buried acorn in the frozen world. part 2 is called "The Meltdown" which is emphasized in the gravity defying scene in this Short. [equipbug]

Check out the Short FIlm HERE:

Ia2 Tsr Land R2C3

photos courtesy of www.apple.com

airport express 2

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Apple also makes a product called the airport express. it's the mini version of the apple airport, but it's better in many ways. they both enable wireless connection to the internet via 802.11b and g through broadband with transfer speeds of up to 11Mbps. with the "express", you can share your USB printer on the wireless network, connect powered speakers and play music from anywhere while you are in range, and also widen your current wireless space. with all things apple, the "express" also looks good in the all white styling. i have one set up in my room which allows free roaming of my powerbook. so far, i have not come into any problems with the USB printer or speakers. iTunes automatically detects the speakers and i have the option to play it on any "express" i like. (assuming i have more than one) for only 99USD, this is well worth the money. [equipbug]

check it out HERE:
courtesy of www.apple.com

airport express 1

Going to and from Hong Kong? you are bound to end up at the airport and with the airport express, checking in and leaving the airport is never easier. Hong Kong's international airport is known for it's super service and cool designs, but the ease of traveling is just the beginning. the airport express takes you from the Hong Kong island to the airport terminals in just 22 minutes. they also leave every 12 minutes or so. if you ever visit the city, be sure to check out the day passes and subway deals. [equipian]

Bn Aelintro

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Mtr Map2Ael
photos courtesy of www.mtr.com.hk

Eye for things

Monday, July 11, 2005

Welch Allyn has been making Opthalmoscopes for many years and their innovative product, Pan Optic, makes it much easier to check out the fundus. Many doctors have trouble with seeing the "inside" of the patients' eyes and even for the General Practitioner, it is important to spot changes in the retina. (especially for patients with chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension) Pan Optic is better than the usual Opthalmoscope in several aspects. firstly, it is easier to use and locate landmarks within the eye, it has a 5 times greater viewing window, and for most patients without pupil dilation it is very hard to see a lot of the eye. this Pan Optic also enlarges the details in the eye so that more precise signs can be spotted. whether it's a student or a skilled opthalmologist using the panoptic, it makes life just easier to "see". [equipbug]

for a video demonstration, click HERE:
Scope Home

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photo courtesy of panoptic.welchallyn.com