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new iPods

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

well, seems like my wait is finally over. after killing my old iPod G3 by using the iTunes sync it may be time to get a new iPod. Apple came out with the new iPods today, 20GB and 60GB. they merged the two lines of iPod and iPod color into one single line, all color. the prices have come down, to 299 and 399 USD respectively. the new addition is the podcasting feature which allows users to download audio features from the web onto their iPods. it's the newest craze where large corps or dedicated fans do little radio shows and post them online. listeners can download them and listen to anything from hit lists, news, movie reviews to just plain old music. what a great invention, and now with the iPAL i can listen to everything just like a radio, away from the computer. man, technology just get better and better don't they? [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
photo courtesy of www.apple.com

hey, i'm a PAL, iPAL

Thanks to equiptrack, i've come upon the PAL (Portable Audio System) by Tivoli and currently enjoying a superbly sharp sounding jazz radio station here in LA. it's mono, sure, but the sound is so full that i would never believe it came from a M.I.C product. (Made in China). Tivoli has really gone quite far with this, and since the PAL is made from plastic it can withstand the "elements" as mentioned before. what i can add to it is that my iPAL, the iPod version, works exactly the same but without the rubbery sides which i read may come off in time. the white and silver is a bit over kill for me... i should have gone with the solid colors but i didn't want to wait and ordered from Amazon. just this week, Tivoli came out with some new 2005 "Fashion" colors! damn.. and one of them is orange. sigh, sometimes you just never know when new things come out. [equipbug]

[click to view the awesome new colors]

PAL® Fashion Collection (PINK)
PAL® Fashion Collection (SKY BLUE)
PAL® Fashion Collection (ORANGE)
PAL® Fashion Collection (LIME)

B0002Ha7Ok.01. Sclzzzzzzz
photo courtesy of www.amazon.com

iControl the Garageband

Monday, June 27, 2005

M-Audio is coming out with the iControl, which is a USB powered external panel for Apple's Garageband. Garageband is a simple to use music recording software which allows multiple track and effects. i've created songs easily with the drag and drop functions and all the different loops included. i have also attached a USB keyboard and guitar to play my own music. now with the iControl, i can take over all the virtual buttons with the panel, like volume, pan, effects, loops, plya, record and much more. there is also a dedicated jogwheel, transport buttons as well as programmable buttons. it is compatible right out of the box and it is probably the secret "musicbox" Apple has been under wraps all this time. let's hope it was worth the hype. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]

photo courtesy of www.m-audio.com

Digital Photo Frame

Sunday, June 26, 2005
The world's first digital album with MP3 playback and remote control features. It supports all digital camera media formats and display image up to 12 mega pixels in JPG format. Other features include built-in speaker, video output to TV, Audio output to Hi-Fi system, play MP3 music as background music for photo slidshow. I think it could be a very nice gift as people still love to decorate their home with photos taken by themselves. It's available in City'super. Price: HKD2,480 with 258MB flash. [equipchic]

photo courtesy of www.citysuper.com

Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Yes I know the movie is out but I’d like to recommend the book. You know books, the primitive version of a dvd. I know there is a lot of people out there who grew up reading this series and can’t wait to catch the movie. To those of you who haven’t read the book, I strongly recommend it. It is hilarious, witty actually! It just gets better and better, and my favourite is the 3rd book, life, universe and everything. But I must warn the masses that this is a science fiction and for those faint hearted people who uses their stomach as an excuse to say science fiction doesn’t agree with them, I say, its their loss. The ideas are out of this world (appropriate since Earth is blown up in the beginning), and some may even sound a bit dodgy but its all in great fun.

But his last book, well, almost last, since it was published after his death, Salmon of a doubt, which is actually a collections of short articles he wrote for the sake of writing I guess about everything under the sun (kinda like this blog) and his thoughts and travels. Pretty impressive I think, makes you feel like you are having a conversation with the man. It sure leaves a smile on my face when I finish a chapter. {equipmania}

0345391802.01. Pidp-Schmoo2,Topright,7,-26 Pe29 Scmzzzzzzz 1400045088.01. Pidp-Schmoos,Topright,7,-26 Pe32 Scmzzzzzzz
photos courtesy of www.amazon.com


The Body Shop is famous for their very nice smelling shops all over the world. Its no surprise cause all their products smells so delicious that sometimes you’d wanna eat them. Being in the middle of summer now, its not a bad thing to smell delicious all day. Check out their shower gels. My all time favourite is of course the classic strawberry but I got to try some of their latest summer fragrances which is also heavenly like papaya, mango and orange & honey. The vanilla one makes me smell like cake batter. Hmm.. is that good or bad. Anyways, if you are also using their perfumes, you should get the matching shower gels too. I recommend oceanus which has a fresh smell to it or their all time best seller, white musk.

Another essential must-haves for this summer are their lip balm. My lips are easily dried so I have been using their lip balm for eons (no, I’m not old!) day and night. And yet again, my all time favourite is strawberry (no surprise huh) and it smells yummy like bubble gum. When I feel like a change I go for mandarin orange or passion fruit. This season they have come out with lip butter which is less shiny so the guys can steal it from us guilt free.

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Pd Papaya Shower Gel
Pd Mango Lip Butter Pd Strawberry Born Lippy Balm
photos courtesy of www.bodyshop.com

Bond part II

the watch was already mentioned HERE, but Bond is more than just a nice watch. His old label, but new ride, is the Vanquish (big brother of the Vantage) You've seen it in action on "Die Another Day", but the real deal is not about going invisible and shooting rockets. the Vanquish S V12 is aesthetically perfect and the low rumble is just another way of letting people know the power behind this beautiful beast. Top speed of 321 km/h, 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, 0-100 mph in just 9.8 seconds, it's the fastest Aston Martin road car ever! This hand made, personalized made-to-order machine will cost you 259,350 USD (base price) and it can be a 2 or 4 seater. rolling up in this car would turn any heads, and it is far less common than the typical Ferrari.

[click to enlarge]
610X224 The Cars V12 Vanquish S V12 Vanquish S 64961630-E12C-482E-86E7-0Cd39Facdfab

want something more racy and less classy? check out the newest DB RS9. it's the racing version of the DB9 coupe, with the body panels exchanged for composite materials and the addition of a roll cage. the V12 engine bumped up to 550 horses, racing suspension, etc and it's perfect for that weekend track race if you've got 210,945 USD to spare. Bond would be envious. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
photo courtesy of www.astonmartin.com, www.roadandtrack.com

Bond part I

James Bond, martini shaken not stirred, is the quintessential gadgets man, among others. the look he creates is always cool and classy, so try and take advantage of those suits-on-sale. a suit needs to fit well, whether it's the sleeve, torso circumference, shoulder width, everything. a single good fitting suit is better than 10 off the rack suits. find the brand that fits and get it altered and tailored to your specs. i find that i fit into Armani's cutting and it is a good and bad thing. all nice suits will cost... but not all suits will fit. i was lucky to find mine for half price and got a great deal on a pinstripe black 3 button. it's not in the brand, it's the materials and cutting that is most important so stepping into a reputable store will mean better assistance by people who deal with suits day in day out, don't skimp on the suit! having at least one basic black 3 button suit will be a start to that Bond look. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]

*never buy a suit online unless you've tried on the same one at a store!
photo courtesy of www.overstock.com