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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Pontiac's little new SUV called Vibe is not too shabby. i've used it for several days and logged in a couple hundred miles already. It's a rental, so hey what do you expect. my long commutes on this little SUV has been decent. it comes in GT and AWD versions, but i've got the basic. i call it a little SUV because it's like a bug when you compare it to the Hummers people in Southern CA drive. it is pretty stable on the highway, and the mileage is decent, with about 30-36 mpg. i can't say the handling is any good, the car sways and tips when i turn hard. the stereo is also poor, the bass is too loud even when turned down, and the treble is piercing. songs are either inaudible or the true sound doesn't come out. otherwise, this is a decent car for daily uses, in fact, i can see it being quite fun on outings. it has a plastic lined hatchback and a nice half rack on the roof. another plus is that it looks decent, for an american car, and the dash has some cool colors. overall, i'd say this is a satisfactory car. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
Enlarge Image100
photo courtesy of www.pontiac.com

Barney Rustle Blanket

Crumpler gives their messenger bags very odd names, but what's in a name? the Barney Rustle Blanket is my final choice and it recently arrived by mail after being lost around the world. the size is perfect for a 12" powerbook and the dimensions are very flexible. it can take bulky as well as flat objects, thanks to folds along the bottom to accommodate different shapes. there are a few inside pockets, a larger zipped pocket and the main compartment. i like the "sunburst" design on the outside and it comes in many colors. i eventually chose the grey, because it is less "loud" and it would allow me to take it to work. the main strap is adjustable, but leaves a loop on the end because it doesn't fold into itself. there is also a 3rd leg strap designed for commuters and prevents the bag from swaying back and forth during a bike ride. overall, i'm quite happy with the barney rustle blanket, but for those needing a larger bag, you can go for the "complete seed" or "seedy three" which have the same design but in a larger format. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
note the reflector: orange is my first choice, but... sometimes it's just not appropriate. (when is orange NOT appropriate, sigh..)
B183 O1 B183 O3
B183 O5 B183 O4
photos courtesy of www.crumplerbags.com

Diamond Tails are Forever

Friday, June 17, 2005

the 37" Diamond Tail, by Gravity, has a cambered body made of maple ply-wood and sandwiched between carbon fiber. (G Tech Fiber) the "bounce" it creates makes the turns hard and quick. the full deck comes with Tacker B2, 149mm trucks, and Abec 5 bearings, with gravity angled risers, on gravity 66mm wheels, your choice of soft medium and hard. i really like the loose turns and hard angles this board can do, but in the beginning, it may literally throw some riders off, because if the turns are too sharp, the wheels can catch onto the board edge and cause them to suddenly stop. once you get used to it, the balance and turning action is so smooth and the nice tail allows plenty of kick. i'm very happy with it and for 30% off sticker price, i'm glad i bought it. it's a nose riding cruiser but also light weight enough for most hard riding, including pools and ramps. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
photo courtesy of www.gravityboard.com

the OTHER 3G slider

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Nokia's other slider, the 6280, is probably going to be their flagship. it's got features galore and a good shell to boot. tri band, 3G, EDGE, etc. 2MP camera, plus the inside camera 0.3MP, uses 3rd ed. Nokia Series 40 platform, LED flash, and 78MB of built in memory. blah blah blah, email, SMS, instant messaging, web surfing, MMS, push to talk, bluetooth, USB 2.0, infrared. you know the drill. main thing is... this actually looks good and it's not a huge bulking 3G phone. it might actually make me want to switch. [equipbug]
[click to enlarge]
Nokia 6280 P00 Nokia 6280 P01
photos courtesy of www.infosyncworld.com

Cold Water Psycho!

yeah, it's the summer and all things winter are on sale. take advantage. like the full body wetsuit by O'neill, psycho 1. i got it for less than half the original price, not bad. ever swim in really cold, salty ocean water? things shrivel up, and hypothermia can occur. add wind chill, and there's no way you can surf. with the modern wetsuit, paddling out in the cold water can be a joy, and with less crowd and bigger winter waves, the surfing can be even more fun! meanwhile, let's enjoy the fun in the sun. [equipbug]

4/3mm is good enough for most cold water, especially winter tropical waters. full seam weld, and firewall chest panels keep the warmth against the core. patented Zen Zip closure, makes getting in and out easier and keeps water out better. freedom of movement is also really good, but i'd like to see less fabric under the pitts. otherwise, this is one HOT deal.
[click to enlarge]
1953 L

What you need in your Shuffle 05

The Presidents of the United States of America, or PUSA, is back! i'm excited to get their new album "Love Everybody" but i'm even more excited to get my hands on the re issued debut album. Self titled album is awesome, the wacky lyrics, the catchy melodies, the fast paced and synchronized harmonies, and the head banging tunes are absolutely unforgettable even today. my favorite single? i'd have to go with the #1 single "Lump". it brings back too much memories of college days. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
photo courtesy of www.hmv.com

"Get me, you shall"

Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Another nerdy must-haves for Star Wars geeks who wants another 'collectible' for their collection. This model of the 900 year old gremlin has over 500 phrases and will tell stories from all 6 episodes with a press of his little hands (no jedi mind trick here). And if you are truly in need of some jedi wisdom, yoda can also give a yes and no answers to your questions. "Throw away magic 8 ball you shall". HMMMM.... yes master yoda...



Shoe Sense

How would you like to say to someone “my shoes are smarter than you!” and this time, it may be true. Steady those wobbly knees cause these babies are fitted with a microprocessor capable of 5 million calculations per second. The magnetic sensors on it monitors changes in weight, pace and surface type 1000 times per second. With these shoes, you won't need to buy different shoes for different sporting needs, talk about the perfect shoes. Too bad it wont look too good with a gucci dress!



Its only skin deep...

Ever feel like throwing your dvd player or ps2 out the window because the disc got stuck in the middle of the movie or the part where you were supposed to break your high score? All because your didn’t treat your millions of discs like eggshells. Save your fury for the road bullies and get some D-skins. All you need to do is snap the transparent thing on and you can even use it as a Frisbee and it will still play beautifully without a scratch. Here, catch!


Head Thumping

Oakley Thump

When I was younger I used to have this baseball cap that has an fm radio on it and I thought it was pretty neat. Its no surprise that somebody finally makes an mp3 player attached to cool sunnies especially with all the spy gadgets we see in movies. It comes in 6 color combinations, 256 or 512 MB storage, 8 hours of continuous playback and it only weights 52g. The earpiece, equipped with Mylar speakers, is easy to flip up and down in case you want to answer the phone or wanna hear people talking behind your back about your thump. And remember, its an Oakley, so enough said about the sunglasses, you’ll definitely be turning heads this summer. Having no wires also prevents you from strangling yourself with conventional mp3 players, especially if you are boosting a halfpipe or getting your butt kicked at roller hockey. Sold? Check out Oakley Thump at www.oakley.com

P.S. It makes a great father’s day gift for golfer dad. Warning: may make dad’s handicap go down the drain!

Bee's at hand

Monday, June 13, 2005

Today, the poor honey bees in our backyard have almost completely died off. They were found building a hive near the entrance to the yard and had to be eliminated. they must have been around for a very long time because the hive is expansive and hundreds and hundreds of dead bees now lie on the ground. i'm a big fan of the dancing honey bees, and opposed killing them, but not everything goes my way. bee's are good for making honey, but also for their waxy hive. Burt's Bees not only make lip balm and hand salve, but i've recently bought their almond milk beeswax hand creme. the almond smell is powerful for a few minutes and fades away to leave a soothing hand creme. i prefer it to be less sticky, but for those needing good, natural conditioning, then this one is for you. i got ripped off at 8USD, should cost you 7 USD, damn. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]

photo courtesy of www1.burtsbees.com


As the onslaught of new phones appear from Nokia and Sony, my old Sony Ericsson T610 is starting to show its age. Although these new phones won't be available until the end of 2005, there's nothing wrong with waiting a few more months. i've always wanted to get a slider phone, and no sliders have impressed me enough to make the switch. Samsung has been in the lead with this design, but now Nokia has come out with three new ones. my fave: 6270. it's not 3G (which i may actually switch to), but it has quad band, EDGE, GPRS, bluetooth 1.2, infrared, USB, FM radio and the "standard" 2.0MP camera and Music player (MP3, AAC, M4A). best of all, it looks good, slim and no wasted space. i'll have to check that when it's out. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
Nokia 6270 P00
Nokia 6270 P01

photos courtesy of www.infosyncworld.com

Puma Bike

Puma is making a big come back and for a good reason. they are making some of the best looking retro clothing. Their track jackets are simple but very cool. but as the title says, this is not about clothing, it's about the bike. Teaming up with Biomega, Puma has made a practical folding bike for the suburban rich guy. the folding bike takes up less space and has a convenient built-in cable lock which acts as the bottom spine as well. if the bike is used without the spine/lock, it will not hold together and the bike rendered useless. the bike has a nice set of disc brakes, but no gear change. they say that it's not necessary in the city commute, but try telling that to someone who lives in San Francisco. nice red accents on the brakes and lock key, over all i would love to get a hold of this bike, but... For $775 USD, i would prefer to go with my Yeah Folding bike. [equipbug]

For Details, click HERE:
folded out:
Th Pumauf 030205

folded down:
Th Pumaf 030205
photos courtesy of www.treehugger.com

Get Tanned!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

the previous articles talk about staying white in the summer time, but for me, it's all about the summer tan. but i agree with equipchic that the sun can be harmful and the UV rays are dangerous. skin cancer is no joke. so what can we do? it seems like "fake bake" or self tanners have become popular. so much so, that all the major cosmetic companies have come out with one. now i've never actually heard of a guy using this stuff, so i think it's still reserved for the ladies. as for guys, just slap on a ton of sports sun block and hit the surf, you'll get tanned. [equipbug]

Clinique: it's a self tanner with sun block! SPF 15, so slap this on and get a head start with the tanning process. 18 USD.
Clq 6Fn5 250

Soleil: (Lancome). this is in gel form and works for a magic tan. the problem with self tanners is making sure the spread is even so that the tan won't look patchy. in the gel form, Lancome's tanner should spread better than the regular creams. 29 USD. Lancome makes so many self tanners in many shades, including the Spray on. check out the 3 step system HERE:
658897 L

Christian Dior: this is a darker bronzer and described as shimmering, from the glitzy french brand. 27 USD

Carita Paris: want something more posh? Carita's self tanner is also an anti aging cream, for those who want this combination of tan and youth, it will come at a hot 95 USD. also SPF 8 (UVA and UVB).

www.clinique.com, www.linternaute.com, www.carita.com, www.lancome.com