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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

What a PAL

Saturday, June 11, 2005
Unless you live in a cabin out in the woods or your neighbors are all hard of hearing (retirement community?), it's not always possible to crank your stereo loud enough so you can hear your music from the shower. So what is there to do? Well, check out Tivoli Audio's "PAL," the final project by the late audio innovator Henry Kloss. It's weather-resistant and rechargeable, and it has a really nice AM/FM tuner and an input for your iPod, laptop, or other external audio source. Most importantly, it has a high quality speaker that, unlike those of lesser radios, sounds great even when competing with background noise like the hiss of your shower, the waves at the beach, or a crackling barbeque. It's solidly constructed and comes in many colors. I like the red. [equiptrack]

photo courtesy of www.tivoliaudio.com

Father's day .. Sweet and Relaxing gifts

Friday, June 10, 2005
Choosing gifts for men is always difficult? Here are some recommendation:

Godiva father's day special "Isn't he the sweetest man you know?"

photos courtesy of www.godiva.com

OSIM iDesire: the world's first Full-Body massage chair.
Special feature includes tri-action arm massage with moveable cuffs and 3D foot massage. Price HK$42800.

photo courtesy of www.osim.com

UCC coffee gift selection:
Instant coffee set "For the workaholic":

Variety coffee set:

photos courtesy of www.ucc.co.jp [equipchic]

Jamba Jamba Jamba!

Home Logo
I've been drinking this since 1998 and still do it whenever i have that chance. Jamba Juice makes great smoothies and with all the starbucks caffeine addicts i'd rather stick to fruits and juices. recently tried out the Acai (pronounced Ah-Sah Yee), from the tropics of south america. this fruit was tasty and supposedly very healthy. anyway, doesn't matter... i add the Immunity Booster (lots of vitamins) and ready to share with someone who can down these huge drinks. just be sure to check your teeth afterwards, there's a lot of purple pulp in this drink! yumm... check it out. [equipbug]

Home Top
photos courtesy of www.jambajuice.com

Juicer? Blender?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Seems like the summer has arrived and here in Southern California, people really like Juice. now you can make your own! with the blender-juicer combo by Baumatic. BJB1. i suppose it stands for Baumatic Juicer Blender 1. how silly, i guess they can't just call it BJ ;). in anycase, i can see many uses of this device since i'm an avid blender user as well. a scoop of sorbet, some fruits, and ice... done! you can also get creative with chocolates, syrups, malts and powdered drinks. whatever the case, i've never really used a juicer (too lazy). now perhaps it's possible...but at nearly 800 USD... we can just hit Jamba Juice. [equipbug]

[click to Hyper enlarge!]

photo courtesy of www.baumatic.co.uk

iLife not by Mac

Osim has been making some high quality massage chairs for many years now and they are moving into other areas. iLife is not the software bundle by Apple Computers, but the new air purifier by Osim. it can purify by HEPA filter and odor removal filters as well as the unique UV filter. the UV filter is capable of trapping particles and exposing them to UV light INSIDE the purifier to kill bacteria and viruses. the HEPA filter also filters out allergens like mites, dust and pollen as well as other pollutants. living in a city means exposure to pollution and these air purifiers are popping up everywhere. Other companies of interest include Sharp and Panasonic. in the end, the OSIM iLife is the only one with UV rays, so i went with this. the other important thing to consider is the filter, because it needs to be changed every 6 month, it can not be too expensive. this iLife, unlike the Macs, also comes in BLACK. cool. [equipbug]


Casio's T7 killer?

Thin is In. as usual, the war for making the smallest camera is as competitive as ever. Leading the pack was Sony's T1, then T33, then T7. But Casio was never far behind with the Ex Slim series, and now with the EX S500, they are matching the T7 in every way. With 5 MP, and only 13.7 mm at the thinnest part, the EX S500 packs a big punch. It has 3x optical zoom, 2.2 inch CCD screen, 640x480 @ 30 fps movie capabilities, anti shake function, but no view finder. if you're looking for a small camera that's fast, i'd say take a look at these, but in the end it still might be Canon's SD400. we'll have to see if there's a lot of purple fringing on this one (as they are more prone with compacts), because Canon's SD400 only problem is the purple death ray! [equipbug]

did i mention this camera will come in orange?
[click to super enlarge]
Casio S500Frontbackgry
photos courtesy of www.dpreview.com

Snow White .. Step Two

Excessive sun exposure is known to increase the risk of having skin cancer. How can we protect ourselves?
Dermatologists gives us these tips:
1. Check the active ingredients of your sunscreen, look for Titanium dioxide or Zinc oxide.
2. Apply sunscreen 15-30 minutes prior to sun exposure.
3. Clothing can be an excellent form of sun protection, most importantly the tightness of the weave. Color and fabric type .. umm.. are of minor importance.
4. Considerable amounts of UV-A radiation may pass through glass. Special plastic films containing UV-A shields such as an interleaf or overlay should be used.
5. Don't forget your lips and areas around your eyes, they are also vulnerable.

photo courtesy of www.aveda.com photo courtesy of www.kiehls.com

Columbia UPF sun protection series:

photo courtesy of www.columbia.com


Kiwi like you never imagined

Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Since the climbing rate of Caesarian Sections, the use of instrumental delivery has decreased. Now, surgeons are using new techniques to use vacuum assisted deliveries and one of the most popular suctions is the Kiwi hand pump. As the name implies, the hand pump does not require any external machines to produce that suction, and with a simple hand action the pump also acts as the handle for traction. Without going into great details, this contraption can be used vaginally as well as for C Sections and the adjustable cup means that unlike the ventouse, it can be slid further down and assistance given further down. i've seen a 10lbs 45oz baby delivered vaginally with the Kiwi. [equipbug]

If you have a strong stomach, you can see the video of a C Section with the Kiwi in ACTION:

Kiwi1 Kiwi3
Kiwi4 Kiwi5
photos courtesy of http://www.clinicalinnovations.com

the Original

Apple's iMac has brought the company from near bankruptcy to the top of it's game once again. Apple is known for making the easiest to use operating system with the best looking hardware. the iMac delivered with the colorful all-in-one CRT machines, to the lever swingin' flat screen, and now the LCD marvel 17" to 20". the new "low end" iMac is a blazing 1.8Ghz G5 fast, leaving any pentium in the dust. with a new 128MB ATI 9600 video card and 512 standard DDR SDRAM, built in bluetooth 2.0, WiFi, USB 2.0 and firewire 400, this machine is a beast. a cheap one at 1299 USD. if you want more screen space, the iMac can also attach to an external 20, 23 or 30" Apple Display. having bought 2 of these for friends and family in the last week, i can say that there is nothing to complain about, whether you're an avid photographer making a buck or two with your projects, or just a web browser and emailer... this machine can handle it all. simple, beautiful, and ready to use. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
Designbalance20050503 Designopenanim20040831

comes with Tiger OSX 10.3, iLife 05, and a host of other softwares and games.
Indexilifebox20050111 Indextop20050504

photos courtesy of www.apple.com

Zigga Zig Ah..

Tuesday, June 07, 2005
this UK product is not the spice girls, but the ZigView being distributed by Intro2020. It's likely to be a Chinese Product but so far there is very little information on it's production company. the ZigView is an viewfinder-to-LCD viewer converter. Basically attaches to any dSLR or SLR viewfinder and you can view it through a rotatable 1.9-inch LCD screen. this allows you to view from below or on top of the camera, especially useful for Macro photographers as well as taking photos above crowds. looks like it retails for 119£ and runs on rechargeable batteries. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]

on the camera:
photos courtesy of www.intro2020.co.uk

Snow White .. Step One

Most of the girls are solely using whitening formulations for their face, is that enough? Dermatologist said 'Be careful in using whitening formulations, as they accelarate the aging process of your skin.' What can we do?
Dermatologist told us that Vitamin C is the only proven whitening substance. Unfortunately, external use of products with Vitamin C is still not effective. What we can do is to consume more fruits with high Vitamin C content or simply take Vitamin C tablets. [equipchic]

photo courtesy of www.turnerdrugs.com

Maserati Birdcaged

Sunday, June 05, 2005

15 2005 Birdcage 75Th G

Maserati's concept car, Birdcage 75th, definitely looks futuristic. but i don't really like the description "futuristic", because if it's occurring now it's not really the future. anyway it's still a concept and i like the design. with a V12 320HP @ 8200rpm, this is not exactly all about looks. the semi-clear hood which reveals the cockpit as well as the engine. the car is mainly made from carbon fiber and the interior is decked out in this material. another "futuristic" feature is the see-through head up display which shows off the "brain" of the car. Motorola had a hand in creating the mobile concept and with Pininfarina, the completed car is going to be HOT. [equipbug]

more information HERE:
[click to enlarge]
the exterior:



03 G 17 2005 Birdcage 75Th

the interior:
Interno1 12 2005 Birdcage 75Th G
photos courtesy of www.maserati.com