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Just add Gravity

Saturday, May 28, 2005
been hanging out in Hawaii too long and the surfs gone to my head. but on days when there's not surf, i'd still like to do some carving. my long Sector 9 Pintail is the best cruiser out there. i'm so glad that the guy at the store told me to go for a flat surface board. now i'm ready for some harder turns though, some hills and some breaks. i'd like to get one with a nice tail, but the 32: Giant Slalom by Gravity Boards is just what i want. despite having a small tail, the board has strengths in turns and burns. this is probably what i'll have to get my hands on and tear up some bike paths. got to try it to know! [equipbug]

photo courtesy of www.gravityboard.com

Need a Hard Case?

To answer some of the "hard" questions out there, we have put together some information on laptop protection. First off, like equiptalk said, if you're going to step on your laptop containing back pack, you may as well strap a safe to your back. luckily, these "safes" actually exist. one brand i find very sleek looking is AXIO. there are others as well, but perhaps the "Fuse" line would be my choice. the Hard back protects anything from PDA's to laptops, to MP3 players, because the interior is customizable. it has headphone ports, soft lined interiors and straps to hold pretty much everything. look into these if you are in need of some protection from daily wear and tear. Suggested retail price 139.95 USD [equipbug and equiptrack]

Here is a REVIEW on AXIO bags by ATPM.com
More Info on FUSE HERE:

[click images to enlarge]
Fuse Big

For the more "Biker" look, there's the Swift. it's more aerodynamic and has the same 1200 cubic inches of storage. More info HERE:
P1 2 P1 1 P1 3

photos courtesy of www.axio-usa.com

What you need in your Shuffle 03

M-Flo. there are so many great songs, but if i had to choose one today, i would still go with M-Flo loves BoA's "Love Bug". mainly because BoA looks good in the video and the beat is so catchy. I'd also consider "Life is Beautiful" , M-Flo with DOUBLE & Toku. The Jazzy beats, Toku's Saxaphone mixed with Double's R&B vocals can match the ex member, Lisa. in fact, i think the newest Astromantic, where these two tracks originate, is actually the duo's best work yet. [equipbug]


photo courtesy of www.hmv.co.jp

Monkey Bags for Monkey's Mac

A reader recently emailed me with a response to my previous article on Laptop bags. She is evidently a freelancer living in Thailand who has started to sell her hand-made, reversible laptop cases for Macs (by the name of Monkey Bags). in her Comment, she mentions that she can custom-make any sizes to fit. sounds like a nice idea. in fact she uses Blogspot as well, check out the site HERE. and email her for details on price. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
13806366 A03139C092
13805259 C28E15Bb51

photos from MonkeyBag

Now THIS is a Jaguar

The Concept car, R-Coupe. just look at the photos... 4 seater, paddle gear shift, steering headlamps, electronic door release, voice control, etc... and the exterior looks "Bond". Check it: [equipbug]

[click to super enlarge]
R Coupe 8A0E7777-A04F-43De-8E3C-4675350Ef7C9 462X669 R Coupe 9Cd23Bd8-D3F1-48B0-94Fa-34850D7A26C2 462X669
R Coupe 2E5B38Be-C75B-475B-A5Bf-1369F6F7019E 462X669 R Coupe 11917572-9C8A-4Fbe-B356-8Bd8Dc8E71Be 462X669
R Coupe A9Fc6858-8866-4Af6-A7B8-A4Ca080Db92D
photos courtesy www.jaguarusa.com

X Type the XX type?

Jaguar's X type is really nothing new, but the sport wagon takes Jaguar to a whole new place. Finally having the opportunity to sit in one last month, i would have to say that the X type is not my type. I think it's quite a "soccer mom" car and perhaps fitting for many XX types who want something versatile and yet stylish. After all, a Jag always has the curves. the interior is on the bland side but construction is decent. on the exterior, i like the chrome accents on the bumpers, but the over all fell is just not Jaguar enough. it's a station wagon, period. don't call it a sport wagon, there's no such thing, except for AUDI's RS6... bottomline, this is a great looking car for all the mothers out there, just won't catch me driving one. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
Photos 586Aa5F4-Cd86-4B6A-B3D7-93846B863907 214X452
Photos 14A81058-2Da6-4B80-9552-1C94656F1D4B 214X452

photos courtesy www.jaguarusa.com

Summer's scent II

After trying out the short lived "Summer" Issey Miyake fragrance, i've found yet another suitable candidate. the DKNY "Be Delicious". in fact, the scent is quite delicious, having hints of summer smells like fruits and flowers. the "homme" counterpart has a more wood smell with some other organic hints. the mixture of both are completely different and make quite a good pair as presents. the nice "apple" shaped bottle will stand out in any fragrance collection. For the ladies, they may want to try the apple soaps, or rollerball parfum dispenser. [equipbug]

[click for larger images]

Spray Man Spray
Soap Rollerball
photos courtesy of www.dkny.com

Movie Watch 09: Wallace and Gromit - Were Rabbit

Friday, May 27, 2005
By the Creators of Chicken Run, Nick Park will finally bring us a full movie length feature of Wallace and Gromit! Pretty excited about seeing what they have installed, since i've always been a fan of their shorts. i love how the mouths of all the characters look just like the creator's. Coming out sometime this summer, get ready for some fun CHEESE! [equipbug]
Check out the Brand New Trailer HERE!Index 02
Index 01
Index 03photos courtesy of www.wandg.com

Yamaha electrifying designs

Last week, i finally had the opportunity to visit the Yamaha showroom in Shibuya. (Tokyo, Japan) I was completely taken away by the compact EC 02, as well as the popular Passol. Both electric bikes looked so friendly and versatile. the small size allows easy storage and especially since the EC02 has foldable handles, it would fit into the trunk of most sedans. i really liked the lines and shape of the more masculine EC02 and i can see myself going to work in one of these futuristic commuters. but at only 30kph, it would not be suitable for any highways. then again, i'd rather put this through the bike paths and back streets than on the main road. cool! [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
Big-Silver02 Big-Silver01
Big-Black02 Big-Black01

photos courtesy of www.yamaha-motor.jp

Distance and Consistence

I got a chance to play a round of golf over in Maui this week, and having been off golf for many months and playing on rental clubs i was expecting to score for the worse. after losing my first ball into the GUR with a 3 iron, my worse fears have begun. luckily, my mates allowed a Mulligan, and i teed up with my driver this time. having nothing to lose and no money on the line, i ripped the next shot to kingdom come. through out the entire round, i never missed a drive and even when i topped my shots, toed, or heeled it... it still went at least 280 yards. whenever i connected it well, the ball would soar over 300 yards onto the middle of the fairway. now, i'm certain it has something to do with the new Wilson DD5 i rented. with a score of 77, i walked home quite impressed by the driver. and at 299USD, perhaps time to rethink the higher priced Titleist? [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]


photo courtesy of www.edwinwatts.com