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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

Quite Keen

Friday, May 20, 2005
After tearing through 5 continents on my trusty Keens, i can say that they take a beating and keep on kickin'. my black Newport H2 is made of polyester webbing that repel water from the sea or rivers, anti bacterial soles that repel odor, and a toe covering to protect them from injury. Being a nice pair of sandals, they are easy to slip on and comfortable to wear in any conditions. wear it with a pair of socks and i can handle any hikes in canada, wear it on its own and i can leisurely walk to the beach of australia, wear it with khakis and i'm hiking through the city of Tokyo or Hong Kong, put some shorts of and i'm ready to tackle the fiery volcano Kilauea on Hawaii. Basically, the shards of glass from the cooled lava could not get through the toes of my keens. all in all, i'd recommend them to anyone who is in the market for adventure! [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
for more information click HERE:
Mnewprth2-110230-Mbrn 445
Mnewprth2-110230-Blck 445
Mnewprth2-110230-Gnmb 445
photos courtesy of www.keenfootwear.com

Boardies Hints

Finally, after reviewing 5 different brands of board shorts i have a few tips for those looking into getting one for this summer.
Good: the new seamless boardies from Ripcurl (Down the Hole 55USD) or Billabong (Liminote 62USD) are my favorites. they stand out from regular boardies because you can wear them for hours in the ocean and the seams won't be irritating you, causing rash. i know first hand how horrible that feels like and these slightly pricey and new designs are worth every penny.
Bad: some white boardies are white and look awesome. in fact, my favorite shorts are white but they get dirty easily but worse of all, the unlined boardies may reveal too much when wet. so either you line them yourself or be sure to buy lined boardies. (i know by experience)
Ugly: never get board shorts with elastic waistbands. companies like Speedo and LL Bean still make these 90's looking designs. unless you are training in a pool it's best not to be seen in public with any sort of speedos.
Lastly, get some rash guards. they protect you from the sun and prevent rash from your surf board. if you're swimming for long hours, there's no better protection from the UV rays.

What should be in your ipod this week?

Thursday, May 19, 2005
Let's move onto something more pop this week. Define pop? Everybody will give you a different yet focused view when this question is asked. Pop should have sex appeal as Simon Cowell once said on American idol. Define sex appeal? Good looks? Curvy body? Kylie shows us that she has sex appeal by glamourous clothing that covers less than usual her body parts. Madonna tells us she is the sex queen of the century by showing us more than we want to see sometimes.

I have read on the internet that Annie (Ms. Berge-Strand) has been in the process of making her debut album for several years now. Due to some tragic events was it delayed and delayed. Her first album Anniemal finally came into the light late last year. First Impression to me was wow. This is sexy music regardless of her looks, which for some reasons she covers with her arm on the cover. All the tracks were rhythmicly strong and slightly retro. I can't help but compare this to Dannii Minogue's Neon Lights the first round I listen to this album. Maybe all electro pop are similar in nature, but somehow Anniemal got me very excited! So what was the track "greatest hits" sampled from Madonna, so what do people want to compare her with Kylie. She took me from lounge clubs to parties with this album. It's very city, it's very sexy.

recommended tracks: My Heartbeat, Greatest Hit, Anniemal

What you need in your Shuffle 02

Old school? Old news? never! Outkast's albums have a lasting sound to them and i've been putting their "old" stuff into my shuffle lately. anything from Stankonia, ATliens, Aquemini, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, or even the Outkast Presents Outkast (best of Album). For those who like their newer stuff should think about "Speakerboxxx" or "Love Below". the single i would choose is Skew it on the Bar B. but there are so many... [equipbug]

Index 01

Boardies Reviewed 05: Rusty

Over here in Hawaii, the Rusty brand is nearly as big as Quiksilver and Billabong. and those who want to stand out a little from the "norm" would get a pair of Rusty's. they make some of the best boards out there and their powerful design comes through in their board shorts as well. usually a blend of dizzying prints, the Rusty's have a unique character unlike some of the larger brands who try to appeal to all groups. while it is in the same price range, board shorts are not cheap items at around 50 USD. look for the R! [equipbug]

Img238 1 Img241 1
Img243 1 Img244 3
Img246 1 Img239 2
photos courtesy of www.rusty.com

Summer's scent

Issey Miyake is a designer who makes clothes i have never seen available to normal consumers. yet, the fragrance by Miyake is part of many people's arsenal due to the unique Issey punch. Anyone who has smelled L'eau D'Issey know what i mean, and now as a limited edition, they have made a summer version. it's called Summer water for a good reason, the smell lasts as long as water only. it has a hint of
L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Summer Water mixed with some citrus fruits, like the Japanese Yuzu. i really like the fact that it doesn't smell too strong but that could be the downfall for some. only available in 125ml, i know i'll never finish this. [equipbug]

P100606 Hero

S2, Nikon S1 Killer

The S1 came out just a few months back, and already Nikon comes out with an update. as we have reviewed the S1 HERE, and announced it HERE, this was not expected so soon. Basically, it's a cosmetic upgrade, but the changes has functional additions which make the S2 splash proof and usable in active conditions. it has the same core and 5MP chip. It also added some longer battery life, Blur warning function, in camera enhancements, face priority sharpening, D lighting updated and a new docking station. i like the fact that it's tougher and making it usable in more conditions, but still more than happy with my Canon SD55. the underwater housing has produced some amazing photo opportunities here in Hawaii. [equipbug]

[click for larger images]

Nikon Cps2
Nikon Cps2Indock Nikon Cps2Lifestyle
photos courtesy of www.dpreview.com

More Micro, More Handhelds, More Nintendo

Nintendo is out with another portable. looking like an iPod mini with a screen, it is a bit small to play around with. none the less, it's a good looking and very sleek piece of hardware. the silver look makes the Micro much more fashionable than the older brother GB Advance. it plays all the Advance games on the 2 inch screen. it is powered by rechargeable batteries and has headphone inputs. it won't be replacing any PSP's but it may be slick enough for gadget seekers who already own GB Advance games. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
Oxy E3 1 V2

Oxy E3 2 V2
photos courtesy of www.t3.uk.co

Mario Microsized

Wednesday, May 18, 2005
back in the days of N64, Mario Kart 64 was one of my favorites. the head to head was almost as good as Golden Eye. with power ups and speed boosters, the racing was as good as the battle mode. with the Microsizers remote controlled cars, Mario and Yoshi are brought to life, kind of. but you can build your own race and have your dog chase after it. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
photo courtesy of www.microsizers.com

Cosmic Baby!

The Cosmic 1 by Sector 9 skateboards just might be the perfect size for portability and carvability. i tried it out over here in Hawaii and it can handle some quick turns while being only 34 cm. the nice surfer graphics on the bottom reminds me of the nose riding capability and deep carving action. we'll see. [equipbug]

Cr1 500
more information http://www.silverfishlongboarding.com/ [thanks, Ben]
photo courtesy of www.sector9.com

Nintendo's New Baby

Following Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 announcements, Nintendo has now showcased a prototype of their next generation console, called Nintendo Revolution. The most striking feature has to be its size. It is approximately the thickness of three DVD cases stacked together. The casing is minimalist and understated. Unlike the usual Nintendo console designs, this does not look like a child’s toy. Is Nintendo finally discarding the “console for kids” image? It also sports a cleverly designed self-loading slot that will take their 12 cm optical game discs as well as the much smaller GameCube discs. Yes, backward compatibility is big at the moment. The console is Wi-Fi broadband ready to access Nintendo’s own broadband gaming service, not dissimilar to Xbox Live. Through this service you can download about 20 years worth of games from Nintendo’s back catalogue, including N64, SNES and NES games. A kind of backward compatibility with a twist, I suppose. Like the other two companies, the Nintendo Revolution will have wireless joypads, but we shall have to wait and see what they will look like. If rumours are to go by, expect something innovative. I must stress that these pictures released by Nintendo are of a protoype. The final look of the console may well change when it is launched in 2006. [equiptalk]

Playstation 3 revealed

Tuesday, May 17, 2005
My word, barely a week has passed since Microsoft officially unveiled their new Xbox 360 console. Sony has now followed suite and revealed their Playstation 3. It is an online machine similar to the Xbox 360. Notable among the specs are its backward compatibility all the way back to PS1 games, built in wireless functionality with the ability to connect up to 7 PS3 wireless joypads at the same time as well as PSP connectivity, a 2.5 inch removable hard disk and it will use the Sony-endorsed Blu-ray high capacity DVDs. Of course it will also have all the processing and graphical muscles to produce stunning graphics that anyone will expect of a next generation games console.

Specs aside though, I am actually more seduced by the PS3’s design. Less than a week ago my mates and I were all commenting on how good the Xbox 360 looked and that it was definitely a move in the right direction for Microsoft. We all vowed that we would get one as soon as it is launched. But now it seems that it’s all but a faded memory. The PS3 just looks incredibly sexy. There is a definite tribute to the shape of the original PS2 here, but most of the right angles had been sexed up by beautiful curves. I am a little bit unsure about the banana-shaped joypad design though, but you can’t really tell if the pad’s any good unless it’s in your hands. Besides, the joypad design is not finalised as far as I am aware.

Microsoft is going to kick start the next generation of consoles with it’s early launch of the Xbox 360 this November whereas PS3 is currently scheduled for release next spring. Microsoft is hoping that the head start will give them a lead in the installation base so at least they can get a better foot hold this time round. Sega took a similar strategy with their Dreamcast console. To this date, many still mourn the early demise of this great console, I among them. However at the time of the Dreamcast's launch, PS1 had such an overwhelming installation and fan base that many gamers actually waited patiently for the arrival of the PS2 six months after the Dreamcast launch before they embraced the next generation of consoles. I just hope for Microsoft that history does not repeat itself here. [equiptalk]

Say NO to copy protection CDs!!

Monday, May 16, 2005
I have just purchased a new CD from HMV just to realise that I cannot put the music from that CD into my ipod because the tracks cannot be read on a computer! It's just a silly idea. I work in the music industry and I am not a person who buys or download any pirated materials. But this so called "copy controlled" CD has just encouraged me to download the same album that I have bought from the internet just to be able to put it into my ipod! How silly is that?

Please say NO to downloading music so that the industry does not have to take such nonsense measures that end users suffer.

Please leave a message if you agree or disagree with me. Thanks.

Who said Maybachs are boring?

I have always considered a Maybach as a big and customised S-Class at a much higher premium, much like Lexuses are suped up Toyotas. This one off Exelero commissioned by the Fulda, a tyre company, is set to change all that regarding the image of the brand though! The design comes from a student of the Pforzheim Plytecnhic Transport Design Department. Although the basics are shared with Maybach limo, the engine was tuned up to give out 700bhp and over 738lb ft of torque. It's one of the biggest and most powerful 2 seater coupe in all dimensions! They say that it's a one off to show off the high performance Exelero tyre range from the tyre company. With the fat new tyres, the Exelero managed a whooping 218.38 mph and an acceleration of 4.4 seconds from 0-60mph! WOW.

Image courtesy of www.channel4.com