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WPT: Why Pay Tax?

Friday, May 13, 2005
Actually, WPT stands for World Poker Tournament and anyone who has watched "Rounders", starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, understands the excitement for Texas Hold Em. These are the official cards used in the tournaments seen on TV and they are also made by the same company that makes the Bee Casino Cards. US Playing Card Co. made these tougher and the snap is the best you can get. Get in the game. [equipbug]

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XBOX 360

Microsoft announced the second generation XBOX. the specs are quite impressive with triple CPU at 3.2Ghz each, built in hard drive 20 GB, ATI graphics support, 512 MB RAM at 700Mhz, and 12x DVD rom. the specs don't end there, and you can find it HERE: Other than the hardware, the box looks better than the old black box, with a silvery white new look and stands on end. the face plates are changeable for customization and new controllers for the Remote Media as well as console wireless control pads. The control pad also has a port for headphones, and double vibration feedback response. with backwards compatible support, i'll be sure to get one right when it is released. [equipbug]

More information http://www.xbox360.com:

15016 5
15016 2
for more photos check HERE:
photos courtesy of www.gamespot.com

What you need in your Shuffle 01

Weezer's new single: Beverly Hills, is a fun song reminiscing their (Blue) Album. The video has Weezer playing at the Playboy Mansion after Heff invites them to be the entertainment. They admit in the song that Weezer is not made up of rock stars, but everyday people who enjoy a bit of everything. just thinking back on the dungeons and dragons lyrics of old, or the garage song, makes this single worthy! check it out. [equipbug]


photo courtesy of www.weezer.com

Movie Watch 08: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Thursday, May 12, 2005
Looks like the 4th installment is about to roll out. if you're a Harry Potter fan, then you're probably psyched about the new movie. i only read the first book and never took it up again, but i must say that the movies are quite good and worthy of a cinema visit. the goblet of fire's trailer shows us how each of the characters grew up in the first 3 movies and then gives us a bit about the plot. i haven't read the book, so i can't possible spoil the story, but seems like there's a competition of some sort and Harry "might" win it to become a legend. woo.... ok, check it out. [equipbug]
See the Trailer HERE:
[click to enlarge]
Index Main

poster courtesy of www.apple.com/trailers

Raining Buckets

Don't laugh next time you see someone wearing a bucket hat. i've been in the minority for long enough, and finally bucket hats are coming back into trend. i've been trying to search for a Lacoste bucket for a while, but with no luck just yet. at 45 USD, i'm sure they are up for grabs and most stores will be out of them in days. but i like buckets because they block the sun from all directions, look nice, and it's so casual. just put one on, kick back on your hammock and relax... [equipbug]
photos courtesy of www.adasa.com

Sidecar Amber

my wallet is starting to fall apart and breaking my credit cards along with it. i've been using the same wallet everyday for all events of life... for the past 6 years. any suggestions? i'm really leaning towards the Dunhill Sidecar Amber. the outside Sidecar leather is replaced by a tough cloth and the inside remains the classic Sidecar leather. priced around 150 USD, i will have to keep looking around before i commit. things i would never want in a wallet, zippers, velcro, see through ID pockets. things i MUST have, leather interior (for durability), soft, solid color, not black (because i'm tired of my black wallet), well made, and stylish. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]

photo courtesy www.bomb-jp.com

Boardies Reviewed 04: Quiksilver

Quiksilver boardies are flashy, comfy and decently priced. it's a brand name like everything else, but it's not over the top like the european designers. in fact, i'd pay more to get a pair of quiksilvers than a pair of D&G, Armani or any of those likes. forget it. get a decent pair of boardies and hit the beach, period. quiksilver's cool prints this year are dizzying and colorful. the basic pair has the wax comb, and velcro/tied straps, two pockets and perhaps a neoprene fly. they will run you around 60-80 USD, but boardies are versatile and with pockets you can use it away from the beach. pockets create more drag though, and not necessary in true boardies. i like to have a pocket to put my waterprood Aussie dollars in when i hit the gold coast! [equipbug]

[hit images for a larger view]
3070-Color1Img-Blowupfilename 3094-Color1Img-Blowupfilename
3089-Color1Img-Blowupfilename 3086-Color1Img-Blowupfilename
3076-Color1Img-Blowupfilename 3084-Color1Img-Blowupfilename
photos courtesy of www.quiksilver-europe.com

Pentax announces three new Optio digital cameras

Pentax has announced three new additions to the Optio range
- two five megapixel models and four million pixel camera. The five megapixel Pentax Optio S5z has an aluminum alloy exterior, a 2.5-inch LCD and employs the sliding lens system, so although it has a 3x zoom, it remains compact at 3.3x2.2x0.8 inches. The other two Optios, the S55 and S45, vitrually looks the same in terms of out look, are for absolute beginners and offer five and four million pixels respectively. Both have a 3x zoom and 2.5-inch LCD. All cameras will be ship in June. [equipball]

Pentax Optio S5z

Pentax Optio S55 & S45

Photos curtesy of www.pentax.com


Konica Minolta has today announced a upgrade to the X50 in the shape of the five megapixel DiMAGE X60. The newest addition to the X range appears more sturdy in comparison to the X50 and the reflective and brushed metal sliding lens lends it a more sophisticated look. This entry-level camera does away with a viewfinder in favor of a 2.5-inch LCD, which dominates the rear. It also boasts a 5 cm macro mode, 0.5-second start-up time and Automatic Digital Subject Program Selection. It wil be available at the end of May priced US$349.99. [equipball]

Photos curtesy of http://konicaminolta.com

PSP software updated

Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Sony released an update to the PSP firmware. it can be updated via UMD (in japan), desktop computer, or WiFi. the last method is perhaps the easiest once you set up the internet connection. update version 1.51. if anyone knows what the differences are, please comment here. otherwise it's probably just an update to function and perhaps compatibility issues as PSP's are beginning to be released everywhere. Hong Kong Today! [equipbug]

newest screen color: Green

Psp Front
photo courtesy of www.playstation.com

arf arf means "i love you"

everyone knows that dogs are a (wo)man's best friend, right? no one else is as loyal or loving. and plus, who can resist those puppy dog eyes?
most of the time we have to rely on our doggie's body language to tell us what they want. for instance, when my puppy rolls over onto his back, i know that he is just waiting for me to come and rub his tummy!
but have you ever wondered what your canine friend is really talking about? then you should get "Bow-Lingual", which is a little gadget that fits snugly around your doggie like a collar. it supposedly works by picking up emotions and translating the feelings through voiceprint and behavior analysis. the six basic feelings are: happy, sad, frustrated, on-guard, assertive or needy. these feelings will be turned into a phrase (the Bow-Lingual has a dictionary of over 200). one other cool feature is that it can record your doggie's "talking" for up to 12 hours when you are away... so then you can find out if he/she/it missed you as much as you missed them!!

now you will never have to guess what that woof or bark meant again (with the help of Bow-Lingual and 5 triple A batteries)!!

and maybe "arf arf" really does mean "i love you"!!


picture & info from:

Werks for me!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Swiss Army are not just knife makers. their line of luggage has become one of the best designed haulers around. i bought the Traveler Werks a while back and have been sticking to it since. the swiveling handle felt loose at first, but when i put the suitcase to use, i knew it was part of an ingenious design. the bright colors make it easy to spot on the conveyer belt and the pockets with removable garment sleeve makes packing fun. if i bring home more than i packed out, i can easily expand 2.5 inches for more space. when pulling this sucker around, the smooth in line skate wheels make running to the check in counter much easier. over all, this is the sturdiest and usable suitcase i have ever used. [equipbug]

comes in Black, Swiss Army Red, bright Blue and Dark Blue:
[click for larger images]

30019W Pop
30019W B L 30019W F L
photos courtesy of www.swissarmytravelgear.com

New FX on the 8

Panasonic came out with their follow up camera to the FX 7 yesterday. the FX8 is basically the same camera with a longer battery life. make that double the battery life. with the same 5 MP, quick AF, and 3 new preset scenes made the camera also boasts VGA recording with the famous Panasonic image stabilization trick. i've used the camera with and without this stabilizer and found that photos taken with it actually comes out much sharper. in fact, there are times when you will never get a nice photo without this option, especially when zoomed out with the 3x optical zoom. it has the same 2.4 inch screen and no view finder, i still find it battery wasting with such a large screen. i've played around with it before and find the screen quality to be quite low, especially when viewed from the side. (this defeats the purpose of sharing the photo immediately afterwards with a bunch of people, because they won't be able to see it anyway) more on this "update" HERE. [equipbug]

[click for larger images]
Image01 Image01 F3
Image01 F4 Image01 F2
Image03 F4 Image02 F3
Image02 Image03Image02 F2
photos courtesy of panasonic.jp

Zero S, for small

Monday, May 09, 2005
incidentally found these sunnies on the Oakley website. the zero's have been out for a while, but the Zero S is brand new. sporting the same design as the elder sibling, Zero, this is merely smaller and comes in new colors like Gold Clear lens with amber frame for 115 USD. looks pretty nice, with a slightly different lens shape, check below for comparisons: [equipbug]

New Zero S:
4244B089Ee7Db.Jpg 0 0 0

larger Zero:
4205357D7D52A.Jpg 0 0 0

photos courtesy of www.oakley.com

Bottlecap, best left uncapped.

the Bottlecap is Oakley's newest edition to the line of O material. once again, that just means plastic frame. this one looks a bit on the cheap side and i think it's best left on the shelf. it's a half frame and unlike the previous wired frame version this one looks terrible. it's retained the looks of the half jacket, but i don't see why anyone would wear them. for 105 USD, i'd say spend it on soda and get real bottle caps. [equipbug]

[click for huge image]
42764Da34Aead.Jpg 0 0 0
comes in 4 colors, including polarized lenses.

photo courtesy of www.oakley.com

Wondering about the Wonder Weenie

Just want to know what you guys think. i checked out this bag by Crumpler and looks pretty good. Chicken Tex material (just think Nylon), waterproof ripstop lining, 3rd leg stabilizer, reflective stripping, etc. it will hold my laptop and i can skate, bike run... anywhere with it. looks pretty nice and comes in 8 colors. check them out HERE. this is the one i like, tell me what you think: [equipbug]

costs 95 USD, just want some feedback: [click for larger image]

B80 O5
photo courtesy of www.crumplerusa.com

New iPod ad: Roller skating

Apple ads have been popular and the black silhouette dancers with colorful backdrops are now notorious for the iPods. the new one replaced dancers with roller skaters. same style, and features a song by Gorillaz. don't know... just like the feel of rolling. that's why i'll be watching Roll Bounce this summer when it hits the theaters. hope that won't disappoint. [equipbug]

Check it out HERE:

photo courtesy of www.apple.com

John Thursday

B109 O4
this is the name of a utility bag by Crumpler. known for their messenger bags, they also are makers of any bags of cool. again, i'm a sucker for messenger bags, so i'm biased. the John Thursday comes in many sizes and i've found the 50 to be perfect for my new Canon SD 400. the bag is lined with ballistic nylon and the body made of stretching nylon. it's very heavy duty and i feel safe throwing it around with my camera in it. other than that, there's an extra pocket on the inside cover for memory stick storage. the form fitting nylon is tight and thick enough to take some beating. for 19.00 USD, i'm sure you can find a better deal. i bought it for 15 USD. comes in 5 colors, and once again, i chose orange. [equipbug]

[click for larger images]

B109 O2 B109 O1
B109 O3 B109 O5

photos courtesy of www.crumplerusa.com

Some Fun 01

Time for a little humor in these pages about equipment for life. after all, what life is without some form of humor? [equipbug]

Chinese Food:
This is some silly British dude making a phone prank on two chinese take-outs. it's pretty funny, those bastards. my favorite bit is the Chinese/British accent from those restaurant guys. Check it out HERE:

Finally, this is not funny, but I can't help but find it funny. it's the new movie "STAR WARS: REVELATIONS" it's completely free for download, but you can also check out the trailers. Basically, it's a STAR WARS movie made by fans, with authentic story line and costumes. the CG and everything is also done quite well. it's a very professional production and worth a look at. but the acting is just... comical. check it out HERE:
[click for a larger image]
Revelations Official Poster

Zen of the iPod Mini

Sunday, May 08, 2005
Microsized 1 1 61
Creative, makers of ZEN audio player, have been in the sound business forever. making the unforgettable "Sound Blaster" audio cards in the days of DOOM and Castle Wolfenstein 3D. well, times have changed and they are making MP3 players as well. in fact their players are as good as, if not better than the iPods. let's take a look:

Zen Micro: 6GB, 249.99 USD, comes in 10 colors, it's tiny, 12 hours of playback, uses vertical touch pad, usable as storage disk, Shuffles, syncs to Microsoft OUTLOOK only, removable batteries, FM radio, supports WMA, MP3 and WAV. gray scale screen.

Apple iPod Mini: 6GB, 249.00 USD, comes in 4 colors, it's tiny, 18 hours of playback, uses scroll wheel, usable as storage disk, Shuffles, syncs to OUTLOOK and Mac OSX, non removable batteries, No radio, supports AAC, iTunes AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible formats (books), Apple Lossless, WAV, AIFF, gray scale screen.

Winner: Apple iPod Mini.

Bottomline? if you have a Mac, you can't go wrong with the new iPod mini. it's perfectly priced and sized, plays every audio format, including the all important AAC. but if you want a colorful, glowing music player, then the Zen Micro will be a good choice, with the radio player and buttons that light up. both players look good, but the iPod menu and scroll wheel reigns superior, and with a tighter audio format the sound is also better. [equipbug]

[click to see details!]
Feature Connectivity
Zenmicro10795-Black 1 1 61 Zenmicro10795-Silver 1 1 61 Zenmicro10795-Orange 1 1 61 Zenmicro10795-Pink 1 1 61 Zenmicro10795-Purple 1 1 61
Zenmicro10795-Red 1 1 61 Zenmicro10795-Green 1 1 61 Zenmicro10795-Lblue 1 1 61 Zenmicro10795-Dblue 1 1 61 Zenmicro10795-White 1 1 61

photos courtesy of www.creative.com