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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

Sony Ericsson Z800i

Saturday, May 07, 2005
The Hong Kong official version of the Sony Ericsson V802SE has been released a few days ago and it's given the name of Sony Ericsson Z800i. It is a 3G phone with a built-in 1.3 MP camera. It has an internal memory of 32MB and the memory size can be extended to 1GB by using the Memory Stick Pro Duo. It can take MPEG4 movies and play MP3s. It also has built-in bluetooth and infra-red for data transfer.

I have roughly compared the SE Z800i with the SE S700i.
The 2 phones are of similar size. Both phones use the same OS and there aren't too much differences in terms of the functions.

The major differences include:
- Z800i is a 3G phone while S700i is a 2G one
- Z800i supports Memory Stick Pro Duo up to 1GB while S700i only supports Memory Stick Duo up to 128MB

Checked the price in Broadway today and it's HK$4280.
Since the SE Z800i has been released, therefore the price of the SE V802SE is expected to drop. It's currently sold at HK$3280 in Mongkok.

I am a great fan of Sony Ericsson and I think I would be getting this phone soon. However, after seeing equipbug's review on the Canon DC, I am so much interested in it. With this limited amount of money in hand, what should I do? DC or phone? ARGH! [equipball]

Sony Ericsson Z800i (Hong Kong Version)

Sony Ericsson V802SE (Japanese Version)

Photos taken by SE Z800i

Photos with special effects produced by the SE Z800i

Photos with special photo frames taken by SE Z800i

Photos curtesy of www.sonyericsson.com and www.sogi.com.tw

Review of Canon's SD 400

or... Ixus 50? or IXY 55? whatever you like to call it.... it's still one super camera. as i've received several requests to do this review, i hope it can clear up some questions on whether to purchase this over all the other super compacts out there.
Sd400 586X225
General perks: it's a 5MP, 3x optical zoomin, ultra compact, SD card burnin' camera with a 2 inch sharp screen. i've played with some of the other cameras with wider screens, but i think it makes no difference and when the larger screens are lower quality... there's really no point. this camera has several cool functions, including Color Swap and Color Highlight. i'll talk about those two in greater details later. otherwise, it has the basic "indoor, night shot, sports, etc etc". another funky thing is the skin lightening and darkening features for those who want a tan, or others who want to be whiter. leave it to the japanese to think of things like that. the other plus is the fact that it has a view finder. why is that useful? because often times i'm out traveling where i don't want to be constantly charging the batteries, so i can save a lot of energy by turning off the screen.
the menu system. it's intuitive, but i think it can be slightly advanced for some people. there are so many options and so many ways to flip through your photos. you can skip 1 at a time, 10 and a time, 100 at a time, skip to next movie, to the next marker... etc. you can also view 9 at a time and scroll through like that. some of the more basic functions like viewing the photo after a shot has been added so that you don't have to flip to "PLAY" everytime... and the LCD monitor has a brightening function for night time viewing. I also found a screen saver that you can see different colored patterns of the time... it's not in the booklet, but somehow i accidently happened upon this. battery life? around 250 shots before i had to charge it up again, and that's using the LCD, but infrequent flash. this camera is SMALL. it fits perfectly in my pocket and i take it with me everywhere. i would recommend this camera to anyone in need of a fast, stylish and compact camera which takes good photos.

[click to Enlarge]

Super cool:
1. the tiny flash is powerful. sometimes too powerful, but you will get used to the different modes of uses.
2. a view finder.... i don't think any digital camera should be without one. forget Sony's T33 or Panasonic's F7... they have no viewfinder and it's totally dependent on the LCD to drain the batteries while you try to compose a simple snap shot.
3. this camera has decent underwater housing package and i'm dying to go diving and surfing with it.
4. the video (with audio) is 30 FPS.... amazing. but... the files will get huge.
5. this camera uses DIGIC II chip! what more can you ask for? this means the camera is ultra fast (and i concur), it's accurate and all the super expensive SLR cameras use the same chip. you can pay thousands for a digital SLR and get the same chip, but the SD400 is only around 300 USD now.
6. many customizable options. i downloaded themes for my camera and they are quite fun to play with. there's even an option where you can record your own voice or sound to use as the start up or any other camera sound. like the self timer.
7. fast start up time, fast shot to shot times. very fast... this is really one of the fastest i've seen. forget timing it... it's just the feel which i like.
8. the color swap: this is where you can choose any color and change it for any other color you choose. i'll post some samples below.
9. the color accent: this is where you can choose a color and have everything else in black and white. (Canon's Samples HERE)
10. takes great photos. but don't expect it to perform with no purple fringing.

Not so Cool:
1. the case scratches easily. (don't use the strap it comes with)
2. menu options are not for absolute beginners although point and shooters will be able to use the basic functions without much trouble.
3. uses proprietary batteries... which means if you run out of juice, you're out.

Conclusion:I can't really think of more than 3 reasons not to buy this camera. it's really the most fun and hi tech compact camera out there. the specs are impressive, and you can find them HERE. but the main point is that you can use this anywhere and anytime, but at the same time it produces great photos and some fun color alterations. See samples below. Bottom line: So Dope!

Color Accent: the green chairs are the only Colored objects, everything else is B&W
my messy desk, highlighting yellow
12741903 A8D21Fabbb12741900 Dfd331Cbc5

Color Swapping: the trays, bowls and chairs are RED, but i swapped them to Yellow.
12741902 5C74482548

for more information check HERE:

photos courtesy of [equipbug], www.canon.com, and S.L. for modeling.

Spin that Wheel

Friday, May 06, 2005
Panasonic's DZ1200 is their newest digital turn table. under their "Technics" brand, they make the most popular turn tables for DJs world wide. i've played around with this sometime back in the winter and it's really amazing how far DJ music has come. back in the days when a turn table was an analog table there was already so much to do. i'm still a fan of the analog, but this digital table has so much potential. the built in expansion cards, the samplers, the turning platter that can be free wheeled, etc. now add all the digital effects and you've got one hell of a music machine. you can check out the functions HERE. the Table looks absolutely amazing and uses CDs and CDR (MP3s) or CD RWs. if i ever get my hands on one of these, i know i won't be sleeping for weeks. [equipbug]

Dz1200 Top Img1 Spec Img
Digital Img1 Ov

photos courtesy of www.panasonic.jp/audio

White Monster

the monster Doggle by Oakley came out with a new color. White frame with a black Iridium lens. the Black Iridium lens is perfect for very bright sun, like skiing and summer days. but i find it a bit dark at times and especially when the sun starts to get low. but the reflective silver tint make these lens a must in any situation. i've tried these monsters, and i find them way too... monsterous. it's gigantic and doesn't really fit most faces. otherwise it's a nicely shaped set of sunnies. [equipbug]

[click for Massive image]
427Ab0012B2F9.Png 0 0 0

photo courtesy of www.oakley.com

want a HOT body?

sometimes it's difficult to understand why women put themselves through so much just for a HOT body. the Salt & Hot Pepper "Body Spa" and "Firebody Pack" supposedly makes you sweat like crazy and there by trimming unwanted fat along with it. does it work? most likely not. does it hurt? most likely. would i try it? definitely. [equipbug]

12685996 F8Aa09E15D

photo courtesy of [equipbug]

Umbrella Spotted!

the dream umbrella was incidentally spotted at FrancFranc Hong Kong. priced at 660 HKD, it's cheaper than the website and looks even better in real life. i've attached a snap shot of it. the previous article HERE. [equipbug]

12656871 4153318291

photo by [equipbug]

Ducks and Frogs

nothing more than ducks and frogs by Dreams Web, but these little things light up! i'm all for anything that lights up... the ducks are water proof and they can float with you in your tub while you sing "rubber ducky" all night long. they use replaceable batteries and come in 5 different colors. the frogs sit on your table and just light up. what is the function of these two things? nothing. and that's the best part. [equipbug]

it will cost you about 6.50USD. and you can get them HERE:

12655749 F4Bbaf0E39
Bgblack 200 Yellow 200 Iln61010 3 Blue 100

[click photos to enlarge]

photos courtesy of www.dreams6.com and equipbug

Luck anyone?

Thursday, May 05, 2005
Japan is a country full of vending machines. Yet, I have never seen one as cool as this one! For just 100 yen, about HK$7, you can get a chance to win a PSP, NDS or an iPod Shuffle! [equipnote]

photo courtesy of www.engadget.com

Put Calcifer in your room

Wednesday, May 04, 2005
ever wanted your own "Howl's Moving Castle"? well i don't think that's possible, but you can come close with your own Calcifer lighting up your room. hang him, put him in your fireplace, floor, or stand him up. it's not really Calcifer, but this blob called "Illustri" looks pretty good anyway. not sure about cleaning it though.... must be a mess. but the warm glow it produces is sure to be a conversation starter. the designer is Hans Heisz for Stylepark and this was found on another "blogspot" similiar to ours check it out: www.funfurde.blogspot.com [equipbug]

4 Hh010101 440

photo courtesy of www.stylepark.com

Triple Therapy

With summer upon us, we'll no doubt be hanging out in the sun more often! these are three things i use to keep myself from burning up. being always active and in the water, i like to use Banana Boat's Sports sunscreen. 30SPF "ultra sweat proof". this is great for those sweating golf matches in the tropics to the long hours of surf at the beach. recommended reapply after 4 hours.


the other option is Origins' Sunshine State, with natural minerals. this is especially good for sitting by the pool and maybe even daily use... but then i've never used sun block aside from doing sports. this one's 20 SPF and has a nice tingling minty feeling. by the way, SPF only means it will last longer and not provide more sun protection beyond 15SPF. so prolonged exposure to the sun should be avoided if possible. (or if you don't mind).

Org 05Nn Tall Lrg

lastly, i use the rash guards both long sleeve, short sleeve as well as the vest. they are called Rash guards because surfers use them to prevent rash from lying on the boards for long hours and the friction from paddling on them. but they are also SPF 50 and completely water proof, perfect! so depending on what you are doing, there's always something for the occasion. my faves, Ripcurl, Quiksilver and Billabong, can't really go wrong with these mainstream brands. Here are some from Ripcurl: [click for Larger images]

36302W-Violet 36318M 36334M-Blue 36333M-Red

female and male fitted rash guards by Ripcurl

photos courtesy of www.origins.com, www.bananaboat.com.au, www.ripcurl.com


Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Mini's are THE coolest cars, period. now these baby BMW's have a new look... not the convertible look, but a tile make over. artists from Bisazza have covered entire Mini's with tiles and turned them into works of art for different shows. check it out: [equipbug]

[click to enlarge images]

P0019406 750 P0019401 750
P0019407 750 P0019408 750
P0019409 750 P0019410 750
P0019411 750 P0019403 750

photos courtesy of www.mini2.com

Riddle me this

Another Oakley production, the Riddle. similiar to the Monster Dog and Monster Doggle, the theme of new "O matter" frames are big and bulky. along with the other two new releases, the Riddle has the same plastic frame and 3 different lenses. the nose bridge separates two compartments, but the lens is a single unit. the design reminds me of the Oakley Dart, made for women. the Riddle has strong Oakley features, like straight ear piece, the large "O" on the side, and the aggressive lines. most importantly, Oakely sunnies have high quality lenses and for 130 USD, these are on the high side for O matter series. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge, these images are huge]


photos courtesy of www.oakley.com

New O's

the Gascan is one of three new Oakley sunnies to come out today. It fits into the "Over the Top" line but probably also the "O frame" line... which is their way of saying "plastic frames" they like to call plastic "O matter" and other silly things. but the design is purely Oakley with very showy curves. the bulky look started with Monster Dog and Monster Doggle and evolved to these new forms. i was planning on getting a Monster Dog, but now i would have to reassess these new frames. the Gascan sports a brand new "O" on the side. i'd say the new font looks pretty good but less distinctively Oakley than the previous "O". but then again, these are new Oakleys and i won't be able to resist testing them out, especially at only 90 USD per pair. [equipbug]

[click for larger images]



photos courtesy of www.oakley.com

iMac G5 Tiger is out!


Apple released the updated iMac with integrated LCD and computer. the flat unit sits atop a swiveling base and everything you need is behind the 17 or 20 inch screen, which leaves you with a smaller footprint but a larger screen size. the design is amazing and with a roaring G5 chip installed it outpaces most Windows run machines. best of all, it now comes with Tiger installed and i can't emphasize how awesome that is. on top of that iLife 05 is included, which would give your Garageband, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD. other software would include, sherlock, Mail, Safari RSS, iCal, and the list goes on and on and on. within the machine lies a ATI Radeon 9600 graphics with 128 DDR RAM of video memory, 512MB of DDR (400Mhz) SDRAM expandable to 2GB, 160 or 250 GB HD, built in Bluetooth, built in WiFi, DVD R/RW, 5 USB ports, 3 Firewire ports, built in LAN, Modem, shall i continue? anyway this is one sexy beast and i'm just barely resisting my temptations to go get one tomorrow. aside from this release, the eMac is also updated and a worthy machine for home or school use. too much techtalk for now... here are some photos, check them out. [equipbug]
one more "Cool" thing. the machine has low speed thermal fans and works Super Quietly because the built uses the principle that hot air rises, so the vents are placed on the bottom and top to draw in cool air while expelling the hot on top, take a look at the photo:


[click for larger images]

Designopenanim20040831 Designbalance20050503 Designcoolingb08312004
Tiger Box 160X211 Indexilifebox20050111
check out the site HERE:

photos courtesy of www.apple.com