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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

Kodak Easyshare-One

Saturday, April 30, 2005
In a clear attempt at encouraging people to print and share their images, Kodak has launched the WiFi EasyShare-One camera for storing images as well as taking them. Pictures can be viewed on its 3-inch tilt and swivel LCD screen. The four megapixel camera can hold up to 1,500 images, has a 256MB internal memory and is designed to communicate with the new wireless printing dock and Kodak's online EasyShare Gallery. The only catch is that it doesn't include the SD WiFi card, which will cost a further $99. The EasyShare-One will begin shipping in June with an expected retail price of $599. [equipball]

The Kodak Easyshare-One with a 3" LCD Touchscreen installed

The Kodak Easyshare-One SD WiFi Card

Photos courtesy of www.kodak.com

Gator Combo Axe

this axe is also made by Gerber. with the gator textured handle, for wet and dry grip, the forged steel axe head, the indestructible polyamide handle, the magnetically locking fixed blade knife inside and awesome looks, this tool is essential in every outdoors-man's bag. i can't recall the numerous times i've needed an axe while camping, like when i wanted to build a camp fire, or the time i needed to make a damn... ok, i admit there isn't really a need to have an axe in your pack, but who wouldn't want to sleep with this under their pillow, especially when camping next to a bunch of hooligans. of course it would be a lot safer in the middle of the woods with no one around. [equipbug]

9470 Lg
other models without the integrated knife: [click for larger images]

the Back Paxe: the Camp axe:
5912 Lg

5905 Lg

photo courtesy of www.gerbergear.com

Turn on a Bonfire

the Bonfire Blaze Lantern is made by Gerber for a functional and reliable light source. i have used it to mark my tent, to guide me through the trails at night and to light up my tent. there are two modes, flashing, red light for night vision and white light as a flashlight. but unlike most flash lights, the beam is not focused, but rather diffuse especially from the opaque covering. it's made of durable plastic and the 3 LED bulbs burn for 150 hours on 2AA batteries. there is a lifetime guarantee on the bulbs and being water resistant you can even use it in the rain. it weighs 4.7 oz and i don't even really notice it in my pack. it's great for general use as well as tying it to different things with the included lanyard. i wish it was brighter sometimes, and for 31 USD, i think it's a bit over priced. never the less, this is a trusty and durable light source i would not leave home without. [equipbug]

51 Lg

photo courtesy of www.gerbergear.com

What should be in your ipod this week? 02

Friday, April 29, 2005
The long awaited third album of Daft Punk, Human after all, has finally been unleashed. I have listened to it over and over again for the past week. Maybe it's the animation work of Leiji Matsumoto, Interstella 5555, that first caught my eye on MTV when I first heard of this French Duo a couple of years ago. The music is repetitive, sometimes annoying, but somehow their magic managed to draw me into their world with the Discovery album. The new album is no different. It's the same humor with lots of vocoder works and it's the same hard edge syns and power guitar with simple hooking riffs.

Daft Punk's techno/house obession shines through in this album as if they took the two previous albums apart, added salt and vinegar, and merge them back together again. The end result is something that sounds very familiar, simple but yet different. Even good ears wants to revisit them again and again.

The album starts off with an 80's beat "Human After All". The Vocoders maybe harsh but it's somehow mesmerizing. Moving onto a simple "Robot Rock" with simple distorted lead melody. "Make Love" is more a chill out track slammed right in the middle of the album to make the visual space for the album. Technologic's lyrics "Buy it, Use it, Break it, Fix it, Trash it, Change it, Upgraded" is a total rendition of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" from "Discovery", it totally sums up the album in my point of view. The album ends with a dreamy track "emotion", lots of layering with digitized vocals.

The album although does not sound completely original when compared to their past works, but it has more character, more attitude, more modern contemporary elements. It has not failed to surprise me with hidden emotions each time I listened to it in the past week. With Daft Punk, you either like it or you hate it, but I recommend music lovers to give it a try. [equipnote]

Recommended tracks: Robot Rock, Make Love, Technologic


A Mini Cooper or a Mazda RX-8?

People often complain about having difficulties in getting off a coupe. It's not because they are fat or because the doors are out of order. The problem of coupes are their two-door design!

The passengers sitting at the back often find it tiring as well as difficult to have their body squeezed through the tiny little opening. In the view of that, Mini Cooper has borrowed the doors of the Mazda RX-8 hoping to make the getting-in and getting-off procedures a lot easier. The car is named Mini Clubman Estate, which has the Mazda RX-8-style suicide doors. This new model range will probably debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2007, before going on sale across Europe that summer. The Clubman Estate will make its first public appearance towards the end of the year, with the wraps being taken off the entire line-up in Japan and the US in 2008. [equipball]


Photo courtesy of www.autoexpress.co.uk

The BALL Chair - designed by Eero Aarnio in 1966

The Ball Chair - or Globe Chair as it's sometimes called - was designed by Eero Aarnio using one of the most simple geometric forms - the ball. The Ball Chair was in 1966 the first time presented at the international furniture fair in Cologne. It was the sensation of the fair, the international breakthrough for Eero Aarnio and the start for a whole line of fibreglass designs by Aarnio.

The design of the chair was not only striking to look at but it was also comfortable and relaxing to sit in for long periods of time. The chair has been described as ''a room within a room''. It offers shelter, a calming atmosphere and privacy for the seated person. Some models of the chair have had telephones built into them. The chair has featured in films and TV programs. It has even been used by Vivienne Westwood in one of her shows.

From these days on the Ball Chair found its way not only into the houses of many famous people, but also in Design Museums, as the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein. Convinced by the spectacular appearance people learned to love their Ball Chairs when sitting in it. The user finds himself in an atmosphere of calm and safety. An ideal place for relaxing, reading or having a phone call with the best friend.

Chair Particulars:
Size: W1100 x D980 x H1200
Weight: 47 kg
Material: FRP x Aluminum x polyurethane X Wool
Designer: Eero Aarino, 1966
Cost around: US$2,800 to $5,000, depends whether you're in overseas or Hong Kong

There's an unauthorized copy of Ball Chair - it´s called the "Sphere Chair". Don't mix it up! You will recognize the fake by its polished metal pedestal. [equipball]

Photos courtesy of www.eero-aarnio.com

Don't be Lazy, get a LaCie

Hd D2
Seems like today's theme is laptop safety, so on a similar note i would like to recommend the LaCie External Hard disks. Why external hard disk? let me share a story of a good friend of mine. her laptop was happily sitting atop a desk, jamming out iTunes, when suddenly it was knocked off the table and falling screen down onto the floor. unfortunately the laptop could not be repaired, but worse of all the Hard Drive was damaged and all the data lost... sad story, i know... it wouldn't have been as likely to get damaged if it wasn't being used, but since it was playing music then the Drive must have been spinning and the damage would be greatest.
Apple's newest powerbook added a very cool feature to counter this problem. they put motion sensors inside the computer so that if the laptop were to fall at anytime, even while jamming iTunes, then the sensors will activate and lock down the hard drive completely. this won't prevent damage to the computer, but it will reduce the likelihood of disk damage. now back on track. if you don't have the newest Powerbook, you'll want additional security by backing up your data.
that's where LaCie disks come in. they are reliable, super fast and easy to set up. best of all, they are compatible with Windows and Macs alike. these come in so many form factors, but i chose to go with the D2 HD extreme, Firewire 400. now they have USB 2.0, Firewire 400 and 800 combined into the same drive. Specs: FireWire 800: 800 Mbits/s, FireWire 400: 400 Mbits/s, USB 2.0: 480 Mbits/s. so you don't have to worry about being bottlenecked by a hard disk. it also comes bundled with a nice software called SilverKeeper which works just fine for general backing up. the HD looks great in unaltered metallic casing, with a nice neo blue light that indicates activity and power. speaking of which, the drive is powered by an external source (100-240W) and it can not be powered by USB or Firewire alone. they come in different sizes and different capacities, from 100GB to 2TB (2000GB!). mine is about the size of 4 sleeves of golf balls, or 8 decks of cards. so far, i've used it without a glitch and the auto on-off is really handy, also completely plug and play. one more consideration, the F.A Porsche design is worth a look. get the Firewire if your computer can handle it, it's much faster, and forget the laptop editions they are smaller but smaller capacity and much more expensive. (and don't forget the story, who would want to move their HD around anyway, stay safe use a back up) [equipbug]

the LaCie series:
Hd BigdiskHd Biggerdisk
the F.A. Porsche:
Hd Porsche Firewire
[article dedicated to KL good luck with MB]

photos courtesy of www.lacie.com

Mac OS X Tiger vs. Windows XP Professional 64: is it even fair?

the two newest Operating systems are OUT. both 64 bits. how do they fair?
CNET rates Macintosh Tiger: 8.0 excellent. Windows XP: 5.8 average.

Check out the Mac OS review HERE, and the Windows XP HERE.
Bonus: the Tiger Slide Show by CNET.com HERE.
CNET.com, there is no bias... they use windows machines. [equipbug]

Indextitle20050412 VS Windowsxp Masthead Ltr
photos courtesy of www.apple.com and www.microsoft.com

for bug's friend in need & other laptop users

Protection is so paramount these days, especially for laptops. No one wants a scratched screen or cover. And have you ever noticed how the first scuff or nick always hurts the most?
Well, the designers at Acme Made have done their best to bring you stylish bags and covers so you don't have to lug your laptop around in a boring backpack or lose sleep over that scrape in the upper left corner anymore. Each bag/cover is handmade and the bags have compartments for wires, mouses, power adapters, etc.

the Designer Slim in 'Peacock'

another view of the Designer Slim in "Polka Dot Pink"

the Slim Brief in 'Repeated Circles: Black/Aqua'

the Powerbook iCover in 'Blue'

Look for more designs & colors at acmemade.com. There's sure to be something to suit your individual style.


photos from:www.acmemade.com

Friend in Need

a friend of mine recently ordered a Dell Laptop. i'm not sure what made him do such a mindless act, but maybe the Apple iBooks took too long to come out. well, i must admit that the Dell is not half bad. the price is right and the specs look decent.
700M Front Open 314
can't say it looks anything even close to a Mac... but hey. they tried to to imitate the screen but anyone can tell it's just a copy. it even looks like the old powerbooks. so now he's looking for some nice Laptop Sleeves. he's looked at Booq, Timbuk2, and Crumpler. any of you fellow Equipians have a better idea? help out the guy, after all, he's going to be using a Windows machine... poor fellow. [equipbug]

photo courtesy of www.dell.com

Night Hacker, Foot sacker

Hacker or Sacker? i enjoy a good hack circle like everyone else, but when the sun goes down there's no hackin anymore. not anymore, with the "nighthack" by nighthack (not very original name), the glowing sack can be used anytime of the day. i've never actually kicked one of these but it uses clear plactic beads in place of the beads used in regular sacks, so that the built in LED lights can shine through the sack. there is an on off switch, constant on,fast, and strobe versions, with many different colors to choose from. i'd like to get my hands, or feet on one of these and for 13-15 USD, it's not too steep, after all this is a communal game. "and we all, shine, on, like the moon and the stars and the sun" - John Lennon [equipbug]

Click for Larger image:

Photo 92501 Photo 92517 Resamp Photo 04956
Photo 92531 Resamp Photo 04606
Resamp Photo 04851 Photo 04746
get them HERE!

photos courtesy of www.nighthack.com

Boardies Reviewed 03: Billbong

Thursday, April 28, 2005
i like Bongs' because they always have a huge variety of patterns and prints. they have the standard tie strap and the external pocket for your money and waxcomb. (australian bills are waterproof, a sign of true surf country) Billabong makes board shorts in the classic cutting, so it wouldn't be difficult to find a pair that fits. they make so many different designs and changing it all the time, but their classic "Billabong" logos are essential and never outdated. recently, i've noticed that many floral patterns have come up, and with the right attitude anyone can wear a pair of flowered boardies! i prefer white, black or red board shorts because they look good next to skin tone, as opposed to pink, brown or yellow. (unless you are sad, pale and light) in any case, summer is here and it's time to roll out your boardies! [equipbug]
Billabong Boardies cost around 52 USD

M181Qcol M107Qsta
M193Qkon M196Qove
M197Qasi M195Qliv

photos courtesy of www.billabong.com

Movie Watch 06: Batman Begins

Finally posting a Major release movie, Batman Begins.
I was not too impressed by any of the Batman movies except for the first one with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. there has never been a better villain since, nor another believable Bruce Wayne. but with the 4th Batman Begins trailer, i'm finally starting to feel the urge to watch it. this trailer is a lot more impressive and shows some very cool features in the upcoming movie. "American Psycho", Christian Bale is the new Bruce Wayne, with other stars like Morgan Freeman (Q of Batman), Liam Neeson (dons his Star Wars role as master jedi again), Kate Holmes, Gary Oldman (hope he's the villain, he was awesome in 5th Element) and of course none other than Michael Caine as "Alfred" is believe. Gotham is in shambles, brand new Batmobile, awesome Batman gear, and in this movie, Batman is Born. can't wait. [equipbug]

Click for Larger images:

Homepage Header AltBatman Begins Poster

photos courtesy of www.apple.com/trailers and www2.warnerbros.com

What fun is life if you can't Bomb Hills? [part 2]

Armed with my Pintail Sector 9, i bombed down a hill late at night, free from cars and free from danger. so i thought. now i realize how dangerous bombing hills can be, especially since skateboards don't have brakes. in any case, no accident and my trusty pintail glided through the wet pavement without a hitch. in some steeper parts, i noticed some power-sliding, but since i can not risk injuries this week it's better off left for later. i have yet to use the full capabilities of this board, but i'm looking forward to buying a shorter cruiser or carver. for example the Canary Mini would rock... being so small and portable, i could go anyplace with it (29.6 inches long only). or the Island hopper concave (37.6 inches) , the "runt" of the carvers, but in fact it's not really that much shorter than my 47.75 inch Pintail. so many choices... but if i could only choose one, i would go for the Cosmic Trylam. happy bombing! the feeling of the cruise, the adrenaline rush, the potential risk of injuries, or death... what fun is life if you can't bomb hills? [equipbug]

click for larger images:

the island hopper (149 USD) and the canary mini (100 USD)
S91 500 Mn2 500

for "What fun is life if you can't Bomb Hills?" Part 1, click HERE.

photos courtesy of www.sector9.com

Gift Guide: Mother's Day, Part 2

Here's Part 2 of the Gift Guide for Mother's Day. If your Mommy didn't fit into any of the categories in Part 1 or none of those gifts seemed to catch your attention, then maybe these will do (If not, I'll write a Part 3!):

for the Sporty Mommy:
(I know that this was included in Part 1, but I just couldn't resist!)

Workout Wear by Stella McCartney for Adidas
Stella McCartney (ex Chloe designer who now has her own line) teamed up with Adidas to produce gym wear that is so hot and sexy that it can be worn as streetwear as well. It's time to raid Mommy's closet and throw out those baggy Ts and spandex shorts from the 80s! Who wouldn't want to work out in outfits like these?!

for the Mommy who loves to Entertain:

Vesta Pillar Candleholder by Vera Wang
A room's ambiance can be quickly changed with the help of candles. These elegant and aesthetically pleasing candleholders will be a great for any candlelit occasion.
(A set of two may be better, especially for Buddhists, because 3 candles has an unlucky connotation)

Martini Glasses by Salviati
Salviati, reknown Venetian glassmakers, have been creating glassware since 1859. Get mommy a set of martini glasses so she can show off some of Italy's finest.

"Hollywood Glam" Platter by Jackie Shapiro
This platter is from Shapiro's 'French Bulldog' Collection. Perfect for serving red carpet party worthy apetizers to the glitzy and fabulous.

for the Musical Mommy:

Season Tickets to the Symphony
Is Mommy a Bach fiend, Chopin devotee or Elgar addict? Then she's sure to appreciate season tickets to your local symphony or philharmonic! Give Mommy the gift of earful after earful of classical bliss this year.
(Honolulu-ers: Be sure to catch musical director Samuel Wong for an experience of a lifetime!)

Music Lessons
Did Mommy never get a chance to take piano, violin, harp, digideroo (yes, there are actually people out there who play this!) or voice lessons, etc.? There is bound to be private teachers or a music school where Mommy can expand her musical horizons. Remember back in the day when she would say 'Practice Practice Practice because practice makes perfect.'? Well... now its her turn!

for the Green-Thumbed Mommy:

6-Piece Ergonomic Gardening Tool Set by Brookstone
Pruning the roses and tending to the tulips is hard work and its even harder on the joints. Each tool in this set comes with a special grip and won't cause wrist strain. Help Mommy enjoy her hobby more by being able to spend more time in her garden.

"Beach Lady" Hat by Kelly Christy
Long hours in the sun can do massive damage to Mommy's skin. This wide brimmed hat would be just the thing to keep the rays out while working in the backyard. I'll bet all the neighbors will be wanting to know where Mommy got that hat.
for the Arts & Crafts Loving Mommy:

Subscription to "Living" by Martha Stewart
Every month, Martha Stewart & Co. come out with a new magazine which has recipes, arts & crafts and all sorts of things which have to do with the current season or holiday. Mommy can have a new project every month to keep her busy!


Sessions at "Spark Crafts" Studio & Boutique
If you're lucky enough to be living in Boston, drive or take the red line with Mommy over to Davis Square in Somerville (home of Tufts University) and introduce her to Spark Crafts. This innovative store has materials and ideas for any craft that she might want to do. And if Mommy likes it, she can also bring her friends and have a party there!

Artisan Wood Painting Table
This is a painter's wish come true!! There are so many attractive parts to this table: large storage slots for brushes, a tempered glass top that can be used as a mixing board, ample drawer space and and wheels (which means it can be rolled around to whichever room Mommy feels like painting in)!!

for the Outdoorsy Mommy:

Weekend Warrior Gift Set by Brave Solider from Wishing Fish
Does your Mommy live from moment to moment and can't get enough adrenalin rushing through her body? Then get her this so that you won't have to worry about her the next time she's out climbing a mountain or scaling the side of a skyscraper. The set includes: Solar Shield (SPF 28 to keep her skin fair), Lip Defense (SPF 15), First Defense (wound spray), Antiseptic Healing Ointment and a Crash Pak (everything you need for cuts and scrapes).
photos from: