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..Equipment for Life.. since 2005.. Welcome to Equipian, our previews, views and reviews! enjoy!

Movie Watch 04: Unleashed

Saturday, April 23, 2005
another movie by Jet Li from Hollywood...sigh. so far, there hasn't been a single good movie coming from Hollywood. this time, they were smart enough to hire Hong Kong choreographers for the fight scenes and hopefully it will be a huge improvement from the other "action" movies by Jet Li. His classics like Once upon a Time in China, 1, 2 and 3 are all super awesome. same with Fond Sai Yuk 1 and 2. etc etc. so it's not the actor, it's Hollywood. but this time, i checked out their music video trailer (featuring MASSIVE ATTACK) and the action looks decent. it's not crappy matrix fight scenes, but a bit more hardcore... getting my hopes up, Jet Li is one of my big favorites. Once upon a Time. [equipbug]

check out the trailer music video, it's AWESOME!

poster courtesy of www.sorenz.dk

Movie Watch 03: the Pink Panther

Friday, April 22, 2005
if you don't know the pink panther, then you don't know the pink panther... anyway, i'm not talking about the cartoon, but the original detective series. the pink panther is the name of the famous jewel that gets stolen in the movies. this is a remake.. or rather modern recreation of the old classics. it's a comedy, starring Steve Martin... good enough, but perhaps this one's for the DVD rental? it's up to you, but the song is just impeccable. check out the Trailer HERE! [equipbug]

poster courtesy of movies.apple.com

Boardies Reviewed 01: Oakleys

Summer is rolling around, time to hit the beach and i will try to make some boardy recommendations. firstly, oakleys are one of the lesser known board shorts makers. known for sunglasses, they make surprisingly nice boardies. in fact, the other brands which i will review, like ripcurl, quiksilver, mambo, billabong etc... are all great, but they are surf brands and they are expected to make good shorts. thing is, sometimes the "big brands" lack in functionality because people will buy them anyway and things are taken for granted. i own 2 pairs of Oakleys and both bought on sale after being rejected by consumers. i did not hesistate to get a good deal and bought one in australia and another in japan. they cost around 50 to 60 USD, but on sale, you can find them for about $30. generally, regular boardies by big brands cost around 60-80 USD. (but i never bought one over 50 bucks because they always go on sale and they last forever) as with all shorts, they come with wax comb, draining pockets with velcro, and hidden inside pocket. as for design, i got a pair of basic Trenches made of regular soft nylon (not sold anymore) and a camoflage patterned one made from tougher and stiffer ripstop material (also not sold anymore). they are awesome boardies and i would recommend trying different ones as they fit differently. one of them i own are shorter, which is good for more active swimming, while the other longer pair (below knee) are good for surfing as less kicking is necessary. both of them are unlined and one has a stretch fly closure. give Oakleys a try, you won't be disappointed, they make some nice basic shorts that are not too showy. [equipbug]

High Octanes: these are similiar to the ones i have.

photo courtesy of www.oakley.com

Two Tigers

Apple is releasing the Tiger OSX as everyone is eagerly awaiting... but to celebrate its release, Apple has bought some Bicycle Playing cards as gifts to the engineers. why playing cards? because these are also TIGER playing cards, usually left for magic trick purposes. in reality these are bad ass, super cool looking cards which would look good whether you're performing magic or now. it's black light sensitive and comes in two versions, purely black and white or with the addition of reds. these would look awesome in a club where black light is used, and for 6.99 USD, that's less than a drink would cost! [equipbug]
this article dedicated to BL007 (thanks for the tips bro)

Click HERE for more information or to make purchases. they also have a ton of other black cards which look great.

photos courtesy of www.ellusionist.com

Pana"Sonic" beats break the Shuffle

yet another device comes out which pulverizes the Apple's Shuffle. the SD100V, is Panasonic's new MP3 player, which handles AAC, WMV as well. it has an OLED screen, and take SD cards for flash memory. the miniscule size, as you can see in the photos, can go head to head with the Shuffle, except the memory is expandable and there is a screen for you to see what's being played. the other good thing about it is the ear phones that come with the player are top notch when compared to the Shuffle's buds. then again, it's likely that the shuffle breaks out bigger sounds as iPods are known for their sound quality. at only 39g, you won't even feel the weight of this in your pocket, but why would you want it in your pocket when it looks so good? the batteries last 14.5 hours of playback, 7.5 horus of FM radio, 4 hours of radio recording, and 6 hours of voice recording (extra batteries can be added to lengthen the playback time to 50 hours!). so from that, you can tell there are other capabilites the SD100V has which the Shuffle does not. too bad, i'm a shuffle owner. [equipbug]

And the baby brother SD90, which is the same player without the recording capabilities. also in the extra color RED.

it's tiny!

photos courtesy of panasonic.jp

Smooth as a baby's butt?

the name Gillette has become synonymous with shavers. their current models include the Mach 3 Turbo, 3 blades with aloe gel and what not... basically, i've been using them for the past year and it's awesome. i now prefer the blades over the electric razors because it is definitely faster and a closer shave. you won't miss much when you scrape through your entire face. the old shavers were more difficult to use and if not careful it would would give you more "nicks". but the movable head on the Mach 3 turbo does not have that problem, in addition it also allows for easier cleaning between strokes because the head juts outwards. it comes in 2 colors, the regular silver and the limited edition Champion Red, both of which look great. the other model out, M3 Power, is actually powered by batteries to give a electrical pulse to make hair stand up and you get a closer shaver with fewer strokes. it also supposedly massages your face while you shave, although i'm not so sure about that. the newest addition is the M3 power NITRO. (these names are getting ridiculous) but it looks high tech...it is also battery powered, and looks more strealined... but i think it performs all the same. i don't know how much more then can improve on a simple shaver, but these additions are certainly welcomed. good bye electric shaver! [equipbug]

the Mach 3 Turbo:

the M3 Power: (also sponsored David Beckham)

photos courtesy of krungkuene.org, www.gillette.com, www.menshealth.com

Doggies Stylin'

people are not the only ones who wear clothes, dogs like to be dressed up once in a while, especially the ones who accompany people on long trips. this shirt, by MontBell, is a rain coat made especially for dogs. coats are actually quite common, but this one is built to last. it's fitted with elastics to ensure a snug fit, it is completely water repellent, can be washed, keeps the dog warmer, and has a reflector tape for added visibility at night. i can't say if the dogs will enjoy it, but they won't be complaining when the rain hits. for those that camp with their dogs IN the tent (which is not advised..) they'll be thankful if the dog is not all wet and muddy. sold for 5250 Yen, it's not cheap. there are 6 different sizes bound to fit your dog. [equipbug]

Photo and doggy model courtesy of www2.montbell.com

Off to Timbuk2!

as i've mentioned previously, i'm a huge fan of messenger bags and what better bag than Timbuk2's. they make the original messenger bag, a commute bag (with laptop in mind), metro bag, graphic bag, artist series bag, a pro version of the original, a billboard styled one (where the center is open for stickers, pins and ads), and the accessory list goes on and on. the best feature is the BUILD YOUR OWN BAG option. you can choose everything from, size, colors of each panel, extras (like reflectors and separators, phone holders etc), and even the color of the Logo. the commute bag is my favorite as the pre-chosen colors are bright and sharp. these bags carry well, even when you're riding a bike, because of the cross strap. the different sizes accomodate anything you wish to carry and the laptop compartment is especially useful these days. they are made of either Ballistic Nylon or Cordura classic. either way, they will last you a long time. i've been using my NorthFace messenger which is similiarly designed and not sold in the regular stores, but i must say that messenger bags are so versatile that you can take it with you anytime, anywhere. prices range from 60-100 USD, depending on the size, graphics and additional accessories.
if you're not into messenger bags, they have totes, hand bags and duffle bags as well. [equipbug]

check them out HERE!
the Commute:

the Original:

the graphic and the Artist series:

the billboard:

if you would like to try making your own, check THIS out!
photos courtesy of www.timbuk2.com

Movie Watch: Lords of Dogtown

Thursday, April 21, 2005

This... my friends... is THE movie to watch. it's about the Z Boys of Dogtown. there is no way you have not heard of them... right? just in case, they are the founders of modern skateboarding. they are so called "slum kids" who started off surfing and were always on a lookout for excitement. they were introduced to a new way of skating which was similiar to surfing, which was skating in an empty swimming pool. they started the vertical styles and modern skateboarding was born. this movie, you HAVE to see, if not for the story, you should see the skating. they were bigger than rock stars and still legendary.

check out the trailer HERE

poster courtesy of movie.apple.com

Movie Watch: Roll Bounce

Set in the 70's, this movie is about rollerskating. it stars Bow Wow, not really a fan at all... but the music is awesome, all groove and smooth. I'm a sucker for motown, so i might have to just get the sound track, but then the rollerskating performances look pretty cool as well. it's basically a movie about rollerskating competition back in the 70's. the visuals look good and the choreography looks cool. check out the trailer HERE: you'll see that even with Bow Wow in the cast, this movie might be "watchable" afterall. [equipbug]

poster from movie.apple.com

PSP Controls iTunes?

Want to control your iTunes remotely via PSP?
you'll need Wipeout Pure (which has the secret hidden web browser), a wireless router, a PSP (of,course) and you're set.
go HERE for details. [equipbug]

photo courtesy of www.us.playstation.com

Color Your World

Thanks Equipnote, i've always liked adding colors to everything and ColorWare has been great in providing what Apple refused to invest in (although they were the pioneers of computer colors) here are more photos on iBooks and powerbooks, as i know many are owners of the portables:


and some PowerBooks

photos courtesy of www.ColorWarepc.com

Dream Umbrella

Wednesday, April 20, 2005
this is the day i finally found the umbrella of my dreams! i've searched high and low, in all the largest shops in Osaka, Tokyo, Hong Kong... everywhere. finally, i've found it today online. these are no ordinary umbrellas! the handle is straight, there are twice as many spokes, and the tip is short. it would be even nicer if the tip was shorter, but one can not be too picky. i first saw someone using it on the streets a few years back and have been relentlessly searching. given, i don't own an umbrella and it can rain quite hard in hong kong, so my excuse was always "i'm waterproof". but with the right umbrella, i'm willing to give up the naked walk in the rain and using a cover. well, now to figure out how i can get my hands on this umbrella now that i know it exists. [equipbug]

more information HERE
photos courtesy of www.so-net.ne.jp

Beds n' Spreads

MUJI has done it again by providing the best bed spreads. upon touching the sheets, i immediately feel the comfort of wrapping up in my blanket and falling asleep. the softness of the cotton is far better than any bed spread i've used before. and the coloring is so simple, yet it blends perfectly into any room, modern or traditional. i would recommend mixing and matching your own style instead of buying a set. also, they make different textures on the pillowcases and spreads, and i've gone with the softest ones instead of the furrier type. these are truly the best part of MUJI, and although it doesn't come cheap, you can always look for the items when they are on sale or just suck it up... it's far cheaper than any brand names duvet cover you can find. it's the quality of materials used in the MUJI line of beddings and clothes that really impresses, try it out, you won't be... sorr..zzzzz... [equipbug]
(4095Yen for the set)

(3045Yen for the set)

photos courtesy of store.muji.net

Daisy, Half Crazy

this brings back a lot of memories. pool toys. having recently sold our childhood home, i'll miss the times when a dozen or so cousins would come over and play games in out indoor pool. or when we would go swim at night with all the lights off, and play "tag" using flashlights. or when i would just kick back, get on an inner tube and relax in the sun. (through the sky lights) or when my dog would get on his boat and accompany me while i swam. those were the days! but this Water Daisy by Coleman must be bringing just as much fun to kids now and it's good to see that Coleman hasn't forgotten how to make something for the young ones. luckily, they also make a Jumbo size for the kids in all of us! [equipbug]
"small" one is 6 feet in diameter ($23)

"jumbo" is over 7 feet in diameter, Yao Ming would use this. ($32)

photos courtesy of www.coleman.com

Colour Coded

Customising the interior can seem a bit far fetched for most of us in the real world. How about colour coding your lastest gadget? This company ColourWare offers lots of products with a super schlick car like paint effect shocking colour finishing. They charge a premium for such a service, for offering a pink Powerboosk to Yellow ipods but it sure is well worth it! How else to add a bit of personality to your gear? Check out their website here!! [equipnote]

image courtesy of ColourWare