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Tiger misses cut!

Well, it's his 3rd missed cut in his 10 year career... not bad. being an all out Tiger Woods fan, i lost immediate interest in the Funai Classic this weekend, but then again i was training for the trailwalker and don't really have too many chances to follow golf.
i do know that Tiger used a brand new NIKE driver called the SasQuatch 460. interesting name. it looks flatter and sleeker than the usual Titliest classic shapes. my favorite thing about it is the yellow patches on the sole. whether this driver works or not, it definitely looks good. especially when you're comparing it to the NIKE Ignite, that things hideous. is it a co-incidence that the world's #1 golfer missed cut for the 3rd time in his professional life when he used the SasQuatch? who knows. so another lesson on golf, looks aren't everything, and perhaps it's the plain and simple ones that work out. [equipbug]

comes in regular and Tour versions, both 460CC. costs 299USD.
Nk750 Alt1 Nk750 Alt2
Nk750 Alt3 Nk750

The TOUR: taller face, more boring trajectory and increased workability (less forgiving)

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