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the long awaited iPod video [updated]

Apple has finally released the video capable iPod. at first glance it reminds you of a fat nano. the appearance is very similar although it is quite a bit wider and thicker. [The new iPod video is in fact THINNER but has the same width! amazing, i did not see that detail as i expected it would be thicker to accommodate the larger screen. silly me] actually, i'm not sure "thicker" is the right word, as the iPod video is still quite slim. the iPod has features as impressive as it's looks. it can play all the previous things, like music, books, podcasts, photos, slideshows and now video. better yet, Apple has integrated videos into the apple itunes shop for people to down load their favorite TV shows and music videos. the iPod v comes in black or white and a shiny metallic back. the battery power has been bumped to 20 hours, the 2.5 inch LCD is razor sharp, and it has the same ease of use expected from all things "Apple". you should also expect a slick looking interface for displaying play time etc.
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the new iPod V will have 30GB or 60GB to hold all that media. prices still start at 299 USD. despite having a larger screen, the iPod V is still thinner than the 40GB iPod of old. this thing makes the 4th Gen iPod look chunky and old. some how, apple makes it happen AGAIN. i'm very happy with the speed and portability of my Nano, so it's likely that i'll have to wait and see what else they can come up with. [equipbug]
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11:57 AM

Hey, you have a great blog here! I've bookmark you!

I have a pod nano info site. It pretty much covers ipod related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)

Question do you have a rss feed link that i can add to my yahoo?
as i cant seem to find it.

Do you have a rss feed link that i can add to my yahoo?

if so what is it i cant find it.    

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