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iPod life cycles......

Less than 10 months ago, I remember upgrading my ipod from a 20Gb 3 Generation to my current 60Gb 4th Generation Photo to be quite an event. I really enjoyed being able to attach album arts to my music and being able to see them while I listen to the music. I enjoyed the change in hard disc size, which is now 80% filled with just music as opposed to 100% filled when I had my 20Gb. I did find the screen a bit too small for me to store pictures, but I never found that useful since I am not the kind of person who goes around showing friends pictures.

Yesterday, less than 1 year after the iPod photo's launch, we have the fifth generation launched. I was excited, but yet, I have my doubts that I'd replace my old one. Here are my reasons:-

1, Hard disc size has not changed. I have 50Gb of music, and my music library grows by the day, Should I make way for movies or should I keep the music?

2, I really got excited by the nano and I went out to buy one straight away, that has replaced my daily walk around music player. The large ipod is mainly used in the car or when I go traveling. So the change in physical size does not matter to me that much.

3, I like the idea of playing videos on the go. But what I cannot stand is the conversion time that I will probably need before I can put them into the ipod. Just imagine being late for work, yet really wanting to watch a new episode of JOEY on the way, then I have to import the avi, but the conversion takes about 10 mins?! I also wonder what the video quality is like if I was to send the image onto a large screen such as an LCD TV. I have experienced the video playing on the go with the PSP, and that novelty wore off quickly.

4, Apple decided to ditch Firewire syncing, which renders some cables of mine useless, which also means I need another USB hub.

5, Apple also decided to ditch the control plug that used to sit next to the phones jack. HOW WILL MY iTalk and my iTrip work which I use day in day out??

6, Battery life from Apple never promises what they are suppose to do (my iPod photo now does less than 4 hours). How will this affect the span if I was to play some videos, which mean the LCD is on all the time?

I am not saying that I dislike the 5th Gen ipod. I am just saying that I really have to justify the reasons for getting one...... [equipnote]

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9:07 AM

Yup, i agree. i find the new iMac much more exciting as Apple moves into something new. but the iPod V. will, it's just an iPod V.. i won't be buying as mentioned before, and for the same reasons you talked about. the Nano is really the way to go. light, thin, color screen, takes up no space and looks super. good bye iPod for now. let's see what the future holds.    

9:01 PM

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