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Reviewed: white iPod nano

released one week ago today, the APPLE iPod nano has amazed people throughout the wired world. meanwhile, i did not even find it relevant to talk about the Motorola iTunes phone.. but went out and ordered the nano a few minutes upon announcement.
it was immediately available online at the Apple store and within 3 days, the nano was in my hands.
Ipn Product
i ordered the white nano, just to continue with the iPod signature, but it's also to minimize the scratch marks anticipated in a black pod. so the nano comes in a sleek black box, and packaged neatly in the "apple" sort of way. the nano looks absolutely stunning in reality. it's substantial in the hands, and wafer thin. the weight makes it feel well built and solid. the mirror back and laser etching are straight from the larger iPod and looks like a flattened and miniaturized iPod. right when it's turned on, everything works and no installation was necessary since i use a mac.
the click wheel is larger in proportion, but otherwise it would be too small to operate. in fact, it took some time to get used to the smaller wheel when compared to the regular iPod. the screen is small, sure, but it's sharp and bright. perfect for little photos and song information. the menu looks the same, except there are a few "extras" added, like the stop watch and clock. everything is there, the on-the-go list, the click sound, the games, the contact lists, the calendar, everything. it's like a small iPod... wait.. it is..

the best thing is that you don't need an adaptor to use with all the previous docks and accessories. it docked straight to my old 3G iPod dock and works perfectly. the package actually comes with a converter so that it will fit nicely, but i didn't find it necessary. the USB wire from before works as well. the difference is that it does NOT support firewire transfers anymore.


the photos were easy to load, and scrolling through them is super fast. you are also given the choice to load the original full sized photo, in case you connect it up to a TV. there's a slide show maker and plays music along with it.

the sound is crisp and signature iPod clarity. some may find it strange that the head phones outlet is on the bottom, but after using it several times i find it logical to have it there when you're holding it in your hands. secondly the lanyard accessory includes a built in headphone so that the nano would not be upside down when you pick it up on your neck.


all these great things.... the design, the feel, the function and the sound. so is there anything bad? well, same old problem with scratching and dirtying. the mirrored back is easily defaced with finger prints, while the clear front is scratched very easily. the case is actually clear, with a white center. looks awesome, but damages easily. i will be on a lookout for good cases. otherwise, i don't see any reason people won't be snapping up the nano. sure it's also small in size, so the capacity is limited. 4GB. i think that's plenty, since i save some for storage use, contact list, photos and calendar, i can still fit over 1000 songs on it. in fact, i've been getting used to my Shuffle, so this is an upgrade! [equipbug]

black looks just as tempting:
photos courtesy of www.apple.com

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7:20 AM

the black one is so much sexier!    

8:38 AM

too late for that! unless i get another one. collect them all! i do agree that the black one is nice. but i'm a mac white person... so if i could only choose one, i choose the plain and simple white.    

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