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nano cases 1

well, as promised, i would find some nano cases. although it's only been released for just over a week, companies are rushing to be the first to make something for them. today, i came across TUNEWEAR, which have several options actually. first, the Icewear, it is basically a soft rubber case that protects the nano from the elements. even the black nano looks white. the scroll wheel and screen are exposed for easy access. looks a bit like the APPLE accessories but thicker and comes in white.
Ice Nano Img-1
next is the poptune. they are "skins" that change the looks as well as protect the nano from scratches. you can get plain colors or patterns, like sakura, hawaii, or polka dots.. to name a few. there are 12 in total and probably the easiest way to customize the nano.
Poptune Nano Main2
finally, the nano wallet. it's exactly what the name says. a wallet with a pocket for the nano, showing the screen and click wheel. both exposed parts are actually covered by a transparent plastic protector. look all right and quite practical, but you can forget about showing off the nano in that case, no one will notice.
Tunewallet Nano2
all the items are available for other iPods and the photos can be enlarged for better viewing.
photos courtesy of www.tunewear.com

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6:02 AM

awesome! thanks for the fast update! where can I get the cases from?    

8:34 AM

no problem. i think the cases are only available in japan at the moment. you can check it out on their website: www.miyavix.co.jp    

8:10 AM

if you can buy from Japan, I recommend www.rakuten.co.jp because it's the cheapest and quite convenient.    

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