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Lava Lamp Luxury

Mathmos is the maker of a series of Lava Lamps. I received mine as a gift from my little sis and have been loving their products since. My Astro has been working for years now and going strong. then again, lava lamps are not space shuttles, so there's not much to break. it's just a glass bottle filled with wax and oil heated by a light bulb... but the random globules they form are so intriguing and create a calm atmosphere. i can spend a whole hour staring at that lamp, so that's another reason why i don't leave it turned on. just remember not to shake it while it's operating, otherwise you'll have a snow globe instead. Mathmos also makes the lava lamps in different shapes and colors. but they don't come cheap as my Astro went for 50 British Pounds. Anyway, Lava Lamps should be a part of any bedroom, living room or den, just don't put it in our study room.. [equipbug]

[click to enlarge]
Astro and Astrobaby:
Astcolr Ababyleft
Jet, Telstar and Fluidium:
Jetleft Tell Fll

photos courtesy of www.mathmos.com

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3:39 PM

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