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Eyelash lengthener

I have heard of such products in Japan before but never tried to buy one until I came to Japan myself. I found it in a drugstore by chance and try to understand what it is by my poor Japanese. I don't use any mascara or makeup on my eyes. However, I was eager to try, as it was an experiment if it really worked with me. So I just picked the cheapest one with English description 'Lash Repair' as shown below. My eyelashes are like in many Chinese which are so short and fine. The lower lashes are even more than difficult to notice.

Only after 2 days, the upper lashes became thicker although it's not significantly longer. Moreover, the lower was much longer and easily to be seen. After one week, I decided to stop applying on my lower lashes because I'm afraid it would be longer than the upper ones (I know it would never be, but just afraid). The upper lashes are still not so long, but longer than before. Plus, it becomes more bushy without using any mascara. This is like a first time for me to find a seem-to-be-exaggerated skincare product that really works! (Whitener never make you really white, Anti-wrinkle never really delete the lines) There are several brands that have such a product and could be found in other countries. However, I feel that there are more variety in Japan as Japanese girls pay more attention on the make up than any other countries in Asia.

Anyway, if your eyelashes are already long, it might not work. [Equipholic]

photo courtesy of www.rakuten.co.jp
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7:16 AM

Yo! you used your own eyes to do a scientific experiment??! i can never understand woman and their habits when it comes to looking good... but this is very interesting. any other crazy products you submit yourself into trying out for the sake of experimentation? :)    

2:50 AM

wow .. i want to try it too!!! thank you so much equipholic!!    

6:03 AM


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11:53 PM

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