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Canon's Leak

the AW DC30, all weather case by Canon for the IXUS 50 or 55 (also called SD400).... sucks. i used it 3 times and the damn O ring leaked at 1.5 feet dive. the camera was submerged in sea water, and my 400 USD brand new camera was gone. gone... just like that, my photography in Hawaii also came to an end that moment. how disappointing. to top it off, Canon refused to fix the camera without a fee, even though it was a faulty housing. sometimes, you just can't have it all, but the bottomline... taking underwater photos is a high risk activity even with proper housing. [equipbug]

Aw-Dc30photo from www.canon.com
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9:01 AM

sh_t happens...
life goes on~    

11:31 AM

you got that right..    

4:06 PM

Hi Blogger love your blog. I came across it while looking for fuji digital camera . I know Equipian is not an exact match but thanks for the read. I'll get on with my search for fuji digital camera stuff and will visit again sometime. Take Care    

7:04 PM

sorry, not really a Fujifilms fan.    

3:31 AM

I agree.There is a problem here..
The original o-ring expands after 4-5 dives and is no longer usable...
I came in contact with Canon but they told me that a new single o-ring costs 22,1 Euro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Amazing isn't it?
So i decided to buy an o-ring from the local market.I found an o-ring made of natural rubber with dimensions ID:98mm CS:2mm for which i spend the extraordinary sum of 0,1 euro!!!
The significant of the story is that the new o-ring has a better behaviour than the original.I made experiments at depths of 5 metres (WITHOUT IXUS INSIDE!) for about half hour with extraordinary results.No leakage,no o-ring expansion...NOW I HAVE AN ALL-WEATHER CASE!
Have a nice summer    

8:59 AM

My old DC30 O-ring stretched too..

then bought new camera, new case, and on the SECOND use the DC 50 case O ring stretched out and leaked.

Should have known better...

Were they able to fix your camera?    

8:59 PM

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10:20 PM


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